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Opening for Kucinich

Kerry's going down...

Edwards helped write the patriot act...

Dean showed what a loser he is 'waa, i'm gonna quit unless you give me more money'

time for Dennis to step up to the plate...
Kerry to answer sex affair claim
By New York Correspondent PHILLIP COOREY

FACING the first crisis of his campaign, Democratic presidential nomination front-runner John Kerry will today respond to allegations he had a two-year affair with a young woman who has since fled the country.

Branded a political dirty trick by the Democrats, the pro-Republican Drudge Report website yesterday accused Senator Kerry, 60, of having an affair that threatened "to turn the race for the presidency on its head".

At the centre of the allegations is Alex Polier, 24, who had worked as a New York-based reporter for Associated Press. She now is now in Kenya.

Her parents, Donna and Terry, speaking from Malvern, Pennsylvania yesterday, said there was no evidence of an affair, only that Senator Kerry may have been attracted to their daughter.

Mr Polier said Senator Kerry had called his daughter "two or three years ago" to ask her to work on his re-election team. She declined.

"I think he's a sleaze-ball," Mr Polier told London's Sun newspaper.

Mrs Polier claimed Senator Kerry was "after" her daughter.

Drudge, which broke the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal, alleged yesterday that a young woman, "recently fled the country, reportedly at the prodding of Kerry" after a two-year affair beginning in early 2001.

Drudge further claimed General Wesley Clark, in an off-the-record conversation this week with reporters just before he dropped out of the race for the White House, said that "Kerry will implode over an intern issue".

General Clark made no mention of this during an interview with CNN yesterday. Today, he will throw his support behind Senator Kerry as the Democrat candidate to challenge George W. Bush at the November 2 federal election.

Senator Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz, heiress of the food empire.

He has two daughters from his first marriage, which ended in 1990.

You Better Believe It! 13.Feb.2004 08:52


Dennis Kucinich is the ONLY candidate that cares for the everyday working person in this country. That is a FACT. He cares about the environment, he cares about people and he wants to reform our system. He supports national healthcare for all, and will withdraw the USA from NAFTA and the WTO (and we all know that these organizations serve the elites and allow multi-national corporations to exploit people and the environment for profit).

Go Dennis!

Fat Chance 13.Feb.2004 09:15


Kucinich has 2 delegates to the convention---he needs another 2,159 to get the nomination. Bush is getting desperate if he's resorting to planting intern rumors about Kerry on Matt Drudge's site this early in the campaign. They'll draw the same yawn as the "incriminating" photos of Kerry and Jane Fonda at VVAW rallies in the early 70's, which were circulating earlier this week.

Kerry Shrugged 13.Feb.2004 09:23


Everybody, please don't turn into Bush campaign hacks at the drop of a hat, or damnable rumor. BBC right now has this article as its lead story:

BBC---Kerry shrugs off intern rumour

Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry has rejected a claim that he had an affair with a female intern.
Mr Kerry was asked about the rumour on Friday, a day after it was reported by a US internet gossip site.

But Mr Kerry - the favourite to take on President George W Bush in November's election - shrugged off the report.

"Well there is nothing to report, so there is nothing to talk about," he told MSNBC television. "There's nothing there. There's no story."

In a boost for Mr Kerry, former Democratic rival Wesley Clark has endorsed his candidacy for the party nomination.

Mr Kerry has so won far won 12 of the 14 state contests to pick the Democrat candidate for the November election.

With opinion polls currently showing Mr Kerry running ahead of Mr Bush, the Bush re-election campaign on Thursday released a video accusing the Massachusetts senator of being "unprincipled".

The video was posted on Mr Bush's campaign website and a link sent to six million email addresses.

The video counters Mr Kerry's oft-repeated claim that he would show special interests the door, by saying that "the only door he's shown special interests is the front door of his office".

Mr Bush's paid television advertising is not expected to begin until late March or April.

Kerry is Unelectable 13.Feb.2004 10:50


"I think he's a sleaze-ball," sums up the Kerry campaign nicely. "/////////"= obvious Kerry campaign hack. Kerry is not qualified to be the water boy for Kucinich.

lazlo writes: "(Kucinich) needs another 2,159 to get the nomination." I hate to break this to you lazlo, but Kerry still needs another 1650 delagates to get the nomination, so what is your point?

Kucinich is gaining momentum, just as Kerry is starting to face some real scrutiny. Kucinich maintains strong positions on virtually every issue that Kerry remains weak. No thanks Skull and Boner!

it ain't over till that lady sings 13.Feb.2004 20:44


kucinich vote here. (not much hope, but how can there be ANY hope without a vote?)
I really really hope he stays in the race.
Hm, I wonder what would happen if all of us micro-pundits were out campaigning for him?
I did see a guy in dowtown Eugene, near all the city buildings, on the corner, holding a Kucinich sign and a coffee cup.
If 20 of us spent a few hours a month at the busiest intersections in our cities, we could do a lot to get the name in ppeople's faces.

Walk Precincts for Kucinich 16.Feb.2004 22:07


As a veteran of 9 campaigns spanning 20+ years, in three states, including Jimmy Carter and Mike Dukakis, my advice to all who support Congressman Dennis Kucinich is: get out there, get your friends out there, and talk to people face to face, one on one. In other words, Walk The Precincts. That's how people get elected. Walk the Precincts. I for one, intend to do just that, month after month, until November 2. But first, we gotta get Dennis nominated. Got to have some say in the Democratic National Convention. Anybody know how?