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Bush Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Bush has been nominated with Tony Blair for the Nobel Peace Prize as well as Adolph Hitler and Slobodan Milosevic. See article:
Bush, Blair nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Two of the architects of the Iraq war, United States President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, are among nominees for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize.

Nominations for the prestigious award close tomorrow.

After sending thousands of soldiers to war and failing to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Mr Bush and Mr Blair have been put forward to receive the Nobel peace prize.

They were nominated by Jan Simonsen, an independent member of Norway's Parliament who says the pair got rid of a dictator and made the world safer.

"Bush and Blair definitely still deserve it," he said.

"Even though they haven't found those weapons they got rid of a dictator and made the world more safe. They got rid of a madman."

Saddam's alleged weapons of mass destruction were a main justification for the war.

Nobel watchers say neither Mr Bush nor Mr Blair has much chance of winning.

Other nominees are varied and include: Pope John Paul II; the European Union to mark its expansion to include former East bloc states; the Salvation Army; former Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler; former Czech president Vaclav Havel; former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic; and Chinese dissidents.

The 2003 prize went to Iranian human rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi from a record field of 165 nominees.

The prize winner is announced in October.

homepage: homepage: http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/s1035353.htm

Don't say that he doesn't have a chance too quickly.....you may be surprised. 13.Feb.2004 15:43


The mad bomber Henry Kissinger received the award, so it's not too much of a stretch to think that the chimp might get it.

tell me it ain't so! 13.Feb.2004 16:15


surely this Norwegian legislator's is dangling the prize before Bushite and Bliar in order to serve up
comic relief to the otherwise serious candidates...all or any of whom far more deserve it than these
two clowns. Can you imagine how much a dive in prestige the Nobel prize would take "if" on the off
chance they really gave it out to these two scabby-characters>>>>they'd become as worthless as a
CRACKER JACKS prize henceforth!

Keep Reading 13.Feb.2004 16:23


Ha! But what get's me is the three dictators who are also on the list. Either one of these individuals actions far exceed the destruction of Bush and Blair.

Hey, not to be oversensitive, but pay attention to 13.Feb.2004 18:27


language please--re. referring to Bush as a "chimp." We're trying to shut down a primate center at OHSU--because non-human primates are sensitive, intelligent (although not in the same way as humans) creatures, capable of compassion, and even altruism. Calling a human a (non-human) animal feeds into the sterotype that non-humans are just dumb things that can be tortured in places like OHSU's pseudo-science research lab. Thanks.

Complain to the Nobel Prize Committee 13.Feb.2004 22:25

I Did

My letter to the Nobel Prize Committee:

To:  postmaster@nobel.no
Subject: Nobel Peace Prize Nominees In Question

Dear Sirs,

I read, with great concern, of the nomination of George W. Bush for the Nobel Peace Prize. This nomination is dangerously misguided and sets a terrible precedent.

By his ill-considered and callous actions regarding Iraq, his lack of consideration of any traditional allies throughout the world, his use of dangerous preemptive attack for reasons that have proven to be baseless, and many more reasons to numerous to detail, he has proven himself the strongest force against stability and peace in the world today.

While I - and most others - would agree that Saddam Hussein is a reprehensible individual and Iraqis are indeed better off with another leader or form of government, the US and Britain had no right to preemptively attack another sovereign nation at great cost of human life and infrastructure destruction. Nobody in Iraq was responsible for attacking the World Trade Towers in New York or the Pentagon in Washington DC. The Iraqi government had no ties to Al-Quada or Osama Bin Laden; to the contrary, Bin Laden held Hussein's secular government in disdain and Hussein did not trust Bin Laden. There were no weapons of mass destruction, no weapons trained at the US and deployable in the manner described by Bush and Colin Powell. In short, Iraq was not an eminent terror threat to the United States and that millions of people worldwide could see this plainly while Mr. Bush was willing to put on his blinders, ignore all warnings, and rush to war is clearly frightening.

Do not reward this man by giving him an award. While I have a bit more respect for Mr. Blair, if he does receive an award I would hope it would be for his other achievements on behalf of his country, and NOT for backing up and running interference for the loose cannon, Mr. George W. Bush.

this just in... 14.Feb.2004 00:35


news of bush and blairs nomination for the nobel peace prize comes just after news of the nomination of gary ridgeway, the 'green river killer' from seattles nomination for "calm, sane guy of the year" award. This strategy of nominating opposites stems from the official "name everything the oppisite of what it does" strategy origionally mastered by the bush administration.

stay tuned for the 'jesus loves you' tactical nuke.

Hitler 14.Feb.2004 07:32

is dead and an enthic cleansing killer

Adolf Hitler did not get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. That is ridiculous. This article has no credibility.

Hitler was nominated in 1939 14.Feb.2004 16:08

fact checker

For someone to scream that an article has no credibility one would think to check the facts first. Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939 by Swedish MP EGC Brandt. However, Brandt did later withdraw the nomination (in February 1939) but that does not change the fact that Hitler was indeed nominated. It may also interest some to learn that Gertrude Stein "spearheaded a campaign urging the Nobel committee to award its Peace Prize to Adolf Hitler."

Oh okay, he 15.Feb.2004 11:04

is dead and an enthic cleansing killer

...But he got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I didn't know that it was that easy to nominate someone like that. I thought it's like the Oscars and the Nobel Prize committee picks them. I didn't know I had to check any facts because I thought it was ridiculous and couldn't happen. I wasn't screaming.