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Portland Indymedia to Launch Cable News Show…With Your Help

With newscasters, street reporters, and real stories that are shaping the world, this is news the way it was meant to be!
Portland Indymedia will be breaking new ground in the coming months as we continue to reclaim the media, this time through tv. This weekly show will cover local, national, and international news stories from a perspective that the corporate media has done its best to spin, censor, and bury.

While incorporating familiar elements - newscasters, street reporters, and commentary - Indymedia news will go a step farther to challenge the paradigm of tv news as a one-way channel of ideas. Viewers will be encouraged to think critically about the issues, examine the ways the mainstream media crafts "our reality," and look at how and why the corporate media maintains an audience of passive and disengaged spectators.

In order to make this happen, PDX IMC is looking for volunteers who share a common vision of what real news should be. We need newscasters, reporters, writers, researchers, and Portland Cable Access certified crewmembers willing to contribute their talents to bringing real people's stories back to the community. Womyn and people of color are especially encouraged to take part.

If this sounds like something for you, then come to our first organizational meeting at 3pm this Sunday, February 15th, at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop, located at SE Clinton and 16th. If you can't make it, simply email your info and area of interest to: indy  tv@riseup.net (remove space).
Email 13.Feb.2004 15:19

Catalyst X

Sorry, the email formatted funny. That's indytv (one word) at riseup.net.

this'll be fun! 14.Feb.2004 17:53


An idea we've batted around for this newscast is filming it with an audience, like in a cafe or something. That way, the audience could participate in many ways; hearing people applaud or boo during various stories would be great; turning the camera away from the newsreaders and into the audience so someone there can add to the current story by sharing their own experiences would be really awesome. So the goal is to make this news show a very participatory one. Come to the meeting to find out more!

I Love it 15.Feb.2004 15:47


I would love to see this and maybe participate! Brilliant!