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Could someone update Willamette National Forest timber sales...

That are pending.
A forest defender here. Right now on the east coast. Left oregon after strawdevil, pryor and the whole of them were dropped and wondering what peeps are working on/whats next. peace.
That's a good question 11.Feb.2004 09:56


As you probably know, those sales you mentioned were temporarily halted due to the Forest Service's refusing to accept citizen survey's of Northwest Forest Plan Survey & Manage (C3) species into their timber plans. The judge ordered them to start their process over, but in a modified manner that went to him for approval (I could be wrong here).

The really interesting question was created when Survey & Manage was administratively eliminated by the Forest Service/BLM. Since there is no S&M (unless a successful lawsuit forces it back into use) how does that affect the sales that were derailed because they weren't following the S&M rules? Hell, couldn't those sales actually get larger and more nasty?

Some answers 11.Feb.2004 11:07

Cascadia Rising Eco-Defense Action@CascadiaRising.org

I'd contact the Cascadia Forest Defenders for information on Willamette actions 541.684.8977 /  ForestDefenders@riseup.net

and/or the Cascadia Wildlands Project  cascwild@efn.org / 541-434-1463 for more specific information on the status of timber sales.

As for the survey and manage stuff, Janus is absolutely right, very hard to say how it will all play out....

FYI as summer draws closer the Cascadia Rising Eco-defense Network's office and website will be a stable information source for information of this kind (503) 493-7495 |  Action@CascadiaRising.org / www.cascadiarising.org ---

The Cascadia Rising Eco-Defense Network's office works with the direct action groups and some of the more radical citizen survey groups, doing fundraising, graphic/web design, media, and also acts as a one stop information center for info on Cascadia actions....

More Info on WIllamette Sales 11.Feb.2004 11:08

a local

I've been keeping very close tabs on the six sales involved in last year's lawsuit (Straw Devil, East Devil, Pryor, Solo, Borg, and Clark). The new EAs for these sales are due out on February 17.

The scary part is, the final SEIS (supplemental environmental impact statement) for the elimination of survey and manage makes the elimination a *retroactive* decision. Which means that in the new EAs for these 6 sales, THEY DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE SURVEY DATA INTO ACCOUNT. They will probably not put units removed earlier for survey data (such as 3, 4, and 9 at Straw Devil) back into the sales, but it is a very likely fear that the rest of all of those sales will be set to be cut the summer.

People in the area are monitoring this closely. It does not look good at all for the forests. We could use any help we can get out here. If you worked with us last year and want to help again (which is VERY MUCH needed), please email or call CFD at  forestdefenders@riseup.net or 541.684.8977 (if no one picks up at the office, call the cell phone number mentioned on the voicemail).

I'm glad to know people out there still care....

see this too: 16.Feb.2004 22:46

Cascadia RiSiNG! Eco-Defense Network