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Another article (from this morning) to suggest that the tide may be turning. (Finally!)

I believe that every instance of "good news" is important for the Progressive base to digest and appreciate. (Heck... we've been shutup for a long time now.)
The following article, albeit minor, falls into this category.
"Let's kick in the darkness, till it bleeds daylight."

Bush's Political Base Seems Restive, Anxious

By Alan Elsner

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Some of George W. Bush's conservative political supporters are increasingly restive and anxious about the president's economic policies as well as his attempts to justify the war against Iraq (news - web sites).

Popular conservative television news anchor Bill O'Reilly, usually an outspoken Bush loyalist, said on Tuesday he was now skeptical about the Bush administration and apologized to viewers for supporting prewar claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

"I was wrong. I am not pleased about it at all and I think all Americans should be concerned about this," O'Reilly said in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America."

Pollster John Zogby said Bush was on the defensive with some polls showing him slightly behind Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites), his probable Democratic opponent in the Nov. 2 presidential election.

"The president is on the ropes right now. The question is, how will he adjust? Right now, the issues are not in his favor. Many Americans still think the economy is poor and his rationale for the Iraq war seems a little thin," he said.

"Bush's greatest asset was his unimpeachable integrity in the eyes of most Americans. But with no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that integrity has been chipped away and right now some large lumps are falling off it," Zogby said.

Bush's White House interview on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday was designed to calm some of these doubts. But while some pundits gave Bush good marks for his performance, some prominent conservatives were not impressed.


Peggy Noonan, a speechwriter for former President Ronald Reagan (news - web sites) and for Bush's father and an outspoken conservative commentator, said: "The president seemed tired, unsure and often bumbling. His answers were repetitive, and when he tried to clarify them he tended to make them worse. He seemed in some way disconnected from the event."

Conservative columnists George Will and Robert Novak and former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough, now a cable TV commentator, have also recently criticized Bush's fiscal programs and his attempts to explain them.

Such doubts, if they persist, could spell trouble for Bush's re-election campaign. But conservative political consultant Keith Appell said Bush would soon be able to unify and energize his base.

"The White House has had a string of misfires but I believe they will soon regain their stride. This last month has been a wake-up call, but maybe that's what they needed," he said.

In the past month, Bush's State of the Union Address and his initiative to send manned spacecraft to Mars failed to generate much enthusiasm. Conservatives and liberals both criticized his budget for failing to seriously confront the country's growing deficit problem.

On Monday, Bush delivered an economic report to Congress promising to create 2.6 million jobs this year. Last year's economic report predicted that 1.7 million jobs would be created. Instead, there was a net loss of 53,000.

"Congress has the power to censure the president -- to formally reprimand him for betraying the nation's trust. If ever there was a time for this, it's now," the group said in a statement posted on its Web site.

Democrats hope they can plant seeds of doubt now. "If you can create a drumbeat of criticism in February, it's easier to make the case when it really counts in September and October," said Democratic consultant Jennifer Laszlo.

But Brown University political scientist Darrell West said he expected Bush to recover. "It's damaging when your friends criticize you in public, but by November they will all be supporting Bush," he said.
Illuminati Rules 10.Feb.2004 12:20


Bush may be out-- but he did what he was supposed to do. He got the troops into Iraq and Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and the oilfields into the clutches of Halliburton.

Bush has always been a tool, and completely disposable.

I even doubt that there will need to be another 9/1/1 type "event." They already have what they want.

Now the people will be able to exercise their "democratic choice" and install Kerry-- a loyal supporter of the Corporations in Congress for 20 years.

How easy it seems to be to sell democracy down the river.

Bill O'Reilly spins 10.Feb.2004 13:05

329 days and counting

In the build up to the war with Iraq, Bill O'Reilly was on television every night backing up Bush's whoppers. Like the White House team, O'Reilly assured us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. On March 18, 2003, O'Reilly was on ABC's "Good Morning America." He made the following promise about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction:

"If the Americans go in and overthrow Saddam Hussein and it's clean, he has nothing, I will apologize to the nation, and I will not trust the Bush Administration again, all right?"

On February 10, 2004 - 329 days after he made the promise - Bill O'Reilly returned to "Good Morning America" and apologized for supporting the claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. He continued:

"I was wrong. I am not pleased about it at all and I think all Americans should be concerned about this. What do you want me to do, go over and kiss the camera?"

And then he said that he was "much more skeptical about the Bush administration now."

Well, Bill, you didn't promise to be skeptical of them, you promised "not to trust the Bush administration again."

So, when will Bill O'Reilly fulfill his promise to not trust the Bush administration? How long must America wait?

Just another self rightous neo-con bailing a sinking ship! 10.Feb.2004 13:31

Bird dog

Not because he knows that he was wrong, but because he is afraid of the backlash that in the future for people like himself.

Worried about his radio show and fox spin channel.
Which will crash and burn as time goes by.
Watch and wait.
They will cook by their own flame
They will cook by their own flame

"Restive, anxious" = bupkis 10.Feb.2004 13:46


Bush's constituency will support him to the bitter end. They have no shame nor sense of decency. To report that they're "anxious" is a non-issue. When they cast their votes for a candidate who truly opposes Bush's (and Kerry's, in many respects) agenda only then will this be newsworthy. Until then, I could give three fucks to hear what their state of mind is. Let's see action. Dump Bush and then we'll talk.

Even so, there are three things which will send the O'Reillys (assuming you consider his lukewarm remarks a break from the administration) scurrying back to Bush:

1) Cheney's predicted "Single Day of Horror" (i.e. "9/11: the Sequel")
2) The "capture" of Bin Laden
3) The "discovery" of WMDs in Iraq as predicted by Rumsfeld

Any one of these things will immediately dispel any doubts Bush supporters may have and instantly trigger the lemming effect in a majority of Americans. Bush and Friends know this. And believe me...

They've been out of office once. They'll do ANYTHING to make sure they don't experience exile again.

Top 10 headlines that indicate that the tide is actually turning 10.Feb.2004 15:09

in no specific order

1. Corporate criminals sentenced to 30 years hard labor
2.Inmate run organic farms make factory farms obsolete
3.Million dollar maximum wage allows living wages to flourish
4.National health care system a complete success
5.Constitutional ammendment bans non-public campaign funds
6.Historians ponder "advertising"
7. Unemployment lowest in history thanks to "neo deal"
8. Department of Peace succeeds in global disarmerment
9. Las Angeles Nat. Forest in pristine condition
10. Studies suggests socialism works

Oreilly integrity 10.Feb.2004 15:54


It looks like Oreilly lost his one no-spin support for an Iraq attack. Ive always respected him greatly for his outspoken stance against the SUV fad calling them "clunkers on the basis they greatly increase our dependence on mideast oil. But Fox and General Motors have "gagged him on this topic from now on as GM threatened FOx with pulling all their advertising.