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Suicide attacks create negative business environment

Today in Iskandariya, about 30 miles south of Baghdad, a suicide attacker detonated his load outside a newly emerging police station where many people were lining up to seek work. As many as 55 people, presumably Iraqi civilians, have died, and hundreds presumably are injured. A spokesperson for the Army pointed out that since this attack and similar ones are killing only civilians, it makes the attacks more sinister and evil than say guerilla attacks against an entrenched enemy combatant.

The CPA disbanded the Iraqi army shortly after coming to power in Iraq, which is a large part of why these attacks are happening. The US army is so sophisticated and well-guarded that's it's increasingly difficult for any guerilla fighters to get to them, so many civilians end up dying.

Ultimately, the attacks are bad for business in the region. It may mean the US will have to stay in Iraq for much, much longer than anticipated. But is that really bad for business??
jygytf 10.Feb.2004 13:02


1. getting work from the police is bound to be kinda crowny? no?

2. war-occupation-bummer-big mistake, let the palestinians help administrate iraq
and generate some good will.