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Cheney predicts war that last generations

The extreme right wing in America continues to milk 9-11 for all its worth.
"On Sept. 11, 2001, our nation made a fundamental commitment that will take many years to see through," Cheney said.
In a major address to the Los Angelos World Affairs Council, Cheney painted a grim picture of America at war, and suggested that the upcoming battles could last for generations. Reminding his listeners that two American buildings had fallen down, Cheney then proceeded to paint a terrifying picture of devestating attacks that could very well result in cities like New York getting the full Hanoi treatment. Cheney emphasized that the threat required extraordinary changes in the American military aparatus. He said, "One of the legacies of this administration will be some of the most sweeping changes in our military, and our national security strategy as it relates to the military and force structure, and how we're based, and how we used it in the last 50 or 60 years, probably since World War II. I think the changes are that dramatic."

Cheney reminded his listeners that terrorists like the Contras could bring Nicaragua like conditions to American soil, with hospitals bombed, clinics burned to the ground, many civilians killed, schools destroyed, infrastructure ruined, the country saddled with debts and unable to repair the damage even years later. Reminding his listeners of the fact that two American buildings fell down, Cheney painted a terrifying portrait of Iraq like conditions that could strike at the very heart of America at any moment, with innumerable buildings bombed and falling down, electricity ruined, water and sewage systems destroyed, American standard of living destroyed with Americans being plunged into third world conditions. Many hundreds of thousands of Americans could be slaughtered by terrorists, Cheney pointed out, much like the slaughter of hundreds of thousands slaughtered in Indonesia (or should I say Indian-nesia).

Cheney also stated that the Administration was planning to expand the military by occupying even more bases in more foreign countries to allow the United States to launch war against Contra forces with great speed. He reminded listeners that the Contras were scattered in countries around the world and even now were planning to target more buildings in America, other than just those two, were planning to hit hospitals and clinics and other 'soft targets' and were even now planning new ways to kill civilians. He said that these Contras were an "enemy unlike any other that we have ever faced. And as our intelligence shows, the terrorists continue plotting to kill on an ever-larger scale, including here in the United States." Cheney gave a stark warning that America faced the imminent threat of Hanoi or Iraq like attacks and that "instead of losing thousands of lives, we might lose tens or even hundreds of thousands of lives' just like they did in Hanoi or Iraq or Indian-nesia.

This terrifying prospect more than justified a huge build up in the American military industrial complex. After having two of their buildings fall down Americans must now invade the world and wage war for many generations. And who knows, when its all over, perhaps the Americans might turn out like the Vietnamese, and at the end of it all, they might even invite their old enemies for a tour of New York, just to show that they don't harbor to many hard feelings over having those two buildings fall down. Could happen. I mean, if the Vietnamese could do it, then maybe someday the Americans could just get over it as well.

Until then, all I can say to those hysterical Americans, whipped in a fever by Cheney, to just get a grip on themselves, for crying out loud. Two buildings fell down and now you are going to invade the world and fight wars 'for the rest of our lives.' A more asinine and stupid concept is hard to imagine. But I suppose this a prime example of that classic American moral hypocrisy, and the twisted view of moral law which states that 'you must not do to America what America has done to you.' Only Washington can do that, and while Washington could certainly dish it out for the last hundred years, Washington sure can't take it, as their hysterics over losing two buildings clearly demonstrates.

And as for those Americans now shivering with fear, and getting whipped up into terror by Cheney et al, all I can think of to say that when one reaps the wind one reaps the whirlwind, another elementary principle of morality. You know, perhaps if you were a little less evil, if your foreign policy was not so cruel, so wicked, so morally corrupted, so corporate driven, so greedy, so obssessed with the dollar, then perhaps you wouldn't have so many pissed off vengeful people plotting to give you a well deserved taste of your own medicine. It logically follows that if you want fear, terrorism, and violent death, then simply follow the path of fear, terror, and death, and if you want peace, follow the path of peace. As for this latest outburst of American violence and viglantism, only a blind fool would consider this the path to peace and safety. More of the same old same old and the end results will be a military police state ruled over by the extreme right wing hawks of America, and even then you won't be safe.

Now get a grip on yourselves, and quit going into hypocritical hysterics over your two buildings that fell down, which in the grand scheme of things, doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Now take a pill and go lie down for a while...
9-11 was preventable 13.Feb.2004 11:32


(-11 was preventable

Since the 9-11 commission has as its head a republican appointed by Bush there is a strong possibility that we are going to be treated to a white wash consisting of the roasting of FBI office managers and file clerks at the CIA. The determination of the Bush administration to orchestrate such a white wash was evident in the first appointment of long term Republican partisan Henry Kissinger to lead the so called 'impartial investigation', until a public uproar by the 9-11 families caused him to withdraw.

A question which is worse - a white wash investigation or no investigation? The supposedly 'ideal solution' - hold the 9-11 investigation during the Iraq war during which time, for reasons of 'patriotism' you Americans will understandably want to avoid causing any troubles for your administration, especially given that it is war time and thus the time to rally around the pResident and the other high officials in the government. Convenient timing for a white wash.

