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Reconnecting with authentic human sexuality

The 'Eden Wing' Prophecies
I have posted stories referring to what I called 'The Eden Wing', a 'banner' made out of clouds shaped like a wing unfurled as a protest symbol on Earth Day 2001, at the Summit of the Americas. (See the 'Eden Wing Press Releases' for samples of what must have the most ridiculous 'press release' ever released in the history of the world, not that it mattered much when all was said and done, because I did get my big Wing, shaped like a cloud).

some discussion of the 'Wing' and other background can be found here...

For several months before this event I was posting a large collection of sarcastic 'prophecies', many of which focused on the issue of human sexuality and the hostility of traditional christian beliefs.

After the Eden Wing event these 'prophecies' suddenly became sacred to me. You see, as I saw it, I did my job, and I did it well, and I received my wings.

Thus I would refer to these pages from January to April 2001 as 'the Eden Wing prophecies,' and I think they are important since they encapsulate what that Eden Wing event was supposed to mean, what it did mean to me. I have a profound hostility towards so called 'Christian sexual morality'. Let's put it bluntly. If that's life, then give me liberty or give me death. Or as I so sarcastically put it in one of those prophecies, give me death, that is, if you can wring the death penalty out of that Christian God, the old sadist which that thing is. I mean, come on now, if someone is sexually unconventional in their thinking, as I am, is it really required that they be roasted over hot coals for a trillion billion years. A bullet in the head would suffice. You see, I am just like the Bonobo Apes. I am not monogamous by nature. If the truth be told, neither is anyone else, and thus the great need to force this monogamy onto the world (and thus the need to get ridiculous and start chattering about burning people for a billion trillion years...its just that hard to change a bonobo ape...fortunately for the Bonobo's, they can't get religion, and thus they can just be themselves, and not get tied up in knots over superstitious attempts at social control, a problem that only afflicts human beings...one of the drawbacks of having a bigger brain, although, truth be told, based on what I see going on around me, a brain not yet big enough, or so it would seem. Apparently humanity exists in some kind of strange limbo, in between having a big enough brain to appreciate superstitions, and yet not big enough to not bother with them.

Just this morning I have gone back, for the first time in a long time, and I have been reading these old pages, and I find that this is really helping me to keep in touch with who I really am, and it also comforts me to bring back to mind what that Eden Wing symbolized for me.

I thought I would share this...

An index page is online...the pages of interest begin about one quarter of the way down the index page, beginning with a page titled, 'Tuesday evening, January 16, 2001'. This was the evening I began these 'prophecies' and the final page was posted three days before the Summit of the Americas and was titled 'I will restore the fortunes of Sodom.' (According to the computer the page in the zip file I created was last modified on the 19th of April, 2001, and this was the last page. By the way, perhaps I did not mention this before, but I do not feel sexual attraction to women, and I also have no interest in marrying some other guy...I am a Bonobo, alright...We Bonobo's consider people who 'get married' to probably be hypocrites, because, really now, who REALLY wants to get married...I mean, REALLY NOW...the high divorce rate and the need for constant marriage counselling and endless sermons about marriage all prove that most people are primates, much like myself, and they just don't admit it to themselves until its to late and they have been snared by obsolete moralism...personally, I believe the ideal family structure, is the Bonobo family...its a tribal unit, and it takes a tribe to raise a family...as well think of all the Earth's resources that could be saved if people went back to Eden and lived in tribes...instead of buying dozens of lawn mowers, as one example, the tribe would need just one lawn mower and so on and so on...I am a Bonobo, but at the same time I am struggling to find some kind of sexual morality that doesn't get me killed, as well as killing everyone I come into contact with...life in Eden isn't simple in this place, alas, but that's just the way things are).

The following page is my tribute to the Bonobo apes, and a criticism of Catholic Canon law...

These are all very short pages, some only a paragraph, some a few paragraphs, and they represent a struggle to reach Eden by getting away from that obsolete Christian Moralism. About the first dozen pages exhibit signs of Christian guilt and social conditioning, with subsequent pages becoming more and more sarcastic, as I used this tool of 'writing prophecies' as part of my struggle for freedom.

The index page is located here...

I also posted a 'zip file' of these pages, which I posted during the Summit (it has a last modified date of April 20th, 2001, which is two days before that Eden Wing event)...prophecy zip 416 KB

I feel that this collection of little pages taken as a whole reveal what was supposed to be the significance of the 'Eden Wing.' That Eden Wing represented the culmination of a great struggle to free myself from obsolete Christian superstitions and ridiculous concepts of 'sexual morality' which are so far removed from what it truly means to be human, that such 'morality' can only be enforced using ridiculously violent superstitions.

A few samples of the ever increasing sarcasm of some of these pages, as I struggled to break free, follow below...

The canon

The canon - this is the name given to the set of books the church refers to as the New Testament (and also includes the older Jewish texts). In theory, the canon preserves the sacred one true gospel, free of dangerous taints and corruptions, thus making the canon a sure source of safety, knowledge, truth, and salvation for nervous worried churches, who are looking for just such a thing as a canon.

Now the truth of the matter is that the canon proves to be a filtered, selected, picked over, ideologically slanted set of documents, thus shooting down all those hopes for an easy ride that those churches wanted so bad and stubbornly insist can be found in 'sacred canon'.

Now let us keep in mind that the canon was sifted over and picked over by a bunch of Stoic celibates with a hatred of human genitalia, a theology of original sin encapsulated, naturally, in the sinfully wicked human orgasm, the cause of the fall and every other evil and wicked thing on earth, according to such ascetic celibates as those who actually voted on the canon.

