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New Topic IMC's receive long deserved recognition

Portland indymedia activists have recognized the necessity of topical indymedia sites, and would like to make that widely known. Portland IMC will be updating its "global imc network" list to include both the Biotech IMC and the FTAA IMC, under the new header "Topics".

There has been long debate in the Global Indymedia Network about this issue. Some would like to keep indymedia strictly based on cities, others would like to branch out with topic imc's. These sites collect articles about a specific topic throughout the imc network so they are all in one place. These sites create their own features and offer very detailed information on that topic, from an independant perspective. These sites are also dedicated to multilinguality because their scope covers more than one language.

The first topic site to submit an application to new-imc was Biotech IMC which went live to cover the WTO/USDA Ministeral in Sacramento in June of 2003. The activists currently working on the Biotech IMC have issued a proposal for topical imc's to be welcomed into the global network. This proposal was introduced in October 2003, and again in December 2003, they have gone largely unnoticed.

FTAA IMC was created around the FTAA meeting in Miami and has since become a very useful tool for spreading the word of western hemisphere free trade exploits, especially for those in the global south that are most affected by these free trade proposals.

Independant media activists from Portland have helped with both of these sites and feel that they haven proven to be effective tools for organizing and disseminating information.

well done! 09.Feb.2004 17:32

republic of cascadia citizen

hats off to the volunteers to have put in countless hours building and maintaining the biotech and ftaa sites. as has been demonstrated by the linking to ftaaimc.org by countless news organizations and sites [bbc, scoop.co.nz, michael moore, miami herald, and many many others], these topic imcs have become viable alternative news sources on these topics. and the built-in multi-lingual functionality is impressive. blazing trails once again!

"global" needs to get off its ass and do the same! 09.Feb.2004 23:50

portland indymedia activist

i can't believe the New IMC group (a "global" IMC working group) is being so putzy about this. they should recognize the topic IMCs as the legit IMCs they are! hell, half the US location-IMCs are dead or in a coma anyway, and FTAA and Biotech are much more active and "real".

f'n liberals...

whats the deal 10.Feb.2004 03:09


does this mean that pdx imc is now the new global?

pdx seems to have a very firm grip on reality and does a great job, thanks everyone!

I'd like to do the same 10.Feb.2004 07:22


I'd be interested in adding topic IMC's to our (Cvilleindymedia.org) IMC network info, but I'd still like to have a quasi dynamic network feed. Is this possible? How do you guys do this over there in PDX land.

p.s. You guys really do rock. I come to this site pretty much every day, and I must say, not ever having visited Portland, that I enjoy reading about your city and region more than those (many) articles that have a more national or international scope. You guys prove that locally based, relevant articles have a lot of significance.

!!!!!!! 10.Feb.2004 12:22

lucky weda

That's pretty darn cool. I've gone to some of the other sites in the States, but there are a lot of cities and their stories and peoples opinions left out. Maybe this will include them too. It's really nice to have independent information collected in one place too.

off topical 10.Feb.2004 14:56

about to drown in NL

" The first topic site to submit an application to new-imc was Biotech IMC which went live to cover the WTO/USDA Ministeral in Sacramento in June of 2003."

There used to be a climate.indymedia.org that was topical.

Trail blazing, or just starting fires? 10.Feb.2004 20:56


I respect that Portland IMC is taking the initiative to include topic IMCs in their cities list. It's refreshing and respectful to the hard work the IMCistas have put into these two websites.

Where does Portland IMC's overall support stand however? The collective supports these current websites, as it should, but what of other topic based IMCs that have received criticism in the New IMC list? The Portland gang may want to push ahead and decide what process they support in the creation of New IMCs as well and let that be known around the network, considering Portland members have also blocked topic IMC applications, promising new media centers lost in the arguments raging from all sides of the issue.

Question for anon 11.Feb.2004 00:04

curious portlander

which topic IMCs have been blocked by portland activists? the archives of such discussions are public. care to offer some links to show your case?