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Bush's Meet The Press Interview

Interview with Tim Russert on NBC's Meet the Press at 6 am aired at a time when most Americans were unlikely to see it.
In a subtitle, soft-pedaling the Bush administration's recent free-fall in ratings, the LA Times-Washington Post Service said: "The President, in a rare TV interview as his ratings fall off a little, stands behind the war and the CIA director."

Meet The Press (which might be better called "find this program") aired at 6 am on Sunday morning; the article in the OREGONIAN appeared in Sunday's paper . . . which most people would not see until well after 6 am.

Obviously Bush felt that a gesture was necessary, but not necessarily an easily accessible or genuine gesture. Cosseted by the President-friendly Tim Russert of NBC, Bush used the program as a platform to launch his election-year counterattack against Democrats. After having assigned responsibility for intelligence failures to the CIA and damning George Tenet to eventual dismissal as a scapegoat, Bush followed with the inevitable faint praise for the director. Tenet -- like an abused plant made to produce hybrid fruit and then left without water -- probably saw these measly drips as far too little and too late.

"I strongly believe the CIA is ably led to George Tenet," Bush said in the NBC interview. Asked whether Tenet's job was in jeopardy, Bush said: "No, not at all, not at all." [nudge, wink]

Russert allowed Bush to brush aside questions about why he wants to stall or extend any intelligence investigation until after elections. Bush's explanation? "Look, we are in a political season." Considering the historically large volume and time related to political fundraising during his administration, Bush's entire Presidency has been a self-centered "political season."

Asked if he would testify before the commission investigating US intelligence gathering, Bush replied, "Testify? I will be glad to visit with them. I will be glad to share with them knowledge. I will be glad to make recommendations , if they ask for some." PLEASE!!

Most gauling of all, his crocodile tears about our young soldiers dying for a war with no justifiable basis:

"Every person that is willing to sacrifice for this country deserves our praise. It's essential that I explain this properly to the parents of those who lost their lives. Saddam Hussein was dangerous, and I'M [caps are mine] not just going to leave him in power and trust a madman. He's a dangerous man. He had the ABILITY [caps are mine] to make weapons, AT THE VERY MINIMUM." [caps mine]

A far cry from an imminent threat or actually having an active program of weapons of mass destruction aimed at our shores. By the way, where is Saddam at this moment and what is happening to him?
I saw the interview and all I got to say is VIDI ET SCIO 08.Feb.2004 09:19


Yes indeedy, I saw and I know...that George W. Bush is a nutter. Did you notice how he was always on
the verge of busting out laughing with his smirking attitude, his concealed "humor", and his attitude that
he "knows something we don't", and I wondered WHAT"S SO FUCKING FUNNY about the very serious
questions Tim was asking him? What? Did I miss something? What was tickling his funny-bone? Ya
just got to see it yourselves, and then you'll say>>>Vidi et Scio THAT THIS GUY IS ONE SICK PUPPY!!!

Hail Nero! Hail Caligula! 08.Feb.2004 09:55


Still think it doesn't make any difference if we have Kerry or Bush? Absolutely, this guy is one sick puppy. I half way expected him to mock the parents of dead and maimed soldiers the way he did a death row inmate in Texas, wimpering, "Please save my baby."

The comaprisons to Nero and Caligula Ceasars are very appropriate. This guy was raised without respect for rules, threat of consequence for his actions, or any appreciation for what it means to actually work for a living. His whole life has been one big political favor to his Dad and family of oil/war hoarding ghouls.

At least Kerry has lived among the rest of us ordinary Americans enough to value our lives as more than human resources to be exploited and depleted. At least he's seen the horrors of war first hand. I have no doubt whomever gets to be president is bound to be approved by the powers that be, but throughout history there are good kings and bad kings. Bush is so disconnected from reality, he must be defeated.

A reader once posted this link (thank you, whomever you are), which I read thoroughly and checked some of its references to verify its accuracy. Please read the Unauthorized Biography of George Bush. We might as well have Al Cappone's son in the White House.  http://www.tarpley.net

.... 08.Feb.2004 10:18

this thing here

just more evidence the guy is a sociopath or a psychopath. imagine growing up in an incredibly privledged family with a daddy like george snr. and a momma like barbara, where everything you ever did wrong was "fixed" by daddy and his wealth and connections, but where momma and daddy were never real good at showing love and affection. don't tell me it wouldn't skew and warp the shit out of your integrity and sense of right and wrong...

