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bush interview critique worth reading

This was an editorial in the Oregonian on February 10, 2004.
I know that many of you don't much like the Oregonian, but I thought you might want to see this editorial. It hit the nail on the head, in my opinion.

The president's circular logic

In a tough interview on NBC's "Meet the Press," Bush betrays no sign that he knows how to adjust his course


A mericans, understandably, aren't eager to think of the White House as an on-the-job training program for commanders-in-chief, but the fact remains that most presidents do learn on the job. And if they're smart, what they learn is immediately reflected in their presidencies, not just filed away for further musing when they write their memoirs.

Sadly, George W. Bush's performance during a "Meet the Press" interview on Sunday was lackluster across the board. By now, Americans are familiar with a kind of contagious unease they sometimes feel, watching the president fumble for answers.

What was downright unnerving this time, however, was the president's failure to betray even a whisker of the possibility that he has learned something from the collapse of prewar intelligence on Iraq.

The ultimate verdict on Iraq will depend on how and whether the United States succeeds in replacing Saddam Hussein's violent regime with something better. That requires a commitment to help build a new Iraq, yet Sunday the president seemed as ambivalent as ever about nation building.

His unwillingness to adjust course made his statement "I'm a war president" far from reassuring. Although we can all hope that the future proves the president right about Iraq, Americans need straight answers now. And Bush gave no sign he's demanding them.

Where is this president's anger? Where is his determination to get to the bottom of intelligence failures that led him to conclude Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction?

"In light of not finding the weapons of mass destruction, do you believe the war in Iraq is a war of choice or a war of necessity?" NBC's Tim Russert asked the president.

"I think that's an interesting question. Please elaborate on that a little bit," Bush said. "A war of choice or a war of necessity? It's a war of necessity. We . . . had no choice when we looked at the intelligence I looked at . . ."

Which was in error, Mr. President.

Russert was not rude enough to point that out, but the president's failure to interrupt the circle of his own logic is troubling. He insists that the American people trust him, and he trusts -- and apparently continues to trust -- the intelligence reports he is given.

Even his own appointment of a commission to investigate pre-war intelligence Bush painted as a "big-picture" look to benefit future presidents -- as if his administration didn't need help.

After the Bay of Pigs fiasco in the early days of his administration, President Kennedy made it clear that he would not be gulled again by faulty intelligence. His determination helped lead to his successful handling, a year later, of the Cuban missile crisis.

The American people may not enjoy seeing their presidents learn on the job, but they are likely to be far more disturbed by a president who doesn't seem to be learning.

Copyright 2004 Oregon Live. All Rights Reserved.
sometimes 11.Feb.2004 09:48


the oregonian can fool you

typical corporate garbage 11.Feb.2004 12:32

reading a little closer

"The ultimate verdict on Iraq will depend on how and whether the United States succeeds in replacing Saddam Hussein's violent regime with something better."

Tell that to the tens of thousands of people who have been murdered so that Bush and his cronies could make billions of dollars.

Intel "failures"? 11.Feb.2004 13:55

Oh please

Where's bush's anger about intel "failures"? There is no anger, idiot. Why the hell would he be angry about something he and his cronies planned themselves? He doesn't look angry b/c he's a HORRIBLE liar/actor. Duh. I am so sick and tired of watching sheeple (media, on the street, wherever) mince around the enormous,rotting,stinking dead elephant in their living rooms. WAKE UP!!!!!!!! There is no plausible denial! How stupid are you, you who will not see? bush knew EXACTLY what he was doing, and continues to. He is pure evil.
Vote Kerry. Oh, yeah, he's a bonesman. Oh, yeah, he's bought. Did you really think for ONE FREAKING MINUTE that the powers that be/the shadow gov't/whoever the hell is running things would allow a REAL HUMAN to be "elected"? That would fuck their whole world, bring it crashing down on their heads and they will NEVER allow that.Kerry is no huge change from business as usual but he doesn't look like an evil psychotic either. At least I probably won't COMPLETELY LOSE my disability benefits, food stamps or section 8 housing under him. (All programs on the bloody cutting board by Sir Scumbag.)
This election (if we even get to legally vote) is about getting this dangerous fuck and his far scarier crony fucks OUT OF POWER!

P.S. Anybody out there ever play D&D? Most presidents in the past have ranged from chaotic good all the way through lawful evil. bush is pure chaotic evil. He can't be reasoned with, predicted, or controlled and he is utterly without empathy. Remove him like the cancer he is.

The Oregonian 11.Feb.2004 16:15

All the news...

The Oregonian is a typical wait and see what the public thinks, then write to that bullshit rag. I only use them for the Help Wanted. They are committed to the useless political center that their advertising masters want.

The Oregonian is Krispy Kremes for the mind.