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On the Call of Little Beirut For submissions




On the Call of Little Beirut For submissions

So We are going to be getting another statement DIRECTLY FROM THE IRAQI RESISTANCE!!!
That probaly isn't Kosher, though is it? Just Like the Last time.
I don't know if you have figured it out our not yet, but if you are against "Globalization"
Th fastest growing strengthening force for it is The ZIONIST ENTITY. ( Is that a sensative issue. See If we can't get a zionist to accuse me of being a Hollowcause Revisionist!)

The number one contradiction in the world today, is between The forces occupation Forces in Iraq and that Independance forces in Iraq. That's right Iraq. I know you are all spinless cowards. It is much easier to exoctic people's struggles than to take principled stances when you live, were you live and be involved in a disciplined manor.
Is it nice having a Kufia, Zaptista Poster, a Che Shirt. Very Hip, huh?

You people make me sick. This whole fucking zionist controlled town makes me sick. I know the work style of the Jammoul and the Hizbollah, enough to tell you that none of you are worthy of patronizing their struggle.

By the way in you mission statement, you imply that the people of Lebanon,i.e ARABS were fighting US Imperialism, and " militarism", AND FUNNY YOU FORGOT TO MENTION THE NUMBER ONE CONTRADICTION WAS WITH ZIONISM, BUT THAT DIDN'T PASS YOUR LITTLE JEWISH/ZIONIST ( are they "anti-zionist" zionists or are they "pro-palestine" zionists) Editorial board anymore than an interview with the Iraqi Resistance would, huh?

In our Era the gun is the Number one Mode, but in the US, since this place is full of little hillbillies and the " left" is so opertunistic, the number one struggle is ideological.

By that on March 19th at 7 pm on 19th and Burnside The Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network will be hosting an event in solidarity with Anti- Occupation Resistance, and this will include a study course on the Original 1967 Palestinian Charter and statements from the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance to the Masses in the US.

For the Rights of Nations To Self- Determination BY ANY MEANS NECASSARY!!!

JP Cupp

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/iraqiresistancesolidarity