"i can do ANYTHING and get away with it! so, i will! and it sure as hell makes me smile and smirk..."

smirks made me gag 08.Feb.2004 10:36


His facial expressions alone simply give away the depth of evil under the skin. Grin away, you asshole. The rest of us are grimacing each day waiting for news of more deaths from Iraq, as well as from our very own country which flounders without healthcare for its own citizens. I know I digress, but this man makes me so angry that i begin to babble when I try to express the frustration. What I wonder is, why is he given so much FREE time on television during campaign time? Oh well, if people do get a good look at him, maybe they will also see what an untelligent, self-satisfied, and dangerous boob we have in the oval office. He himself said he conducts foreign policies with war on his mind. Well...maybe there is something on his mind. Meantime, I cannot bear to look at that grinning mask anymore.

Did anyone catch the frame where he pulled his nose hair? 08.Feb.2004 11:05

Compassionate Conservative

I just wondered how they managed the tear thing. What a piece of dung.

George Bush is only a Reflection of Who You Are, Americans 08.Feb.2004 11:15


"Most gauling of all, his crocodile tears about our young soldiers dying for a war with no justifiable basis"

No, what is most gauling of all are ethnocentric America First Nationalists like yourself who only think about the death of your war criminals soldiers ALL OF WHOM VOLUNTARILY CHOSE TO BECOME PART OF THE AMERICAN MILITARY AND MANY OF WHOM WERE CHOMPING AT THE BIT TO INVADE IRAQ.

It is only now that the American Reich and its stormtroopers are getting their asses kicked by Iraqi Freedom Fighters that Americans start whining about the death of their war criminals.

The people who deserve the real sympathy are the tens of thousands of Iraqi people (not to mention Afghani people) whom YOU have murdered in cold blood without "justifiable basis."

You Americans are the most morally and poltiically bankrupt people on this planet. The only thing you think about is your own narrow and predatory self-interest. This is true of "progressives" and Right Wingers alike.

For all your whining about George Bush, you don't have the guts to face the fact that Bush is the perfect leader for your malevolent nation, as he reflects the American national character more than you will ever admit.

Skull and Bones 08.Feb.2004 11:36


Russert asked Chimpy about 'Skull and Bones', as it relates to him and Kerry. Russert did not press the issue, but at least now it is on the table for discussion.

understandable ire 08.Feb.2004 11:46


To Al-Jazeera: I understand your frustration regarding the death tolls in Iraq. In my posting above you will see that I spoke of "deaths from Iraq". While not being specific in that posting, I am fully aware of the terrible effect this war has had and is having on people of Iraq. I am disgusted and shamed by the horrors of violence which I see here and in other countries. That was what was so DIFFICULT about watching bush grin and choke through the interview. Apparently he has no concept of the world wide suffering violence of ALL kinds is causing. Maybe that is giving him too much credit. My fear is that he does not care.

Hey Al, 08.Feb.2004 11:55


GW was not the choice of most Americans.

We had an election usurped by the Supreme Court. Nobody wants to get rid of that pile of manure more than most Americans and nobody wants to replace the status quo empire more than most of the writers of this forum.

Direct Criticism Where It Belongs 08.Feb.2004 12:03

North Portlander

Al-Jazeera, I consider the loss of Iraqi life terrible but in my comments (above) I was addressing what the pResident chose to talk about. He had nothing to say about the loss of Iraqi citizens or the devastation wrought on that country . . . he talked only about what HE considers the "necessary" sacrifice of US soldiers. Many of us do not believe that ANY of it was necessary, so don't go accusing me of supporting Bush and believing what he says. I don't. You do the American people a disservice when you paint everyone with the same damning brush and equate our feelings and intentions with that of the corrupt Bush administration.

Al you are part right 08.Feb.2004 12:47


Those of us who thought enough of the electoral processes to vote, and were wise enough not to waste our vote by not voting, voting for people who stood absolutely NO chance, Still amounted to a majority. Most of us have been screaming ever since that time for someone to point out that the little facsist turd was NOT elected, by any amount of immagination. While there are those who did wrap theirselves in the flag and get into the march, I do not think you will meet many of them on this site. We have been so busy singing to ourselves about the lies the corporate media tell us, and about the way the constitution has been hijacked, etc. That we just don't seem to have the time or ability to get our word out to the great creeping masses who are being so fucked over by this and most administrations since Roosevelt. As long as we keep entertaining only ourselves with our wisdom, the jerks win. But, do not think for one moment that any of us supported the war, or any other war in memory. Thinking people do not support war.

