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Will paternal paranoia triumph?

Even as fathers are disappearing from the lives of millions of women and children, they're turning up in newsletters, local activist groups, and cyberspace as members of an outspoken movement for "fathers' rights" whose declared purpose is to "fight back."
Fight back against what ? Against the power of women and children, of course. Although these groups' public pronouncements are full of high-minded sentiments - a desire to help men to become better fathers, for instance - and platitudes such as "Dads are more than a paycheck," members are not good fathers seeking support but rather angry men (and women who stand by them) seeking expanded male entitlement. Their private communications are diatribes against child support and in favor of controling women. Not even much lip service is paid to the father-child relationship. These days, fathers'-rights activists, like right-wing militia sympathizers, are particularly active on the Internet.

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