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A prediction

a prediction... based on what seems to be going on, not sure if it will play out this way.

Albright has said that she thinks Bush already has Osama and is waiting for the right time to unveil him.

Rumsfeld has said that we are going to send troops into Pakistan because "that's where osama is"

I think that the following will happen:

* We will invade Pakistan.
* We will "find" Osama, faith in bush will rise suddenly
* With the unveiling of Osama, "terrorist sleeper cells" will wake up and start to be active in the country
* There will be some kind of attack: a bomb, a hijaking, something
* We will go into Martial Law (with Osama unveiled, the american public will feel more willing to submit to this "inconveinience"
* The Constitution will be "temporarily" suspended (As Gen. Tommy Franks has already said)
* The election will be "put off" for a year or so.
* A year or so later, the "War on Terror" will be so escalated that the election will never be brought up.
no invasion of pakistan 10.Feb.2004 14:18

kim sky

pakistan is and will continue to be the greatest ally for the USA in the east...

true 10.Feb.2004 14:36


We have sent ground troops in before. The gov. let us. (of course the Pakistani people were on the whole, opposed)

I imagine that that will happen this time around as well. We will go in, with the reluctant support of the Pankistani government.

Another opportunity to "find" osama would be in Syria, now that we are beginning to pledge support for israel in their attacks on Syrian troops stationed in Lebannon, we may be at war with syria soon.

Who's "we"? 10.Feb.2004 14:57

not me

Another way the government confuses is to ascribe the actions of the global elite as "our" actions. There is nothing so crazy-making and debilitating as ascribing responsiblity without authority. Perhaps it's time to rethink the use of "we" when discussing the actions of the US and other governments. This isn't really a democracy, you know.

could be right on what you predict 10.Feb.2004 15:13


the end of your script I fully agree will happen, but as for Osama bin Laden, I feel he's been dead for long
time as it is. Probably wasn't alive when 9-11 occurred, as the guy had bad kidney problems. He was a
"boogeyman" that was the Bush cartel's vehicle to focus the American sheepeople onto ONE PERSON
as the source of our "troubles", as was done with the arch-evil villain "Saddam" with the Iraqi war. A lot
of various international publications have been reporting for years that Osama most likely died either be-
fore 9-11 or soon thereafter, and though he has been shown on various video's, anyone tthat carefully
followed the matter (ignoring what our commerical media foisted upon USa) soon had serious doubts
that they'd found the real deal. Most likely Osama was "found" in a cave, bodybagged ASAP, flown out in
great secreacy and stashed somewhere on ice till he is needed to play his finest role yet, and then he'll
be "discovered" amid great drama, photographed like Saddam's two son's, the American media will be
in constant uproar trying to outdo FOX News, and the American sheepeople will once again be throughly
HOODWINKED with the biggest game on the planet, then in wake of such, the constitution will be ripped
to pieces, Bush will stay on like "dead fish" (stinking more by the day, but, nonetheless...still there!), and
the REAL evil-doers on this planet will foist another 9-11 incident upon USa (only bigger and more in
the way death, etc. etc.) and the sheepeople will cry in unison....SAVE USa....DO SOMETHING, and they
will....they'll put into motion PLAN B, which don't include any of USa that frequent this website for the
long haul, as we'll be "expendable people"...besides, why they want smart people around anymore...
that'd point out their collective/individual stupidity, immorality, and unfathonable evil? They''ll off USa
in a heartbeat and you're fools to doubt otherwise! That's "how" I see it...could be wrong, doubt it how-
ever! So....let's don't be lulled into complacency and grab onto to false hopes, but face the facts based
upon these sorry people's past actions...not trusting their words, but watching carefully their actions!

If you pay taxes We is you 10.Feb.2004 15:31

Dire Wolf

Not me, I'm sorry to say if you pay taxes you then are included in the We. Your tax dollars and mine make it possible for the U.S. government war machine and the $ush cabal to do the thing's they do. If you wanna be kept out of the We then don't pay your taxes.

is it that hard to believe 10.Feb.2004 15:33

that 'they' would do things slowly , for the long haul

Surely somebody else has thought that maybe they'll just pass the batton to kerry inorder to maintain control with limited public outcry? no theatrics, just old fashioned bait and switch. will we turn are head to kerrys sins and focus on his good qualities because he isn't a republican?

well... 10.Feb.2004 16:12

this thing here

here's what will happen if the reports of a combined pakistan/american campaign in the border area between afghanistan and pakistan takes place:

civil war in pakistan.

the western border of pakistan, that lies alongside afghanistan, is an "autonomous tribal area." this means that pakistani government troops, along with the pakistan government itself, is persona non grata. this also is why the u.s. believes osama is hiding out there, because there is no governmental supervision. if the pakistani government, along with america, invades this area, seeing as how both the pakistani government and america are not real welcome there, i would expect the people there to take up arms. so not only will that area become a war zone, i would also expect the muslim extremists in pakistan, see musharraf aiding america, would begin there own terror and assassination campaign.

so, pakistan will fall apart, in other words.

pakistan is a nuclear power.

america can;t have a nuclear power fall under the control of muslim extremists. therefore, america must invade.

the problem is this: america doesn't have the soldiers or the money to invade a rebuild THREE countries at the same time. much less TWO.

so this reported combined offensive by both the pakistani and american governments is a disaster waiting to happen.

at the very least, let's recall what happened to cambodia when america felt it would be a "good" idea to spread the viet nam war around...

my prediction 10.Feb.2004 17:42


Here's what's to expect... I predict there will be high uncertainty. It's possible that some existing trends will continue, but some could reverse. The economy may recover but we may see a downturn in the short or long term. Unemployment levels will fluctuate, possibly with a trend. The likelihood of some kind of major rare event is small but non-zero. The market will go up and it will go down but I can't say with confidence which will happen first. My forecast for tonight: dark.

Probably not the sexiest forecast, but probably the most accurate. If you think you can predict what will happen with any kind of confidence, then you're kidding yourself.

I don't know about you, but for being one of the most information rich societies in history, I feel awfully uninformed about what's truly going on. It drives me crazy trying to separate 1) what I think from 2) what I think they think from 3) what I think they're trying to get me to think and 4) what I think they're trying to get me to think they think. For example, Bush: dumb or evil? Will I ever know? What difference would it make? Who is trying to get me to think that? Why should I, joe sixpack, even be pondering that question?

Or the whole "bin laden is on ice" rumor. Who do you think first introduced that? And why? And what difference would it make? If it is true, how could you ever expect to know that's the case? By finding the receipt for "Evil Dictator Cryogenics" in nevada?

The tax thing 10.Feb.2004 18:53

not me

Indeed. One can say the same about the citizens of the Roman Empire and the British Empire, and the problem here is that a few thousand (or hundred thousand, for that matter) tax resisters don't matter. If you own a business or are self-employed it's easy for the government to shut you down and lock you away. If you live intentionally below the taxable income, you are marginalized to some degree. If you create ingenious ways to avoid paying taxes you are buying into their system, possibly undermining it, but playing by their rules nonethless. I know that individual change is really the only change we can make, but what do you do if you own a business and employ seven people who would otherwise not have living-wage work if your business didn't exist?
I suppose we could bail out of the medical office and work for a charity or a hospital or become missionaries and not pay individual taxes; be the conduit for money and channel back into a corrupt system(hospitals, charities, churches, other institutions) But it seems like it's important to maintain the idea of small business and try to work on the inside to effect change. But maybe that's just a rationalization.

Bush: dumb or evil? 11.Feb.2004 03:11



He is a messenger boy. A talking head.