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Karl Rove is coming to Lake Oswego

Get our your protest signs...Karl Rove will be making an appearance at the ORP Lincoln Day Dinner.
Oregon Republican Party Chairman
Kevin Mannix

Invites You to Attend the ORP Lincoln Day Dinner

With Featured Guest

Karl Rove
Thursday, March 11th, 2004

Roundtable and Photo Reception
5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
$5,000 per person

Lincoln Day Dinner
Reception: 5:00 - 5:30 p.m.
Dinner: 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
$50 per person

Crowne Plaza
14811 Kruse Oakes Drive
Lake Oswego, Oregon

Doors Open At 4:30 p.m.
Get out and protest 10.Feb.2004 16:16


Show "The Brain" that his ilk is not welcome in Portland. Protest, and protest hard. Send the puke a strong message! Keep up the pressure, otherwise your gonna find yourself with another four years of the Smirking Chimp.

How about an anti-fundraiser 10.Feb.2004 16:18

Jazzbo DePew

Here's an idea: Let's make a whole big batch of PB&J sandwiches and hand them out in front of the Crowne Plaza for free to poor and homeless folks during the Rove banquet. True, Lake O isn't exactly brimming over with homeless and poor, but maybe we could bus a bunch in. Just a thought. The way the value of the dollar is headed under Bush-o-nomics, we'll ALL be paying $5,000 for a meal pretty soon.

Excellent Idea! 10.Feb.2004 16:30


Jazzbo DePew,

Great idea! Lets create a media scene outside the Crowne Plaza in Lake O. While the Fat Ass Repulsicans are dining inside on their $5,000 meal, the REAL PEOPLE of this country are outside in the cold helping the growing multitudes of poor eat whatever scraps they can find. I LOVE IT!

As a bonus, we can have the poor offer to park the SUVs of the rich, white Republicans as they go inside to accept their orders from The Brain.

Afterwards, the poor can be used to hose down the entire Crowne Plaza premise of the horrendous stench and filthy slime trail left by Rove and his ilk.

KARL ROGUE, ER, ROVE: why sell Enron & Boeing plane stock pre-911? 10.Feb.2004 16:43

to the point, pass around

Six of Clubs Rove
Six of Clubs Rove

let's consider... 10.Feb.2004 22:04


that the people without homes are too occupied:
scrounging for a place to bed down for the night -or trying to put food in their stomachs- or trying to stay warm- or searching for some self medicating relief from the horrors of their lives- or trying not to get raped/ jumped/ jacked or murdered- or trying to stay awake in order to stay alive - or trying to get a job when not having a phone number/alarm clock/clean, ironed clothes-or not wanting to let go of your beloved dog who has loved you more than anyone or anything ever has and has been with you though thick and thin, or trying to get your kids back whom you miss so much, or dealing with a cop who tickets you for "offensive littering" for flicking a cigarette butte or trying to get back home or trying to clean up with freezing cold water from an outdoor faucet, or trying to deal with a swollen tooth which makes your head feel like it is going to burst or bleeding profusely without a tampon or foot rot from socks that are drenced with rain's insuing mold or wanting to spend just a few fucking minutes with a rare friend that you trust

to be spending time in Lake Oswego. Charter a bus from Lake Oswego to underneath the downtown overpasses, crowded shelters and early morning doorways. Let it be on their time, not those who cannot afford such a luxury.

Thank you Portland Indymedia for letting me write this.

dkr is right--I was wrong 11.Feb.2004 07:03

Jazzbo DePew..

I have come to the conclusion that my idea of bussing homeless to Lake O to make a point was exploitative. I'm a little ashamed of myself that, in the enthusiasm of the moment, I was rather insensitive to people who have much bigger problems than being angry at Karl Rove. I should have known better.

The idea is good 11.Feb.2004 07:28



d.k.r. does make some very good points. But how will things ever change unless *everyone* gets involved - including those that are most affected by the policies of the Bu$h regime. I would think the poor and homeless would, like the rest of us, feel they have a voice in democracy.

Feb, Not March? 11.Feb.2004 09:07


Are you SURE this is the correct date? Previous blurb by Phil Stanford said Presidents Day Weekend. That's THIS WEEKEND coming up. Has anyone called the venue to confirm? We're going to look pretty silly if he pops in and out on Presidents Day and there's nobody there on March 11 when protesters show up.

I think he's probably there today 11.Feb.2004 09:14

Cheney Watch

WAKE UP! This Rove event could be TODAY, folks.

A typo? February 11th rather than March 11th? The Idaho Republican Party Lincoln Day activities are going on from February 11-February 18. It only makes sense that Lincoln Day events would happen surrounding Presidents Day Weekend.

He's coming in under the radar and we will miss him COMPLETELY if we show up March 11.

That release is either phony or some kind of typo.

yeah, it could be a typo 11.Feb.2004 19:53


but, here's where i got it from nonetheless:


he's on the ORP email list as a gag, so i don't think it's a fake date.