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The Daily Poetry Movement

Do you believe in organized love like organized religion? Do you believe that Hallmark understands the people and the human hunger? When valentine wrote his love letter from jail, did halmark mark this opccasion by urging you to write to political prisoners? How do the Mandelas, our mumia, our Peltier, our free, deal with this hand dealt by hatred? Organized love is the tool of the capitalist state to blind us from what true love is. It is to blind us from the freedom that love gives. This valentines day write a love letter to a political prisoner. Rise up!
NELSON MANDELA - A poem by Nasibu Mwanukuzi

Mr.Nelson Mandela

Across the iron bars
Outside the window
It is full of ice
Dread cold is running
To a minus degree

Inside this babylon cage
Watching with a sharp
Clear vision
Is a person in colour
In the white sense
Of this word

Wings flapping
Like an African summer bird
Peace and cool
'pon the blue sky high
With the nerves of the deepest
Ocean waves

A mahogany soul
In a long search
In a long march
A blood trail
Demanding freedom
So real!

Picking the flowers of survival
Along the way
On one hand

A fertile seed
Carrying the sprouting spirits
Of African roots on the other

Not losing sight
On each passing night
And a fastly clearing day

Despite three
Solid decades
In a white man
Oppressor jail!
seeds 11.Feb.2004 15:36


thanks for the reminder about seeds. Literally some seeds can keep their vital life force for years even centuries. Ideas too methinks.

sexy bird 11.Feb.2004 22:55


I think migratory bird is a love bird....

when bird in hand
get bird in arms

when fly bird away
go south and roost

hmmm love bird

sexy, what mirror do you hold up? 12.Feb.2004 22:49

Migratory Bird

methinks you are sexier salaud
but I always appreciate a full salute