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Poster: Battered Women Face Deportation

Until December, Maria Suarez and Rosario Munoz were amongst the hundreds of women held in California prisons for fighting back against abuse. Now they both face deportation.

Attached is a poster you can print and post to help spread the word and increase pressure on politicians to let Maria and Rosario stay with their friends and support networks here in the United States. Originally in January, both of their hearings have been postponed.
Please take the time to send a few emails, stick up for people who need support in their struggles.

Rosario Munoz and Maria Suarez, who have been incarcerated in California for 15 and 22 years, respectively, have been approved for parole by Gov. Schwarzenegger after Gov. Davis reversed several parole board decisions for each to be released.  Both are now facing deportation to Mexico, away from their support networks here in the US. Rosario was imprisoned in 1987 for accidentally killing her husband's lover, after 14 years of being abused by her husband. Maria was imprisoned in 1981 for involvement in the murder of a man who bought her for $200 at the age of 16 and abused her for 5 years. Originally set for the end of January, their hearings have been postponed, Maria's to Feb 25th and Rosario's to an unknown date. See their support pages at www.freerosariomunoz.org and www.womaninprison.org

Info from The Southern-California Press-Enterprise, 12.14.03/ freebatteredwomen.org

To support Rosario Munoz, please write a letter to Judge D.D. Sitgrave asking her to allow Rosario to be paroled in the U.S. You can email her support campaign (  freerosariomunoz@att.net) to be placed in her file.

To support Maria Suarez send an email to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (  governor@governor.ca.gov) and ask that he consider giving Maria Suarez an unconditional pardon.

Please also cut and past a version of your email to CA Senator Feinstein urging her intervention via
Likewise to Senator Boxer via

Here are some good links:
freebatteredwomen.org (California Coalition for Women Prisoners)
www.freerosariomunoz.org (Rosario Munoz)
www.womaninprison.org (Maria Suarez)
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