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Clear Channel Billboard on Hawthorne

Clear Channel Billboard on Hawthorne
Lovely picture but ... 13.Feb.2004 22:05


... what's your point? I mean the thing's ugly but they have the same first amendment rights we all do. I mean don't we? I thought we did...

reply 13.Feb.2004 22:34


uh, that it's ironic? that the "many ways" that clear channel reaches you is exactly what people have against it?

who did that-----------------bad 13.Feb.2004 23:13


Its is what the left does! Is it not at least is willing to pay for advertisement. How ever there is some ancedotal evidence that the left can not advertise. The cbs-which disallowed moveon .org issue add superbowl advertisement or on google for example which has recently prevented issues of the left from being paid for ie why crusie liner don't have to dump crap in the ocean... so. ie left slant advertisement is void or nearly so.

So, what i am trying to say is who wants to go in on a bill board?

Do you have the right to freedom of thought? 14.Feb.2004 00:08

The Teleban

Not is you watch TV on a regular basis. Not if a few media conglomerates have a virtual monopoly on the control of information.

dangers of billboard advertising 14.Feb.2004 00:28


billboard advertising is largely information of dubious value, particularly when you're trying to drive(some of us have to)...beauty in this form is subjective....the real problem is video billboards, which are particularly hard to ignore, thus cancelling the programming objective of advertisers...devise some sort of a campaign to rid us of this plague...I think beaverton is getting one too, as if beaverton isn't bad enough already

rights? 14.Feb.2004 01:46


does clear channel have rights? the answer is "no". a corporation is a fictitious entity. human beings have rights; billboards may be built, they may sit there silently in the air, and they may be defaced. each possibility means basically nothing. you can't have a moral relationship with a billboard. if you think a billboard has rights, you are fucked in the head beyond repair.

The best part is 14.Feb.2004 11:54


that its barely visible, but the owner of the billboard is Clear Channel.
I was waiting for that billboard to be attacked....

Need Glasses?? 14.Feb.2004 17:23

four eyes

The point is that the photo shows an added message in spray paint in the lower left: "Your Big Brother Since 1984"