Now this is stating the obvious, but sometimes I feel that it is my job, due to the fact that people are so often morbid minded and completely faithless, and thus easy to convince that something as black and foul as that model of salvation as castration is more than likely absolutely correct, thus explaining how it wound up encapsulated in the canon.

The truth of the matter is just the plain and obvious truth which is that a small clique of ascetic Stoic celibates with a lot of weird ideas about genitalia and orgasms sifted through the available documents and naturally enough, as one would expect, came up with an ideologically slanted 'canon' which excluded all other voices, and so it is the case that you will consistently find that same anti-testicle more or less pervading the entire manuscript, and it would be difficult to find a reference to sexual organs that doesn't mention them in relation to a heaping pile of wickedness and evil, the typical description of genitalia and orgasms to be found consistently throughout these documents assembled for our edification by ascetic celibate priests. So no big surprise there right. Now this slanted canon has a powerful use, in that by only parading that one anti-testicle point of view of those celibates who had the power at the time to decide what 'canon' was going to mean, by doing this and consistently introducing that anti-testicle morbid brooding in a range of various documents the illusion could be created that this strong anti-testicle theology was apostolic, pure, the only voice ever heard as is supposedly 'proved' by attaching names like Peter and so on to documents that were strongly slanted to the anti-testicle position, crushing and silencing all other voices, and thus creating this delusion of ideological purity and the sanctity of castration that we can find when we look over the finished product, the fruit of the labors of ascetic celibates, the celibate canon, a canon suitable for them, no doubt, but given its highly biased self serving slant, of limited use to the rest of the human race, and at the end of it all, of almost no use to me personally whatsoever.


Prodigal Son?

It has occurred to me that I could be asked to appear in the starring role in some church parable about the Prodigal Son. And as I have thought about it, I have concluded that, no, I do not wish to dress up so that I can appear in that one sided slanted parable, for, you see, that Prodigal Son parable is told from the older brother's point of view, and is definitely a parable slanted towards appeasing an older brother and comforting his enraged hurt feelings and so on. Now as much as I would like to see that older brother's raging hurts healed over, that still isn't enough to convince me to dress up and do a walk on part in that Prodigal Son parable script that Luke wrote up that was supposed to be just the perfect scenario for dealing with just such a problem.

Now according to the parable the older brother was being very righteous and dutiful, while his younger brother was out wasting the family fortune running with the world's dirtiest whores. And while that might make that older brother sore, because, let's face it, all those years I am sure he was just burning with furious jealousy and just wishing that he could go and romp in Eden with the world's filthiest whores himself. But look, Luke tells that older brother. Just think about the filthy sewer that younger brother fell into, and just picture him with his snout buried in the trough with that bunch of filthy pigs. Well, when you think about it that way, maybe being that dutiful and righteous older brother wasn't so bad after all, right?

Now you can see the problem I have here in being an agreeable sort instead of once again just refusing to play along with some scam cooked up by Luke that was supposed to be the solution to some problem or another. Now as for me dressing up, and then declaring that my friends were the world's filthiest swine, and then posing for pictures maybe with my snout buried in some pig trough, I think maybe I will just opt out of that Prodigal Son parable alright. You know, given that this particular 'Prodigal Son' parable is so obviously slanted towards that older brother, and given that its function is so obviously to deal with that burning jealousy of that older brother just burning with furious envy you know, to leave the farm and maybe spend a little time with the filthiest bunch of pigs and whores that ever walked the face of the earth. (Yes, as vile as it all is nevertheless it remains the case that the older brother still burns with jealousy to stick his nose into a few troughs, you know with a few other hungered pigs. Well. Let's see. You know if that older brother can just keep picturing that filthy pig trough, well, then maybe staying on the farm doesn't seem so bad after all. And if I was the cooperative sort instead of being whoever I am I might even agree to pose for a picture with my snout in the trough just to help that older brother deal with those highly dangerous furiously jealous feelings of his, but, no, I don't think I want to do even a walk on role in that Prodigal Son parable, alright. (So don't start on me.) Look, can I offer an alternate solution to that one offered by Luke? How about therapy, or perhaps he can consult with his spiritual advisor or something like that, you know, given that it is after all his problem. )

Like I said I could have been born to be just that wonderfully cooperative Prodigal Son that Luke recommends as a role for me in that little scheme he has worked out there, but, it just didn't happen...

And besides (Luke) let's be serious here, instead of always trying to think up some half baked compromise as you so typically recommend as courses of action. Now the really big problem with that Prodigal Son role is that it is so heavily biased, one sided, and slanted, in really unacceptable ways as far as I am concerned. You see that older brother is not the saintly, righteous, dutiful Son delivering a sterling performance as a farm hand, as Luke suggests, but rather is often just as stubborn in a sinfully wicked way as any devil in hell could ever be, so, right there, rather than compliantly agreeing to pale in my enfuriated brother's glorious radiance, and rather than posing for pictures with my snout in trough next to a manure covered happy pig, like I said before, I will certainly be opting out on even a walk on role in that Prodigal Son parable, for a lot of very obvious reasons.


Have a nice day...
"... because, really now, who REALLY wants to get married...?" 13.Feb.2004 10:58


Well, a lot of people do. But ask the next question -- Why?

Ran Prieur has an interesting perspective on this in a piece titled, "Your Life As Pornography" --  http://web.pitas.com/ranprieur/121103.html.

And if you've never read this guy's stuff, you might wanna browse around that site if you have the time to sit and read.