The New York indymedia site has announced the formation of a 9-11 Citizens Watch which will be monitoring the official Bush appointed commission

I have some unanswered questions...

We know that Bush's August 6th briefing was titled 'Bin Laden determined to strike United States'

The FBI threat assessment narrowed the threat to airplanes


Bush was surrounded by anti aircraft guns at the Genoa g-8 summit, and spent the evenings on the U.S.S. Enterprise a few months before 9-11, a navy ship bristling with anti-aircraft guns, the airport at Genoa was shut down, and all air travel cancelled, with a no fly zone established over Genoa. since the international intelligence community received info that indicated that Bin Laden was planning to use a suicide jet liner as flying bomb to assassinate Bush at Genoa

We know that after 9-11 Bush quipped 'Lucky me - I hit the trifecta' - note that 'trifecta' connotes gambling on something...

The Patriot act was introduced days later, and seemed to have been written before 9-11

All sorts of weird evidence turned up within hours of 9-11 (copies of the Koran in cars along with flight manuals in Arabic, an unburned passport of 'a muslim terrorist' turned up outside the wreckage of the trade center, the names of the terrorists were released swiftly, showing remarkable intelligence work, some of whom turned up alive in other countries)

The defense of the Bush administration is that they were stupid and incompetent, but given that we also know that the war in Iraq, as well as the occupation of the Caucusus region that took place during the Afghan war was all part of the plan for 'Rebuilding America's Defenses' in the "new American Century' and in the same document it also states that the plan for a global empire formed by the extreme right wing in America would be next to impossible to complete 'absent another Pearl Harbor'

We are given the choice here of choosing between stupidity and incompetence or thumb sitting and waiting (a kind of passive conspiracy, waiting to 'get lucky' and then 'hit the trifecta')


Note the little man gambling with dice in the middle
while behind him the Grim reaper looks on...
Nice touch! The sign on the left reads 'Applause'

A white wash investigation will focus on roasting the managers and file keepers at the FBI or CIA, but the evidence reached the top, and so this is nonsense. The problem resides at the top, not in procedure or processes at the bottom, nor was this an example of a 'great intelligence failure' since the intelligence existed and was also known at the top, therefore procedures for dealing with intelligence information were not at fault. The fault lies at the very top of the administration (incompetent stupidity or deliberate stone walling and waiting for 9-11, take your pick). The fault lies at the top, and for this reason the 9-11 investigation was delayed as long as it was, and now with Republican Bush appointed hacks supposedly 'in charge of the investigation' which is also conveniently timed to coincide with the Iraq War

Contras were funded by Reagen 13.Feb.2004 12:22

against socialist Sandanistas

This site has more info on the Contra's, a right wing militia group funded by Reagen during the Iran-Contra weapons scandal when arms supplied to Iran my US military weapons manufactures (Lockheed, Boeing, Howard Hughes, McDonnell Douglas, etc) were traded for cocaine to aid in toppling the Sandanista socialists who helped organize working campsinos in Nicaragua. While Sandanista leader Daniel Ortega may not have been a perfect leader (few ever are), he at least kept multinational corporations from further exploiting the Nicaraguan people/rainforest. This displeased the corporate military machine of US imperialism, so the right wing Contras were funded by forgetful Ronald McDonalds Reagen, Ollie North, Poindexter, Bush (Sr. & Jr.)., Cheney, etc..


The Iran-Contra affair was the direct result of two major dilemmas facing the Reagan administration in the early 1980s: (1) how to fund, train, and arm an army of Nicaraguan exiles (known as Contras) to overthrow the socialist Sandinista government, especially after the US Congress made it illegal to do so in 1982, and (2) how to win release of American hostages being held by Islamic radicals in Beirut.



In the Iran-Contra Affair, United States President Ronald Reagan's administration secretly sold arms to Iran, which was engaged in a bloody war with its neighbor Iraq from 1980 to 1988 (see Iran-Iraq War), and diverted the proceeds to the Contra rebels fighting to overthrow the leftist Sandinista government of Nicaragua.

Both actions were contrary to acts of Congress which prohibited the sale of weapons to Iran, as well as in violation of UN sanctions.

The Israeli government approached the United States in August 1985 with a proposal to act as an intermediary by shipping 508 American-made TOW anti-tank missiles to Iran in exchange for the release of the Reverend Benjamin Weir, an American hostage being held by Iranian sympathizers in Lebanon, with the understanding that the United States would then ship replacement missiles to Israel. Robert McFarlane, the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, approached United States Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and arranged the details. The transfer took place over the next two months.

What cheney said! 13.Feb.2004 14:06

Bird dog

Was not a warning, but a threat.
Learn to read between the lines, and all will be clear.

yeah, and Hitler predicted a Thousand Year Reich... 13.Feb.2004 20:40

Leonhard Euler

We all know how well THAT prediction worked out..