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Is there a nest of Brotherhood of the Strong at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility?

On Saturday, February 7th, THE OREGONIAN had article by Dana Tims entitled POLICE CHECK
SEXUAL ALLEGATIONS AT WILSONVILLE WOMEN'S PRISON, which tells that a worker resigns,
and another is on leave after reports of misconduct between a staff member and an inmate....
what is this all about?
Those of you that saw this article surely must have had a lot of questions raised in your mind. Number 1, of course, is WHY is
that "Men corrections officers routinely supervise the prison's women inmates" as is reported? There are those of us out here
that are tracking the behaviors, employment, etc. etc. of known Brotherhood of the Strong members, and we seek anyone that
knows who these correctional people were that are involved in this sordid affair to come forth and give names here at this web-
site....we'll take it from there! A thorough report/press release is soon forthcoming that will detail these people and how they
are still worming their way in a variety of local law-enforcement, police, and prison systems. So, please help by giving names
of the offending officer's at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, so we can run name check against list of known BofS-members!
who?? 11.Feb.2004 11:53

sadder but wiser

I know I'm a little (okay--a lot) ignorant, but who is the Brotherhood of the Strong?

short version 11.Feb.2004 13:01


fucked up gang of prison guards in oregon that beat the shit out of people and watch out for eachother. long time presence around the state. i'm sure some one else will post something longer here in a bit.

sadder but wiser asks... 11.Feb.2004 21:34


The Brotherhood of the Strong is a cult group of ignorant loser-type's that seem to gyrate to prison guard
jobs or police jobs (if they're able to get on, which isn't easy for these lowlifes) who are largely drawn from
the ranks of the Mormons, although many tend to be what is known as "Jack Mormons" (once-a-year types
who were raised in the church and rebelled and fell to the wayside, except when they need help from their
Mormon brethern to bail them out of their messes). They generally have low IQ's, spotty education records
and are known to be abusive with their "relationships"....so, it's no surprise they're the "bad boys" of prison
system. They eagerly "cover-up" for each other, and it's bad news for all when one of their own get's a job
in management. They gain entrance to the system via a Good Old Boy network that recommends cousins,
brothers, uncles...all manner of relatives...friends, etc' etc., and this why they're so cultish, clannish, and
why it's hard to ever get "inside" and blast their damned asses out of those jobs! Hope that helps you in
knowing more about them. They are in a nutshell....bad bastards...mean and evil...lowlifes!

just a question for the Brotherhood of Strong-watchers 12.Feb.2004 00:49

is Portland Police Bureau

Sgt. Mark Kruger a member of the Brotherhood of the Strong. If so, there is a group that need to
know ASAP so they can stir some serious shit in this City NOW! Report back yes/no at earliest
convenience. Thanks a bunch! Keep up the fight! We got 'em on the run!!!!

what about those who stepped in and was never let out?? 02.May.2005 03:55

party directly effected in relationship w/victim shawn.knight.510@comcast.net

I wonder who far consensual sex can go? could it be legally defined as consensual if intimdation and incentives are offered to keep the affair going? When is enough enough? every prison employee has a job to do in keeping inmates in line... shouldnt someone somewhere be held accountible for anything that goes on behind the fence??