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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for the Ice Cream Socialists!!!!

That's right folks, The dynamic Ice Cream Socialists are doing it again tonight, Friday the Thirteenth at the Delta cafe and Lounge on 46th and Se Woodstock. Come enjoy creative cocktails and a refreshing political spin on the classic Cabaret style. The show starts at 10:30 pm.
Tonight the Socialists conquer such heady issues as the failure of measure 30, Despotic rulers, worker's rights and barnyard sexual politics in their trademark hilarious and entertaining fashion. Dancing, singing, improv, and of course the musical stylings of Der Umf, the socialist's band all highlight tonights event. Don't be late, bring friend, a date, your mother, no one will be turned away, and no one will be disappointed, unless of course they are under twenty-one. 10:30, SE Woodstock, the Delta Cafe, the Ice Cream Socialists, be there, or be a capitalist scumbag who hates fun.
wish i could go 13.Feb.2004 19:13


the last one kicked ass. i wish i could make it to the delta tonight but i cannot. others should go and check these folks out.