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Songun Politics Criticized as the Greatest Political Crime

Bombay, World Social Forum, January 20 - It has become a worldwide trend for the world human rights organisations to deeply study and criticize leader Kim Jong Il's human rights violations in the DPRK.

The Sungun politics of inhuman militarism causes starvation in the Korean workers paradise, as the great marshal Kim Jong Il puts the sword before the hammer and sickle. Thanks to the superior Songun politics of the sun of the 21st century, citizens starve only if they do not whole-heartedly support the militant Juche-style socialism and the helmsman of the superior army-centered policies.
The National Democratic Front of South Korea (NDFSK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England (JISGE) and the Songun Politics Study Group (SPSG) support the fierce anti-imperialist class-struggle including starvation and torture of inferior wavering elements in reeducation camps.

The following organisations blame the DPRK for human rights violations and stifle the gun-based banner of Songun:

- Amnesty International
- US Committee for Human Rights in North Korea
- Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights
- UN High Commission for Human Rights
 link to www.unhchr.ch
- Human Rights Watch
- Rescue the North Korean People
- Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights
- Christian Solidarity Worldwide
- Human Rights Without Frontiers

Amnesty International even dares to criticize that
- several million children suffer from chronic malnutrition, impairing their physical and mental development
- the government appears to have distributed the food unevenly, favouring those who are economically active and politically loyal
- the government hampers the movement, access and monitoring of international humanitarian agencies who have been involved in distributing food aid
- detainees (repatriated from China) are reported to have died of hunger, many have reportedly been tortured during interrogations by North Korean authorities
- North Koreans have been publicly executed because they have stolen food to survive and school children have reportedly been taken to see the executions

Songun Politics are superior. What do you think?

Take action and write a letter to your Excellency the Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Kim Jong Il:


Or mail to official representatives of the DPRK and share your opinion on Songun-based starvation:


A curiousity which does not diminish. 10.Feb.2004 23:39

Son of a Gun

I get more of a kick out of these articles than anything else on Indymedia most days. They make me belly laugh, and that's not easy.

Seriously though, would anyone care to speculate (or would the "Songun Politics" poster care to mention) where these briefs are coming from? North Korean psyops? Lone zealot? I'm starting to wonder if this is a smear campaign, or something equally obfuscated. Suggestions?

Origin of Songun articles 02.Mar.2004 01:53


Songun articles come from the NDFSK (National Democratic Front of South Korea), which is the Seoul branch of the (North) Korean Worker's Party. Both the NDFSK and the SPSG are recognized and supported by the DPRK government. So all these articles are not a smear campaign or anything obfuscated, it is the official propaganda of the DPRK government. North Korean people hear and read such messages every day.