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Report-back from anti-Starbucks action this lovely morn

Today is the third anniversary of my first full day in Portland, and I thought to myself, "What better way to start it than by protesting the awful plans for that Starbucks in my neighborhood!" So I got up at the crack of dawn, biked over, and joined a few other folks on SE Division in front of the Ladd's Meat Building. I had downloaded and made copies of some flyers made expressly for this event and posted here on indymedia. The flyers are geared toward drivers sitting at the long light there, and warned thta if the Starbucks goes in, traffic and waits will be even worse. "Outreach to the Commuting Community", I guess you'd call this. ;-)
we <3 local businesses!
we <3 local businesses!
a concerned neighbor
a concerned neighbor
for feature pic, for front page
for feature pic, for front page
Every time the light turned red, I'd go out and distribute flyers to the drivers waiting in their cars. I greeted everyone with a cheerful "Good morning!" About 3/4 of the drivers/passengers took one, most of them with a smile. In 45 minutes, I had handed out over 100 flyers! Hopefully, some of those folks will do what the flyers suggested, and contact the developer, owner, and the City. This was a great, fun event. I don't usually get up that early, but this was definitely worth it. I don't know if the organizers are planning more of these morning rush hour demos, but if they do, I'll be there!

I love the taste of Starbucks 13.Feb.2004 22:47

Coffee lover

Every neighborhood needs a Starbucks. The coffee tastes so much better. If a corporation can provide better tasting coffee then go for it. Do you idiots want to go back to drinking Folgers? Wake up fools. Go protest corporate OIL like Shell, Exxon and Chevron. Protest Fred Myers or Safeway. But keep your stinking hands off my coffee.

star fucks tastes like shit 14.Feb.2004 00:10


I dont know what you are talking about star fucks tastes like shit and there just as bad if not worse than fred meyers or safeway. their coffe is way over priced too. you just mus be hopelessly addicetd I feel sorry for you.

starbucks can be restrained 14.Feb.2004 01:44


I like starbucks...I go there everyday.....that's power in the hands of those who buy starbucks, to direct this corporation to more consumer representative behavior...if we think about not buying, it's in potentially big trouble...good people needing good jobs work at the bucks...the bucks is here to stay, but they don't need to steam roll over every local entrepreneurs dreams, destroying every last shred of unique neighborhood character in cities and towns across america....I'll stop drinking the bucks if I have to, but I'd just as soon they get the message and curtail their monopolistic, parasitic business strategy....here's a suggestion to all to start with....go to your local bucks, or wherever you see one, stop in and get some customer comment forms by the condiment bar....state your views and drop them in the mailbox....postage is pre-paid....not everyone likes the taste of the bucks, but lots do,...insulting those that do is self-defeating...we are your potential allies

re; starbucks customer comment forms 14.Feb.2004 03:00


I know the corpor wouldn't really listen to a few nice comments....I was thinking it might be possible to beseige them with their own pr material...send in many

Starbucks CAN get away... 14.Feb.2004 05:36

Rony forests_save@yahoo.com

Starbucks came to Isra-hell around 2 years ago, and they started really quick by launching 5 branches in Tel Aviv alone within one year. They were represented here by few reach smart ass yuppies that were convinced, that they will win the local espresson market, only due to the power of the Logo.

But Tel Aviv has lots of espresso shops, some of them serving very high quality coffee, some of them turned to become small scale chain stores themselves. Few Days after the opening of the first branch of the star, a small group of activists started to to picket the store, sometimes with fliers, sometime with in shop theatre, sometime by setting a small alternative coffee shop outside.

It was small, but the discussting main stream medai caught the issue and the small group was spreading their information. It was also a time when anti-corporate action was getting more people interested, so it made some vibes.

Starfucked-off! The closed all their branches, and the main reason seems to be that the local people prefered the esresso shops that already exist.
BUT! since Starbucks was supposed to be sucessfull due to the power of its logo, the same logo that the activists helped in smashing, they have a roll I belive, in winning the star.

It taught me that a small group of people can beat a big machine, especailly since there might be conditions that are not in our control, which are disturbing the works of the machine that we wish to stop.

