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The FUNNIEST Bush picture I've ever seen!

I was hesitant to post this one but then someone posted the Bush/Bin Laden anal sex picture in response to my posting of the picture of Bush in front of the painting of Jesus of Norway, so here, for you viewing pleasure, is my (so far) favorite Bush picture.
I was walking along Hawthorne a few months ago when I spotted this in the window of a TRIBUNE box. I brought it home and scanned it (then returned it to the TRIBUNE box). Not as "smooth" as the above mentioned Bush/Bin Laden picture (see responses to my posting, "The scariest Bush picture I've ever seen" 2/10/04) but all the more charming for the cut-and-paste, low tech approach (We don't need no stinkin' Photoshop!). I love the expressions on their faces. The person(s?) who made this chose just the right shots of Dick and Bush. check out Cheney's jaw and that stupid smile on Bush's face.

The Ashcroft Army may eventually gun us all down, but as long as we can laugh at them they can never truly defeat us.
tribune/boregonian box=artists' venue 10.Feb.2004 17:25


You found it in a tribune box? Do you remember what size the box window was (8"x11"?)? Just thinking that perhaps other such artists could use these handy weatherproof streetside easels to display their talents/opinions. While a person would have to buy a waragonian to access that kind, tribune boxes are free and have popped up all over like mushrooms on shit. Since it's only published twice a week a person's work would stay up for a few days. Some of the whoregonian boxes accept an 11"x17" card on the lower part of the outside front but would need to be card stock or heavier and weatherproof.

Thanks! 11.Feb.2004 01:35

The Compassionate Conservatives thecompassionateconservatives@yahoo.com

EXCELLENT! Thanks for posting this. They don't call him "Dick" for nothing, y'know.
Cheney is the REAL "Tricky Dick"!