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Does Gore Have Proof Of Bush Censoring Canadian Radio???

interesting question posted on idaho.indymedia maybe someone can help this cat...

Would Somebody please contact Al Gore?
by Harper Fan (from canada) Thursday February 12, 2004 at 04:58 PM

Only Al Gore can verify whether or not Canadian Prime Minister has crushed free speech on Bush's behalf

"Where were you when Cloak and Dagger was killed?"


Posner's is the only article in the mainstream media that I know of covering the story of a Mr. Lenny Bloom's # 1 radio show, "Cloak and Dagger" on Mojo 640AM in Toronto. Mr. Bloom has some serious allegations posted on his website,  http://www.cloakanddagger.ca ; namely that Paul Martin had this show cancelled at President Bush's request because the radio show was giving away too many state secrets. As the days unfold, it seems that there are more and more layers to the Liberal Onion of Corruption, and I would not be suprised if Mr. Bloom's allegations are true. We are certainly living in interesting times, to paraphrase an old Chinese curse.

Regardless of the scandalous allegations on Bloom's website (which include Tony Blair taking a 16billion dollar bribe from President Bush) I want to know why, if his allegations are patently untrue, has Bloom gone uncharged (for 76 weeks) under Canada's Libel laws? Were Prime Minister Martin and the Liberal cronies afraid that an inquiry would bring down their whole deck of cards? Judging from the events of the day, I'd say so.

Unfortunately, Mr Posner's article does not offer closure on the story. It says that Al Gore verifies the whole thing, but did not go so far as to verify with Gore's office. Also,it cites BBM survey Data, but does not give concrete proof (by citing said data) of Bloom's claim that his show was number one in its timeslot.

Will someone please contact Al Gore and ask whether or not he will stand by these allegations, namely, that President Bush asked Paul Martin to get the show off the air as part of oil concessions in Monterrey, Mexico. If it is true that Mr. Martin did have the show cancelled, then this means that President Bush can crush free speech in our country, which I thought was sovereign.

How could Mr. Martin close down a radio show? Easily - Mojo AM640 is owned by Corus Entertainment, a Shaw-family majority owned subsidiary. As a Hollywood Reporter article hints, Canada's media houses may have been unduly kind to Mr. Martin, as they have been expecting him to loosen up foreign media ownership restrictions in Canada, and the ensuing buyouts could enrich the shareholders of Corus, Rogers, Bell and CanWest.  http://www.friends.ca/News/Friends_News/archives/articles01020401.asp

Just a thought; the Carlyle group is getting into Telecom.  http://www.thecarlylegroup.com/eng/industry/industryportfoliol4-2315.html Moreover, they are definitely familiar with the Canadian market  http://money.msn.ca/articles/investor/finnews/reuters/P366639.asp as they recently sold subsidiaries to Quebecor.

The CEO of Corus is a Mr. John Cassaday, and the only link I can find between him and Mr. Martin is their alma mater, the University of Toronto.  http://www.alumni.utoronto.ca/greatalumni.htm What we have here is a possible motive; Martin, to get cozy with President Bush, bows to (as Bloom alleges) "oil concessions" and then does him a favor by 'calling in' a favor from one of Canada's media houses, who stands to benefit from having Mr. Martin in power. Posner's article could make the jump from the land of conspiracy theory to the land of fact if he just asked Al Gore and Corus (not Mojo) what the hell is going on here.

I can't find Al Gore's office, so maybe some IndyMedia members know where the heck we can contact him to verify.

Again, we might have to wait until all the facts are in, as it would fit in with Bloom's show format to make insane allegations. It's easy to see why Bush would want the show off the air simply by looking at the stuff on Bloom and Skolnick's websites, or the stuff that's archived on  http://www.rense.com like this article  http://www.rense.com/general49/midfing.htm

Just gimme some truth 13.Feb.2004 11:16

John Lennon

I personally tried to log on to the internet stream on their show the night it was taken off the air. It was very unusual to have no warning or other information available until the story came out later on their website. I didn't see how this was an attempt for publicity, to cancel at the height of popularity, their show even if it supports their paranoid format. I always like to say that some people's parnoia is real and others is imagined, I wish I knew the answers to this question.
I used to listen to the Alex Jones show on my local radio station before it was removed from the airwaves. Leading up to the cancellation of the program and eventually the station there were periods of blackouts during the show when controversial discussions about the government and their complicity on 9-11 and other lies of the administraration were exposed. Then it started happening on the shortwave broadcasts of other shows I tuned in to. This doesn't happen regularlly, just when certain taboo topics were going to be discussed. So the claim for cloak and dagger and the particular topics they were discussing at the time of cancellation fit that pattern. The propganda war is in full swing and it is only getting more severe as the lies build up and people search for the truth..