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March 30: Spring Mobilization and Lobby Day to Close the SOA in Washington, DC

March 27-30, 2004: SOA Watch Spring Mobilization and Lobby Day

Come to Washington, DC on March 30, 2004 and tell Congress to "Shut Down the SOA! - No More Murder in Our Name and with Our Tax Money!"
The School of the Americas (SOA), now known as the "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation" (WHISC), has been pumping out assassins, dictators and death squad leaders for the dirty work in Latin America since 1946 -- and is still at it.

The school continues to aide and influence Latin American militaries as a way for the Pentagon to control the economic and political systems of Latin America. Human rights abuses and attacks carried out by SOA graduates continue today, especially as opposition to neo-liberal economic policies by Latin America's marginalized people grows.

The Pentagon lobbies hard to keep money flowing for the SOA/WHISC. In reacting to the growing public outcry, the Army operates (at taxpayers' expense) a huge PR campaign that is directed at Congress. People throughout the country are countering their attempts with grassroots power. The SOA Watch movement is preparing for a large-scale Lobby Day in DC on March 30th.

A vote on the School of the Americas/ Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation is coming up in the U.S. Congress in 2004! It is our job to make sure that enough Representatives will be on board to vote against the school. Hold your Representative accountable. Make plans to come to Washington, DC and organize others to join you.

The SOA Watch Spring Mobilization will also include trainings, film screenings, street theatre, nonviolent direct action, and social and educational events. Visit www.SOAW.org for more information.

Come to Washington, DC for the SOA Watch Spring Mobilization from March 27-30, 2004 to continue the struggle! Call the SOA Watch office in Washington, DC at (202) 234 3440 to receive an Organizing Packet.

Schedule of Events:

Housing in Washington, DC:

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Fundraising Tips:

Local Organizing Contacts:

Tips for Sceduling a Meeting with Congress:

Sample Press Release
Download the Word document, taylor the information and send it to radio stations, newspapers and local TV stations in your area. Media work is important to get the word out and you can help:  http://www.soaw.org/new/docs/prelease.doc

homepage: homepage: http://www.soaw.org
phone: phone: 202-234-3440