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WAKE UP! Karl Rove Could Be in Lake Oswego TODAY!

Lincoln Day GOP activities fall in February, surrounding Presidents' Day Weekend.
The link to the Idaho GOP calendar shows their Lincoln Day dinners and luncheons extending from February 11th-18th:  http://www.idgop.org/view_events.asp?Month=2&Year=2004

Two offhand newspaper columnists' comments about Rove's visit indicated that he would be dropping by around or about Presidents' Weekend.

It's entirely possible that Karl Rove might be speaking TODAY in Lake Oswego. Has anyone checked?

Since the event never showed up on the Oregon GOP website calendar, it's possible that the convenient "announcement" that has been going around is a red herring for nonbelievers.
what if... 11.Feb.2004 10:11


What if the cops threw a riot party and nobody showed up? Boy, would they look stupid.

wonder if the KKK will be there? 11.Feb.2004 10:42

wondering fool

yes, I wonder if the KKK will be there?...the Krazy Katz Kops in their silly Testosterone Teddie Suits,
and all that expensive foolishness that we've paid for so these little unintelligent boys can continue
to play games while we pay for it...overtime at that! Is that all this Blue-kraziness is all about????