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No Starbucks action in 7 Corners this Friday - here's the flyer to pass out to cars

this friday, the 13th (!) from 7-8 am, join us at SE 21st & Division to protest plans for a Starbucks there. this flyer addresses the issue of increased stop-and-go traffic that a Starbucks would bring, and appeals to commuters (who already hate the congestion of this intersection) to help stop the Starbucks by contacting the developer, the owner, and Commissioner of Public Utilities/Mayoral candidate Jim Francesconi. there are many reasons to oppose this Starbucks (it ain't local, it's corpo-fascist, it serves GE food and mostly non-fair-trade coffee), but TRAFFIC is a big issue, especially at SE 21st & Division, which is a nightmare intersection already.
PREVIEW of flyer - not for printing
PREVIEW of flyer - not for printing
PDF of flyer - to DOWNLOAD and PRINT
PDF of flyer - to DOWNLOAD and PRINT
so come on down and join us on friday! maybe we can get free fair-trade coffee from the Red and Black!

DOWNLOAD, PRINT AND COPY this flyer for distribution. We'll be bringing some, but you can never have too many!
PDF to download 11.Feb.2004 23:19


hmmm.... i THOUGHT i included the PDF to download and print in the above post, but i guess not. Here it is!

hey pdx indy people - whassup?! 11.Feb.2004 23:26


i've uploaded PDFs here before. why isn't it working this time?

why so early? 12.Feb.2004 02:58

you damn early birds

Why are you having this so damn early? Wouldn't it make more sense to do this say at around 5 or 6 pm, when people are getting off work, not going to work? There would probably even be a bigger turn out.

why so early 12.Feb.2004 08:23


morning rush hour. the westbound lanes are the ones that will be most affected by the starbucks, as well, since the starbucks wants to be on the north side of the street, and that's when people will be stopping for coffee. we want to educate and mobilize the people who will see how negatively they'll be affected.

it's only for an hour! you can go back to bed after that! (_i_ might!)




it's a good one. can be used during rush-hour protests at 7 Corners in the a.m. or p.m.

interested in Friday evening meetup? 12.Feb.2004 11:06


FWD from nostarbucksin7corners mailing list:

This is an e-mail seeking response from anyone on the list who has interest
in gathering at the site (near SE 21st & Division) to Protest the Proposed
starbucks store. There are some folks who'll be at the site that Friday
morning at approx. 7 am (don't quote me on that time - it's intended to get
the morning rush hour commuters). A showing of people like there was 2
weeks ago for an evening protest would help to spread the message and alert
folks to looming traffic problems was proposed. A good time slot would be
starting at 5:30 pm and continuing to 6:30 or 7 pm.

If you have interest in this planned Friday evening "Say no to starbucks"
gathering (the date is February 13th), please respond to the mailing list:

pdf display issue fixed 12.Feb.2004 13:35


Sorry for the delay but uploaded pdf's should be displayed correctly now.

starbucks has pretty good coffee though 12.Feb.2004 15:47

coffee drinker

I do enjoy an americano at Starbucks from time to time

starbucks sucks! 12.Feb.2004 15:57

not a coffee drinker 'cause I'm vegan

coffee drinker you are so suck because starbucks is weak they are distroying the rain forest for thier coffee and are stealing and enslaving native peoples all around hte world. don't drink coffee anyway becasue it's harmful to animals

i blame coffee 12.Feb.2004 17:02


... in part for screwing up my metabolism, revving it up to the point that when i finally got clean from it (and that was worse than quitting tobacco), i had some real trouble restoring a natural energy level and also i ended up gaining weight that's been hard to shed. I haven't seen anyone investigate coffee as problem in metabolic disorders or obesity but i believe it must be a factor. Speed is speed regardless of its formulation or legality.

What about any Neighborhood Associations? 12.Feb.2004 18:11

down the street

Neighborhood organizing rocks! Starbucks, like Natures, could turn this neighborhood into the yuppie ghetto we have seen in NW and "The Pearl." If we let people know, we can activate this neck of the woods to actively decide what kind of neighborhood we want to live in and control the ghettoization (way too many cars and traffic to feel comfortable around) that rapid commercialization (and corporate at that) would mean.
Thanks Organizers. Have you talked to the neighborhood association, do we have one?

yes, we have a neighborhood association! 12.Feb.2004 19:21

Andrew Talmadge

It's called the Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Association (HAND). They meet next Thursday, 7pm, at St Philip Neri on 20th. They may well be discussing Starbucks on their next agenda, too! Come on down if you want to put in your $0.02. They're already unhappy that the landlord said one thing and did another (he stated categorically in June that he wasn't considering a *$; then he cut a deal with a highroller real estate outfit whose main customer is *$ shortly afterwards).