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GOP Evaluation of Dennis Kucinich

Here are some key elements to the Republican Party case, which presents Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is an 'Extreme Liberal'
From  http://gop.org :

- Kucinich Twice Voted For A Five Percent Across-The-Board Cut To Intelligence Funding.

- Kucinich Voted Against Fiscal 1999 Intelligence Funding

- Kucinich Voted Against A Bill Requiring Federal Agencies To Share Classified/Non-Classified Information On Homeland Security Threats With Law Enforcement And State And Local Officials.

- Kucinich Voted To Freeze Spending For Fiscal 1998 Defense Appropriations

- Kucinich Voted Against Passing Fiscal 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 And 2003 Defense Appropriations, Which Combined Total Approximately $1.4 Trillion

- Kucinich Voted Against Fiscal 2001 And 2002 Supplemental Appropriations, Which Combined Total $20 Billion For National Defense

- Kucinich Voted For Substitute Amendment To Fiscal 2001 Budget Resolution, Which Called For 25% Cut In Defense Spending

- Kucinich Sponsored Substitute Amendment To Fiscal 2002 Budget Resolution On Behalf Of Congressional Progressive Caucus, Which Called For Cutting Defense Spending By $65 Billion

- Under President Clinton, Kucinich Voted For Iraq Liberation Act Of 1998, Which Declared That It Should Be The Policy Of The U.S. To Remove Saddam Hussein's Regime From Power

- Under President Bush, Kucinich Voted Against 2002 Resolution Authorizing Use Of Force Against Iraq

- Kucinich Asserts That Iraq Has Neither The Intention Nor Ability To Harm United States, And Accuses War Supporters Of Abusing American Power

- Kucinich Suggests That Domestic Issues Pose A Greater Threat To Americans Than Saddam Hussein

- Kucinich Wants To Create Department Of Peace To Transform "The Social And Political Structure Through Changing The Consciousness Of The Nation"

Kucinich is:

- For Campaign Finance Reform

- Against Trade Promotion Authority

- Against ANWR oil drilling

- Against Trade Promotion Authority

- For Union Protection

- Against Extending 1996 Welfare Reform Law

- Against Use Of Force In Iraq
and i shouldn't support kucinich why?? 13.Feb.2004 14:17


really, given this list of facts, why shouldn't dennis kucinich get my vote???????

Why Shouldn't you vot for him 13.Feb.2004 18:02


He is not a way left liberal. He's just a idiot.

to 'me' 13.Feb.2004 18:50


and your point is?

here's how we'll do this: i'll agree, for the sake of your argument, that kucinich IS an idiot.

even then, given kucinich's voting record, why am i going to vote for george dubya, whom everyone knows (or is learning) really IS an idiot, with not a single policy or past action that is in harmony with anything i believe in?

why would i vote for the dumber and the evil?

look, i know kucinich isn't going to win. he never had a chance, given the corporate media and big money stranglehold on the information.

my point is this: bush isn't the only one trying to steal the election. choice is being stolen right now by the media and big money, who are even now shaping opinion and winnowing down our selection to 2: bush or kerry.


the best we can hope for is that kerry will win, so millions of pissed off people can go back to their 'friends' reruns and think everything is okay?

in 2000, i thought that bill clinton had set an all time low for the 'presidency'. now in 2004, i stand firmly corrected: george w. bush is the absolute worst president this country has had, even in an office where virtually every previous occupant sucked.

i just don't think that, simply because someone is 'better than bush' they are good for the future of america and the world.

im gonnna vot for him 14.Feb.2004 00:43


hey, kucinich an idiot? well it appeals to my sense of stupidity then, makes me feel like a regular old 'murrican like me could get inta office.

even with that damning charge of 'idiot' im still gonna vot for him.

vot! in 2004!