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Lars on PBS tonight

Lil' Napoleon to be spot-lighted on the PBS show "Now with Bill Moyers"
in a story about influencial neo-con radio
Portland's own Limbaugh clone on Ch. 10 tonight (Friday) at 9:00 pm  http://www.pbs.org/now/thisweek/index.html
this program I got to watch 13.Feb.2004 12:13


as Bill Moyers is far better at the TV/radio business that our local wannabe Lars, and it'll be great fun to
watch Moyers looking down his nose at Larson, as you darn well know he will...how can he not? So, for
all you out there looking for Friday night giggles, don't forget to watch......Larson vs Moyers (bet on Moyers)

Also to feature KBOOs Joe Uris 13.Feb.2004 12:48


Joe Uris from KBOO will also be featured in this report