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Does Anyone Else Find the Possible Purchase of Disney by Comcast Disturbing?

Does any company deserve to be as enormous, wealthy, and influential as this marriage made in hell might be? Is Walt Disney turning in his grave?
Is there no end to the combined greed of Michael Eisner and Comcast?

Now that Pixar the Golden Goose has bailed on Disney, Eisner apparently needs better marketing for his latest lame-ass movies and total domination of the State of Florida.
Yeah, me 13.Feb.2004 22:22


Disturbed by the idea that men with dollars can take your name. Whether or not you like Walt Disney, the man built the company out of nothing but his own vision. I mean, he had a vision to steal ideas from the public domain and call them his own. He incorporated sick stereotypical violence into his kids cartoons but why not? Art is whatever you can get away with. So is commerce.

Very similar thing happened here in town when Will Vinton studios got taken over, and he kicked out. Bye bye Will. Bye bye Walt.

Big three will run world's media, says Murdoch 13.Feb.2004 22:55

The Australian <repost>

 http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5744,8663759%5E7582,00.html <
The Australian 13 February 2004

Big three will run world's media, says Murdoch

By Jane Schulze and Geoff Elliott and

Rupert Murdoch believes that in three years the world will have three large media companies - and News Corporation will be one of them.

Speaking after releasing News's half-year results on Wednesday night, the chairman and chief executive of The Australian's owner, The News Corporation Ltd, ruled out a counter-bid to US cable group Comcast's record $US54billion offer this week for the Disney group.

But he acknowledged the changing power structure in the world's media.

"In three years the media scene will have at least three very big competitive companies in Comcast, News and Time Warner, and several very good and well-run smaller companies such as (US satellite pay-TV group) DISH and (US cable group) Cox," he said.

Comcast's move is seen as a strong vindication of Mr Murdoch's strategy to build News into a global content and distribution company. In December, News secured US distribution for all its content businesses, such as the Twentieth Century Fox movie studio, by buying the US satellite pay-TV group DirecTV for $US6.6 billion.

But Mr Murdoch did not believe News would be disadvantaged by the might of the Comcast-Disney group if that deal was approved.

"We will have just as much ability to pressure them as them us," he said.

"For example, DirecTV would now be paying ESPN (owned by Disney) about $US300 million a year so there will be a lot of money going back and forth, but we will be in a pretty equal position."

The Comcast bid for Disney seems to have inspired Telstra chief executive Ziggy Switkowski, who said it supported the argument for convergence between the telecommunications and media industries.

Comcast had a huge distribution platform to deliver content, and obviously saw the benefit of also owning the content, he said.

But Dr Switkowski said Telstra was still learning how to develop more relationships with content companies.

another thing having to do with comcast: 14.Feb.2004 02:19


comcast offers 'unlimited service' with their cable internet access, but if you pass an unset and invisible limit in bandwidth, your service can be cancelled!

if you are a comcast broadband customer please consider signing this petition:

To: U.S. Congress and Comcast Corporation
To: Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.

We hereby, the undersigned, in a quest for reliable service, demand Comcast Cable Communications, Inc. let customers know of current bandwidth limitations and disclose consumer bandwidth figures. Comcast is sending Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) violation letters out to users and are not disclosing to those users what the figures are. Furthermore, the bottom of the letter states for the customer to seek Comcast's business alternative if they want to use higher bandwidth. Comcast's Business unit WIL NOT COMPLY with this and states they will not install Hi Speed Internet service into residential homes, even if you work from home. Therefore Comcast is "manhandling" their users with limited local internet options to comply or face termination.

Our hope is that Comcast will disclose a "cap" or allow users the option of purchasing business service.


The Undersigned

(avail. at this link:  http://www.petitiononline.com/41202/petition.html )

or see this thread for more discussion, and an interesting debate about even if this petition will do any good.

A friend of mine works for Disney... 14.Feb.2004 08:14

dailygrind dailygrind@emailaccount.com

He claims that Eisner has been toast for the last couple of yearsand that losing Pixar was the last straw. Considering the current revolt on the Disney board of directors, with Roy Disney quitting and calling for Eisner's head, I think Comcast simply smells blood. Eisner may jump on the buyout as a way to bail out of the situation. Disney employees are scared shitless right now, and so, it seems, are some board members. This is bad news for just about everyone but shareholders if it happens... and that's why it's probably going to happen.

Bye Bye Disney 14.Feb.2004 18:14

Ya, won't be missed

Corporate America has become so rotten that independent creative ventures if allowed access to the public that these rotten big media companies monopolize, they would crash and burn, like the dead wood they really are.
Free enterprise and creativity go hand in hand, and until this format is resurrected, at the regulatory level, we will continue to see the destruction of former great American enterprises destructing under the choke hold of old ideas and bad management decisions..