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Wal$Mart, or: The Super-Scourge

In just the last six months, the Portland Metro Area has witnessed an on-going worker strike at Powell's book store and on-going solidarity pickets of Safeway stores. These are over worker benefits, immigrant rights, and working conditions. There is an underlying force to these actions, the super-conglomerate-corporate-monster Wal$Mart.

Wal$Mart has been rapidly expanding its market reach and potential all across the board. This is especially prevalent with the "wal$mart super stores" that also have grocery outlets housed inside. Wal$Mart is the largest employer in the US, and the number one corporation ont he Fortune 500 list. Because a super corporation is taking these leaps in the market, it is stressing smaller corporations, independant businesses, and especially workers unions.

Currently, there are rumours that Wal$Mart is moving into an old Albertsons store on McCloughlin Blvd. There are ongoing a class action lawsuit against walmart on behalf of womyn employees, a Planned Parenthood boycott, and a generral boycott call from "Boycott International". There is even an animal rights against Wal$Mart.

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Wal Mart pushing Big Brother 13.Feb.2004 18:51

Winston Smith

Wal mart is pushing for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in their products. Since WM is the biggest retailer in the US, what they say, goes with suppliers (WM got the UPC barcode to be industry standard), which means that beating them is going to be key to beat RFID as a whole.
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