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Lars Fatass Larson dissed on Moyers Right Now

Channel 10, right now
Bill Moyers is about to dis lars larson for being a big fat ass. Check it out. This is the ONLY corporate media I would watch.
? 14.Feb.2004 00:19


What is wrong with being fat?

DUDE! Stop w/ the 'fat' comments. 14.Feb.2004 09:01

angry dude

Hey, Larson is surely an evil person for helping whip up people's hatred of Arabs, and bicyclists. Please stop using terms like "big" and "fat ass" as if those are reasons to be angry with / hate someone!


actually Moyers didn't have to dis Larson, as poor old Lars 14.Feb.2004 13:13

exposed himself pretty well for the ass he is

actually, I watched the program and there is no way that Moyers did a dis on Larson, he merely--being a
superior journalist--let Lars make ass of himself, which Lars did a bang-up job (as we all knew he would)

Complete Transcript 17.Feb.2004 00:41


For a complete transcript of Bill Moyers' program about right wing radio that is referred to in the article above, please note the link below.