Al, I agree with you that most 08.Feb.2004 13:07


Americans use others to their own advantage--that's because most people do when they can get away with it. How are women treated in Middle Eastern countries? And further--how are animals treated--the most helpless of us all, when under human control. Frankly, western nations are much more progressive than middle eastern ones in terms of animal law and care. Your ire is justified, but I don't believe for a second that ME people would handle power any differently. Look within yourself a little--do you feel you can factory farm animals in horrible conditions so that you can eat them? Change starts on the smallest level with your individual choices. I doubt you're a vegan. The world you create for the animals is worse than the world Americans created for the Iraqis--at least the average Iraqi has a little freedom--the billions and billions of farm animals have nothing but ongoing misery unto death.

Al is totally right 08.Feb.2004 13:09


It's our fault, folks. There is a plutocracy now in place and we have no one to blame but ourselves. It is our duty to take power away from the republicans and democrats, who are all pro-war shills for the corporations that pay for their re-elections. We treat our soldiers as if they are retarded and have no self-determination. True, most of them join out of economic desperation, but also out of willfull ignorance. The fact is that "our" system is erroneously seen overseas as a democracy (since that is what our press says) - and non-Americans will get angry at the sovereign power of our land, which supposedly is... the American people.

Strikes, boycotts, direct action - the plutocracy must be excised from the electoral system quickly. Or else others will destroy us for the privileges we reap from empire.

Bush is not the problem. Bush is a mere symptom. There are a thousand more Bushes waiting in the wings, and half of them are democrats. The system itself is our problem, and it must be overhauled.

Fuck off 08.Feb.2004 13:28

Whiskey Sour

Hey Al-Jazeera --

You don't know me, my family, what we stand for or against -- you don't know shit about me. Your sanctimony smells like shit.

reply to "compassionate conservative" observation 08.Feb.2004 13:51


Compassionate Conservative observed Bush pulling a nose hair, and here I thought he was picking a
boogger! I couldn't believe it when I saw it! I'd taken off my glass seconds before to clean them...you
know how it is first thing in the morning, and before I could get 'em back on, I'm seeing him picking away!
Damn it all to hell! If ever I should have videotaped a program, it was this one, and what I do...forgot to!
If anyone taped it and can remaster it back to a pic for posting here, I'll download it and blow it up for a
poster-sized picture. Be great thing to show up to protests with....GeeDubya picking booggers! One
got ask....how many votes will that cost him?

Al is right. 08.Feb.2004 14:48


I feel really bad about not doing more to stop this out of control system. I was in the streets, peppersprayed, beaten, arrested and I could have still done more. I tried to talk to people and educate them about the perils of this whole mess as I am sure many of you have done as well. We didn't do enough and now the shit has not onlyhit the fan, it has exploded. The soldiers who get waxed in the streets of Iraq deserve what they get. The have a CHOICE. They can leave if they want to .... shit, I did. I don't feel sorry for any soldier that decides to stay and enforce americn imperialism, even if they are only doing so because they need the money. If a foreign nation attacked and occupied America you can bet your ass I would try to kill as many of their soldiers as I could... even if they were here to kill Bush.
The halfass whiney excuses used to justify the apathy that allowed the 2000 election, the passing of the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, damn, the list goes on, ... those excuses were shit out by even the most well intentioned people. Now, a year after the "Shock and Awe" and the "Weeks not months" Americans are still lieing to themselves and others. Oh, we can't worry about that now can we? It's an election year. There are other things to worry about. Like, which corporate whore will lead us into the next war. I say that we let the Iraqi citizens choose our next president.

The following is an exerpt from an email conversation that I had shortly after the war began and illistrates exactly the reasoning behind the inaction of the American people. This comes from a guy who is educated and political enough to know when shit is fuck up and still he made excuses. He now regrets that he wasn't in the streets with us but hindsight is 20/20. Most people have simply forgotten about the war... forgotten about Afghanistan and the Intolerable Acts (Patriot and homeland security).

"Protesting immediately AFTER a course of action is taken, is pointless - there is no way in hell that we can pull the troops back NOW. The course is set, the war will continue until Iraq is conquered (this is for any action that the government takes - but especially in this case, Bush even said he will continue regardless of protests) The time to protest was BEFORE we deployed or attacked - you may not like the decisions the government makes, but the government cannot and will not change direction in midstream. There are too many other issues and problems that will develop if we were to do so.

"As far as any public servant (that includes the military) is concerned, we may disagree with how things were played out, but it is our sacred duty and honor to fully support it. As far as lower echelons are concerned, we won't commit illegal acts (that's also covered by the Geneva convention)

"Trying to stop a war that won't last but a few months on the outside is just as sane as trying to break through a brick wall with your forehead, but you are welcome to it, if you so desire. To do so however, especially in that part of the world, would only invite disaster to the region, as each would see that they could do as they wish, so long as they could hold out long enough for Americans to get tired or bored of fighting there.
Once a course of action is decided, we need to support it - at least initially (this is where time and magnitude comes into play and is a very hazy boundary), maybe that's a failure of a democratic republic...but that's what we have, the only form of government in which the people get what they deserve."

