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Karl Rove To Invade Portland on Presidents Day

Rove is coming in February . . . NOT MARCH!
Apparently we are going to be blessed with a visit from the criminal mastermind himself. Appearing in Phil Stanford's "On The Town" column in the Friday, January 23rd issue of The Portland Tribune:

"Hurley's, the posh new French restaurant at Northwest 20th and Kearney, has apparently become the gathering place for P-town's movers and shakers. On any given night, you can probably find a quorum of the Bush-Cheney '04 committee eating Asiago potato chips . . . Maybe next month when Karl Rove, the reputed brain behind the administration, comes to town to address the party faithful for Presidents Day festivities, they'll take him there, too. That's a news tip, by the way . . ."

The Oregon Republican Party's website and calendar do not carry any information about this visit, but clearly Presidents' Day Weekend does NOT come in March, but in February. We can expect to see Rove soon. Other information which recently appeared in posts re. the location on Kruse Way may be correct. Has anyone called the venue to confirm?