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Fun Valentine's Day Action to support Powell's and Safeway Workers

What's a great way to show love on Valentine's Day? By supporting your fellow workers!
Picketing at Safeway stores is continuing at the following times and locations. Please stop by for an hour or two--it is really fun to watch Safeway management and security get their knickers all in a knot over our completely legal picketing--plus, we are having a lot of success in turning shoppers away!

Fridays: noon - 6pm
Saturdays: noon - 6pm
Sundays: noon - 4pm

Weekends of February 13-15 and 20-22

Safeway Stores at:

SW 10th & Jefferson
SE 28th & Hawthorne
SE 39th & Broadway
NE 11th & Broadway

Please call the Northwest Oregon Labor Council at 503-235-9444 for materials and scheduling information.

And remember, get all your friends and family to sign the Safeway Boycott Pledge at  http://www.unionvoice.org/campaign/safeway (this takes about 30 seconds). If you've got a few extra bucks, you can donate to the UFCW Strike Support Fund at  https://secure.ga3.org/08/holdtheline/. For more background on the historic Safeway strike, go to  http://www.jwjpdx.org/.


>Valentine s Day of Action for Justice !
>Saturday, February 14, 2004 12 Noon Sharp
>North Park Blocks Across from Powell s Technical Books at Couch and Park
>ILWU Local 5 members at Powell s Books and grocery workers in the UFCW are
>struggling to maintain access to affordable health care.In the current and
>protracted contract negotiations, Michael Powell is demanding that workers
>pay significantly more for health care. These cuts would force many Powell
>s workers off health care totally. Michael Powell makes no claim that he
>can t afford retaining the current health care just that the current
>economic conditions justify cutting it.
>In Southern California, 70,000 grocery workers are on the picket line and
>health care is the major issue. Adding insult to injury, grocers are also
>demanding a two-tier wage structure. Safeway is a major player in forcing
>the strike and is reportedly the most opposed to a decent settlement. Yet
>Safeway s profits have gone up 82% to $3.1 billion in the past 5 years.
>In support of these two landmark struggles fighting cutbacks, we are
>planning a fun and exciting rally and action that targets Powell s and
>For more information on this, please call Portland Jobs with Justice at