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US Media Predict One-Horse Race

skull and bones.
Most commentators say hope is fading for John Kerry's rivals

Last Updated: Sunday, 8 February, 2004, 22:36 GMT

With John Kerry's decisive victories in caucuses in Michigan and Washington on Saturday, US political commentators now see John Kerry as the almost certain Democratic challenger to George W Bush.

Commentators in the press and on the round of Sunday morning political programmes in the US have already begun to look to how John Kerry would fare against President Bush who has recently shown signs of weakness.

Most pundits agree that Mr Kerry has benefited from the excitement generated by primaries and the bounce may not last.

But commentators, even conservative ones, also said that Mr Bush needs to sharpen his game or risk losing the White House.

Game over?

"The result has left little doubt of Mr Kerry's command of the Democratic field," according to Adam Nagourney in the New York Times.

This sentiment is echoed by Dan Balz in the Washington Post.

"Kerry continues to ride a wave of support that threatens to turn the Democratic race into a romp."

"His rivals are rapidly running out of opportunities to stop him," Balz continued. I don't think John Edwards is within shouting distance of John Kerry

Juan Williams of National Public Radio

But John Kerry's major competitor, John Edwards, continues to campaign, making the rounds on the Sunday political programmes saying that, despite persistent rumours in the press, he is running for president not vice-president.

Both Mr Edwards and Wesley Clark say they have no plans to leave the race.

But few commentators saw much chance of Mr Edwards or any other candidate stopping John Kerry's momentum.

"The two southern primaries this Tuesday may be the last best chance for John Edwards," ABC's George Stephanopoulos said.

And Juan Williams of National Public Radio said on FoxNews Sunday: "I don't think (John Edwards) is within shouting distance of John Kerry."

Commentators continued to chart the political collapse Howard Dean, after a major union withdrew its endorsement of the once high-flying insurgent.

"Reporters covering the [Dean] campaign say that it is like a death watch," said Mr Williams.

"Dean's national free fall after the losses in Iowa and New Hampshire was mirrored in Michigan," wrote Charlie Cain in the Seattle Times.

President's problems and power

Until recently, the Bush re-election campaign had assumed that they would be facing Howard Dean in the general elections, said Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard on FoxNews.

What really will make a difference is when the Bush campaign unleashes the dogs of war and really starts hitting Kerry

Mara Liasson on FoxNews Sunday
Strategists in the White House thought that they could easily marginalise Howard Dean, Mr Kristol said.

And they also thought that Democrats would bloody themselves in a long self-destructive primary process, he added.

Neither has happened, and the Bush-Cheney 2004 team is scrambling to readjust to the new realities as well as approval numbers that have dipped below 50%.

Recent polls show John Kerry either beating or in a statistical tie with President Bush.

Some commentators wondered if John Kerry's roll to victory would come too early, leaving George Bush's well funded re-election bid a long opening before the summer political conventions to attack Mr Kerry.

"What really will make a difference is when the Bush re-election campaign unleashes the dogs of war so to speak and really starts hitting Kerry," said Mara Liasson of National Public Radio on FoxNews Sunday.

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Vote for green party! 10.Feb.2004 17:06

Bird dog


Or continue the poison we now have.

Watch and learn!

Kerry 10.Feb.2004 17:30



Behold the power! 10.Feb.2004 17:31

Dogs of War

The mighty GW has yet begun to fight.

Dollars to donuts this will probably be an election worth forgetting.

Fuck the pundits who try to make this election interesting. It won't happen.

Any human ,US citizen or not , can easily see this as a very big example of "Here we go again". Kerry is just another Clinton and Bush is just another Bush.

Progressives unite and move to Oregon where we will take over state by state, once we have created the real model of peace and democracy.

KerryBush 2004 10.Feb.2004 20:39

The real scam

The anti-federalists were right as we knew they would be. Centralized governmental power always grows to its logical extreme before it self destructs. The last phase is a corrupt military government trying to hold on to power by sheer force.
The machinations of the state are becoming frayed and visible even to the uninitiated.
The shadow government has been running things for quite a long time but now that more and more people are seeing this reality the creatures are coming out of the shadows for all to see.
With honest people fighting on the local level for authentic election reform and more people of character participating in their local governments we will, over time, achieve a responsive limited government operating under rule of law.

Sign Me Up 10.Feb.2004 21:02

Whiskey Sour

Oregon looks super! I despise Seattle. The town of my youth has become a bastion of corporate crime. How sad.

I want to move to La Grande. Can I be a progressive there? Or is La Grande not part of the Oregon you're speaking of? How about Enterprise -- or better yet, LOSTINE! Enterprise is getting a bit big and Joseph has just plain sold out.

Then again, Stanfield looks pretty SWEET these days.

Count me in Pardner and thanks for the invite, Cowboy.

Your friend in Seattle,