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Aphorisms of Kim Jong Il Carried in Internet Homepage

Main Article in Today's Korean Central News Agency.

Great Man!!! Brilliant Victory!!!
Great Man!!! Brilliant Victory!!!
Aphorisms of Kim Jong Il Carried in Internet Homepage

Pyongyang, February 12 (KCNA) -- The U.S. Group for the Study of the Songun Politics carried more than 100 aphorisms of leader Kim Jong Il in Internet homepage "Research room on red sun of militant socialism of Juche" on January 25. The group introduced to over 30 progressive Web Sites of the U.S. and other regions of the world aphorisms compiled in book form under the title "Treasured sword of Songun sun; aphorisms of the great Marshal Kim Jong Il" and an article explaining his greatness so that anyone may print and read them.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/songunpoliticsstudygroup/RevolutionaryLessons

What is Great and Brilliant about The Hidden Gulag? 16.Feb.2004 02:56


Dear SPSG comrades,

Marshal Kim Jong Il is responsible for horrible prison camps in the DPRK. Around 200000 people are tortured and starving.

Read this report: www.hrnk.org/TheHiddenGulag-press.pdf
Look at this page: www.freenorthkorea.net
Google for North Korea and Human Rights to learn more.

The document "the hidden Gulag" contains a lot of testimonies and detailed satellite images.

Does any Songun supporter think all this is fabricated?

How could you be sure that this is not true? The DPRK leadership wants to eradicate pro-imperialist class-enemies as Stalin did in Soviet Gulags. What makes you sure, that Kim Jong Il does not use similar methods and prison camps? The abduction of Japanese people was revealed last year after decades of denial.

Anyway, if there would be no Gulags at the described areas in North Korea, why does the DPRK leadership not invite Amnesty International or other NGO's to check this and prove this report false?

Or do you think these atrocities are justified to support the great Songun politics?

Does any Songun supporter have a serious answer?