And something for the lovers of the Star:
This is not a campaign against the coffee you love - how about setting an alternative fair trade coffee shop that serves high quality coffee? everyone will enjoy it: the people that drink, and the workers that harvest and sell their products directly.

Anyway, good luck

my neighborhood 14.Feb.2004 12:16


More traffic, shitty coffee, that's not what this is really about. A locally owned coffee shop that could sell worker owned coffee at a competetive price, would increase traffic as would any popular business - adding more custormers for other local businesses is what makes a community market area viable. Starbucks isn't sympatico with small business owners, they are preditory. As long as we live in the cess pool of capitalism, and feed the big fish by participating in capital based work ethic the liviathon will continue to gorge. All these labor struggles drown in order to prop up capitalism, trying to make it 'more fair'. We should resist major corporate desease, but stay mindful of how caught up one can get in defeanding labor rights ( capitalism). Truely fair labor can not exist in this enviroment. People with the $ and power won't wake up one day and evenly distribute their booty. Greed is capitalism.

Fuck $tarbuck$ 14.Feb.2004 13:28


They don't know how to roast coffee.
They keep their workers on part-time schedules to keep them from qualifying for benefits.
They discriminate against people with facial piercings and visible tattoos.
They deliberately open up new cafes in locations that drive independently owned ones out of business.

Go to Stumptown. Fuck $tarbuck$.

look around 16.Feb.2004 11:25


There already is an independent, locally owned, worker-owned coffee shop that sells fair-trade organic coffee...and it's right across the fucking street! It's called the Red and Black. They serve Redwing coffee...GO THERE!!

we like coffee 18.Mar.2004 07:28

sharon amit sharon_flow@hotmail.co.il

roni armon suggestion for cofee comes from the fact that he himself has a place in tel aviv a book shop that sells coffee and other drinks he has a place named salon mazal may be thats why he is against i susspect his motives if he would not have a place on his own and not making money out of it may be i would believe him

tel aviv

NO HELP TO THE MA & POP STANDS 06.Dec.2004 20:28


i live up in ridgefield washington, and so far we don't have one here (thank goodness) i own a small wholesale bakery, and make from scratch and personally deliver my baked goods to a lot of small coffee stands in the vancouver area. my customers are very hard working people, and with the threat of starbucks comming to almost all of their areas, they are devistated. so much for trying to make a living with this hanging over them. i have had starbucks coffee before and was not overly impressed with it. all of my customers have much better coffee, not to mention the social side of it. they care about their customers, they know by the car who that customer is and exactly what they want and like. i admit, i live in a small town, and like small town mentality, but i think everyone deserves to be treated like they are real people, and not be hearded through like a bunch of cattle and that's what i experienced on any visit i had to starbucks. i just don't think there should be so many places taking them on! safeway, fred meyers and who knows who's next! they are getting so big, and robbing business from the smaller places that are so much better. i also need to let you know that i am not a liberal out to protest to get attention, i am a firm believer on this subject, and i think starbucks needs to be capped off. no new stands for so many miles from any other stand regaurdless of who it is!(even of themselves!!!!) thank you.

Starsucks 13.May.2006 15:57


Helpfull tips when considering going to Starsucks

1. Save your Starsucks cup and bring it next time and try getting as many refills off it as possible. This should work on busy times when the baristas and cashiers are too stressed out to care or remember anyway.
2. Order a tall steamed breva (Half & Half) and an add shot. This will really screw with those P.O.S Nazi's.
3. Warn Starsucks customers not to order anything with ice in it. Many of there ice machines have a large amount of nasty mold and or bacteria growing in them.
4. Warn Starsucks customers not to order any beverage with steemed milk on a busy day. Baristas are in way to much of a hurry to continiously wash and sanitize the metal pitchers that the milk is steemed in. This breeds Bacteria and could kill someone!
5. Warn Starsucks customers not to order cream based berages (Vanilla bean, Double Chocolate Chip, Green tea and other crapochinos) and others. These drinks have partially hydroginated gabadge in them that causes celulite and other health problems
6. Order extra whipcream on everything. It's free to you, but costs Starsucks money. They even give you a cup of whipcream if you ask.
7. more to follow...