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What to do on 4:20:2004??

How do you feel about the personal usage of Marijuana? Do you feel that it should be something that people can be sent to prison for years of their life for? Personal usage does not hurt anyone except the user, and is knows to in fact have many positive medical benefits. On top of that, hemp, a close relative of Marijuana, is also covered by this prohibition. Now, if you didn't already know it, hemp could basically save the planet right now and provide us with a sustainable future. So in protest of these laws, we are proposing a large community smoke in....
Well, there are many issues that this topic does cover. The illegalization of hemp in this country is one of the highest wrongdoings by the federal government. There are so many things that could be done to ease the world's suffering and also stem the ravaging of the planet's natural resources.

Not many people know this, but hemp can be used to make very many things that could basically put many large companies out of business in essence. Hemp can make paper and clothes. Its seed can be made into a very nourishing and nutritional meal. In fact one of the best sources of proteins that humans need to survive is found in hemp seed. Marijuana usage is even legal to be used in some states for medicinal purposes. It is proven to be a pain and stress reliever. It has also been found that smoking marijuana can be good for asthma patients as it in fact opens airways thus allowing for easier breathing. Something else that not all that many people even really know about either is that hemp can be used to produce petroleum as well. Therefore, in retrospect, the timber, cotton, pharmaceutical, and OIL companies could all lose the stranglehold they have on the market for many of the products that we are utilizing right now. If we implement the industrial usage of hemp we can also save the environment because of the high yield per acre per year compared to comparable crops in other industries. It could also virtually end our usage of middle eastern oil as we could easily grow our own oil each year.

On top of that, most of the people in jail in this country right now are there for non-violent drug offenses. That comes to over a million people that are put in jail, lose their basically citizenship (you are not allowed to vote after being convicted of a felony). Now, many of these drug laws were passed by getting the public fired up through several television campaigns that portrayed Marijuana as something that drove people virtually insane. This propaganda had no reality behind it. In fact, as many people have found, considering that at least 70 million people in this nation alone have at least smoked up once in their life, we don't have a problem like that from Marijuana. There are approximately 30 million people that use this illicit substance on a regular basis and are still functioning members of society. Do you know someone with a Medical Marijuana card? Think about it, is that person still a functioning member of society?

Well, here's what it all boils down to. Many of you probably agree with me already. What some friends and I are proposing is to network out and get as many people as possible to organize for a large Community Smoke at 4:20 P.M. on April 20, 2004. We are still in the planning stages of this at this point, and are looking to get people's feelings on this subject as a whole. We feel that if we are capable of getting a few hundred or up to even a few thousand people then this will work out. We want not only people who smoke to show up, but everyone that feels these laws are unjust. This will be a large civil disobediance in protest of these shameful laws and whether you smoke or not we would like you to show up. If you are in agreement of this type of activity then let me know of your feelings on this subject. How do you feel about the idea of this form of protest? Where it might be held? If you would want to be contacted about the where and when of the event once fully planned and possibly if you would want to help network then please e-mail me at  lowjionts2@hotmail.com. Please just let me know what you think whether you like the idea or are completely opposed to it. I would like feedback from anyone with an opinion on this matter.
You asked for opinions... 11.Feb.2004 14:15


First off, I like the idea. I think conceptually it is great, and I encourage you to work hard at it to make it happen. That being said, some problems that I see with it off the top of my head make me think that it might not work. I am not sure if you plan on having this be a prolonged demonstration, or just a quick action where everyone lights up and then takes off. If it is a prolonged demonstration then alot of the people smoking are likely to be cited it seems, unless maybe if the number of demonstrators is exceptionally large. I am not sure if illegal drug use gives the police cause to take more direct action against demonstrators, but it is certainly worth looking into. If you can't come up with really large numbers it might be possible to have small groups scattered throughout the city in conspicuous locations doing sort of a hit and run thing, or maybe even a flash mob sort of thing where everyone is pretty discrete about smoking, but leaves behing a strong, lingering odor of marijuana. In any case this is just what comes off the top of my head.

Similar Idea 11.Feb.2004 15:49


They do a similar protest every year in DC in freedom plaza park which is roughly where the national christmas tree is located and right across from the white house.

There is generally a large police presence, but they refrain from arresting people as long as they stay in the proper area. I imagine that the portland reaction would be similar, but of course turnout would be everything.

I bet if you posted on DC indymedia you could find info on legal issues and so forth.

another thought 11.Feb.2004 15:57


It occurs to me that the protest might be more successfull if you found a way to involve non pot smokers--you could just call it a "smoke-out for freedom" or something, and if there were a bunch of people smoking hand-rolled cigerettes and herbs like mullien and so forth, or just burning sage it would be much more difficult for the cops to figure out who was engaged in illegal activity.

Problem with the date and time 11.Feb.2004 16:19


Yes, it's cute to do it at 4:20 on 4/20, but 20 April falls on a Tuesday this year, meaning that the turnout for such an event will be low because lots of folks who can't take off early from their day jobs won't be attending.

It might be better to do it at 4:20PM on either the preceeding (17th and 18th) or succeeding (24th and 25th) weekend.


4/20 11.Feb.2004 17:15


4/20? Herzliche Glueckwuenschen zum Geburtstag, Herr Hitler!! :)

yes indeed, but think hard 12.Feb.2004 20:53

henry anslinger

first off, i really hate the idea of the whole four twenty thing
it's a stupid pot culture childish event that has no substance
and i think we are all demanding respect out of this and the 4-20-04 won't get us that
i do though, really like the idea of a smoke in
i've be thinking about it for a little while now
the idea of having people smoking rolled cigs and burning sage and such is a good one
we will need a prominate theme worthy of the cause
and everyone we know and everyonr they know
i think a prolonged event is a must, we need to hold our ground with it
under an ounce is a mistermeaner, so they can't do much
as of right now i suggest everyone to read "the emperor wears no clothes" by jack herer
its the best book about the plant
its more than a harmless high, i could care less about the drug part of it
study up so you can back yourselves, and keep thinkiong about this
i'm all for it

it happens 13.Feb.2004 13:00


check out the seattle hempfest.

Don't Stop There 13.Apr.2004 20:32

Making a Difference jesseduffbrand@hotmail.com

Yes, I think it is a great idea to demonstrate the fact that no bad results come about form marijuana use. An organized public demonstration is definitely an important method to approach the problem. But I encourage all users of marijuana to make public demonstrations every chance you get. Smoke in public areas, the more people see it the more they will understand it.
Now, I say this within reason. Do not do it in places that it would be offensive to smoke cigarettes, (and be sensible, don't smoke a joint with more in your pocket. That is asking for trouble). Do not act like a fool, if people see foolish behavior associated with it, they will get he wrong opinion.
This is not meant to press the use or marijuana upon people, just to show that it is not an irresponsible act and can be appropriate within society. And maybe we can all help, over time to show the government how to get there head out of there ass and relies the medical benefits that are being wasted, and if the health of their citizens is not enough maybe that old bottom line... Money will. (Millions of dollars are wasted on the illegalization of the plant when billions could be earned. Imagine if liquor stores had a small corner for product and 100% of profit was kept by the government, not only would the smokers of marijuana gain a reliable, pure and legal source. But the whole country would gain a new profit margin that could go to education, health-care, (and as we all know) the list goes on.

Happy Smoking,

Making a Difference