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Does George Bush have Mad Cow?

Symptoms of mad cow in humans are noticeable by confused actions similar to Alzheimers of dementia. Based on the actions of GW bush, it is possible he suffers from mad cow, since feeding dead downer cows to living cows (mode of BSE transmission) was common practice of Texas (Tejas) corporate factory farm ranchers..
The symptoms of Alzheimers in Reagen were part of the excuse used to escape any blame in the Iran-Contra scandal..

"I can't remember dealing weapons and cocaine with right wing militia Contras in ?sp? Nicaragua and weapons for Iran to use against Iraq, another place we traded weapons to..

We really thought that Saddaam had weapons of mass destruction, after all we sold them all their weap[ons]..

is it Bush's fault for having mad cow and not knowing anything about the petroleum stored underneath Iraq, and how close the oil wells were to imaginary weapons stockpiles?

Admit you have mad cow after you lose the elections George, and make sure that Al Gore's Democrat mafia has control of the oil wells in Columbia and Venezuala before caving in to the corporate media and getting pharmaceutical treatment leftover from the petrochemical dynasty residue..

Mad cow (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) cover-up from decades of feeding dead "downer" cows to living cows by Texas factory farms. Life energy of cannibal cows on petrochemical derived growth hormones is also unhealthy for the human spirit..

GW Bush is just a front man for the petrochemical corporations drilling the last petroleum reserves from the Earth underneath Iraq. Israel is a nuclear weapons outpost to use against the Arab nations (Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, Iraqis) in the quest for vanishing petroleum..