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Qwest Has A Lot Of Nerve

Has anybody else caught the Qwest commercial showing a woman dancing and celebrating the arrival of her Qwest phone bill that it was a check from the Irish Sweepstakes?
I have. This stupid commercial is one of a number now run by big companies claiming to be making "big changes" that offer better rates, cheaper phone service, dial-up connections "as fast as broadband!", etc. etc. Why are they running it in Oregon?

In my last Qwest bill, which was mysteriously LARGER than usual . . . and for nothing but basic service . . . including none of the bells and whistles they claim they are making more "affordable" the following note had been added at the bottom of the bill:

"Oregon customers will notice an increase in the Taxes, Fees & Surcharges Summary with this bill. The Oregon Universal Service Surcharge has been raised to 6.5% effective January 1, 2004 by order of the Oregon Public Utility Commission."

Sure, Qwest isn't responsible for the actions of the OPUC, but if it wanted to keep the promise implied in its advertising, why couldn't it make an adjustment to help Oregon phone customers out? Obviously they don't care.

And - hey OPUC - what GOOD TIMING! Why was this raise necessary now?
Broadband phone is the way to go 13.Feb.2004 21:06


That's why I have broadband phone. Low rates, good service and no surprises.


Yeah, the kicker... 14.Feb.2004 01:08


is that some of those fees quoted for taxes were actually a one-time levvy that took place and were paid off years ago, and the phone companies just kept charging the fee because they found out they could get away with it. It's a fucking scam! And it just goes to show how corporations in Oregon can get away with anything and no public officials have the guts to do shit about it!

It goes without saying 14.Feb.2004 02:45



Can we ever say it loudly enough?

props for pointing this out. 14.Feb.2004 11:49

this thing here

i'm glad someone finally noted this disgusting commercial. i was about to bring it up as well.

how fucking pathetic, "oh yes, i'm so happy to get my phone bill, full of hidden fees, that's way more expensive than it should be. i'm just so so happy to pay it every month." i mean, it's not even done tongue in cheek or sarcastically. that's what's so sick about it. it's done in a serious, unhumorous manner. i feel sorry for that actress. how could someone possibly take an acting job that is so ridiculous and disturbing, given that she herself has to pay goddamn bills every month in her real life. does she squeal with joy every time she gets her bills?

PLEASE give me a fucking break. this commercial is the sick fantasy of the management at quest, who somehow must think their customers really give a shit about them...

and furthermore, i think advertising in general is on it's last legs, and this is why is has to resort to increasingly bizarre, psychologically twisted, fucked up tactics...

options? 14.Feb.2004 17:32


Have you seen the qwest commercial in which a family welcomes the qwest guy with party food and kisses & hugs? Like hell! Yech! So what's the alternative for local service? Is there one?

commercials 14.Feb.2004 19:27


how come you folks are still watching TV?

Qwerst One Yet 15.Feb.2004 21:28

Nauseated but Amused

Hoooweeeee, I just saw the STUPIEST Qwest commercial YET! This old couple is sitting at the table eating ribs. The phone rings and they look at each other. "Another telemarketer!" they say to each other and are not going to answer the phone. Then the wife gets excited and says, "MAYBE IT'S QWEST!" They drop their ribs and rush to the phone like Lassie racing to save Timmy. Gee, Qwest might HANG UP before they can get there! Of course their faces fall when they discover that it is only the wife's sister. What SHIT! Why should anyone drop their dinner to talk to Qwest. And if a Qwest employee calling during the dinner hour isn't a telemarketer, WHAT DO THEY CALL IT? Who came up with this asinine campaign which also include the girl (mentioned above) nearly having an orgasm when she gets her phone bill, and the family welcoming Qwest to dinner? I wish there was a service alternative because I am totally creeped out and insulted by this egomanical campaign.

Oh! Evil commercials... 11.Mar.2004 15:47


We're complaining about commercials and evil phone companies now? What about Mikey? Was he also a pawn of the ubercorporate cereal demons like those phone company folks who raised your phone bills by two bucks because Oregon has raised their taxes? And North Portlander actually expects some company to lower the rates to accomodate the state increase? What planet are you living on? I hope no one here believes that there are really Leprechuans that are being chased by kids who are after their lucky charms.

Corporations make money. They hire folks to do commercials. It's not a documentary - it's an advertisement. It's supposed to be make-believe. You expect them to show someone calling the billing department and whining about the Oregon state increase? "Waah! my bill is 2.00 more! Lower it! Lower it!" You folks need to get a life so you don't have to bit-- about a few lousy bucks.

If you need something valid to complain about, focus on the orchestrated national to rip off your money at the gas pump. That's gouging a far larger dent in people's pocketbooks than any phone company could dream of.