As you can see, the excuses allow one to justify inaction and apathy. I mean, shit, did you see Janet Jackson's tit on TV?

It IS our fault people. We are the ones who have not been doing our job... not the government. They are doing exactly what they are designed to do. It is our responsibility to make our government play nice and we have failed. Don't expect the rest of the world to understand that you are a good person and resist the war with all your being. You are an American and are the suppor of the new Rome. The blood of the dead is on all of our hands.

Merlin, it's on again at 3am 08.Feb.2004 14:48


this morning.

RE: Gringo 08.Feb.2004 16:53


GRINGO, most soldiers do not join out of economic need. Joining the military is one of the most low-paying careers available. Many US military join as means to a college education, not because they need to.

Our Consumption 08.Feb.2004 18:08

Our Fault

When you keep consuming and buying things you don't need, you justify and necessitate control over other regions around the world for their resources. That is why Bush us doing what Americans really want even if they say they don't.

Oh please 08.Feb.2004 20:00


Al is just a self-hating American. He doesn't care about your compassion, understanding or intelligence. He's a hater. And he ain't from the Middle East.

American Duckspeak. 09.Feb.2004 01:56


"Al is just a self-hating American. He doesn't care about your compassion, understanding or intelligence. He's a hater. And he ain't from the Middle East." ---

This is classic American duckspeak (to borrow a phrase from 1984)--an argument without meaning or logic. Why it is that some many of you Americans cannot even articulate a coherent argument, but rather spew one meaningless catchphrase and propapganda line (i.e. hater) out of your mouths... just like your Fuhrer George Bush?

And, please, don't insult by calling me an American. Those are "fighting words" in many parts of the world.

Biting a hand 09.Feb.2004 09:17


Al, generalizing about people is a very ignorant thing to do.

If I was to say, that "the chaos in the middle east is due to the male dominated society that lives in the middle ages; that with it's head firmly up it's ass with religion, they all have become robotic drones who do what ever a religious leader tells them", ........that would proably be a generalization.

Your generalizations are no different, there are many good people in America who have nothing to do with the slime that is now in Washington, just like there are many good people in the middle east who are not religious robots.

Bush Looked, Sounded Weird in Interview 09.Feb.2004 10:24

Cheney Watch

I hope a lot of people saw Nightline yesterday evening if they missed the actual Meet The Press interview. Mr. Bush came off as weird, lame, and kind of creepy. There was no real passion.

His answers were slow, repetitive and unhelpful and he blamed everything on politics and bad intelligence. Throughout the interview the smirk came and went. There was no outrage or immediate proferring of proof when his record of military service came up. Bush suggested that it was there for anyone to see, although some of it seemed to be missing. It was sort of like, "Yeah, there may be a diamond in my backyard and I know where it is but I won't help you find it. Go ahead - dig up the whole backyard - be my guest. And I'm guessing you'll get tired before you find it."

When Russert asked about whether he thought the loss of 500+ US military and thousands of maimings was worth the price of capturing one man, he dodged the question. When asked how his cabinet's predictions of being welcomed by the Iraqis with "open arms" could have been so wrong, he got a perplexed look and said, "I think they do welcome us!" When Russert countered by pointing out that attacks are occuring every day and people are demonstrating, losing family members, etc. Bush trotted out the old bromide that there were still Saddam supporters who "hate freedom" and what Iraq become a democracy would mean to them.

His statement that he was disappointed and surprised to be considered a divider was disingenuous -- he blamed it all on politics again although there have certainly been other Presidents who have risen above partisan positions to work with those of differing opinions on a myriad of issues rather than only a few.

I do not think this interview helped Mr. Bush . . . and that is good.

Trusting Saddam 09.Feb.2004 11:54

Major W

This would be a good idea for a made for tv movie. If you can't trust Saddam, who can you trust. As Saddam became increasingly older and senile, and his grip on his people and on sanity started loosening, he become less trustworthy. It's really heartbreaking that there's people out there like him who we all thought were our friends. He wasn't so much a friend, but he was our dog in the race, and dogs always bite the hand that feeds them.

It's sad I tell ya.

that was a perfect description of Bush and US culture, uriah 09.Feb.2004 13:52


<<If I was to say, that "the chaos in the middle east is due to the male dominated society that lives in the middle ages; that with it's head firmly up it's ass with religion, they all have become robotic drones who do what ever a religious leader tells them", ........that would proably be a generalization. >>

And true, the chaos in the ME *is* due to the religious US culture coming in and militarizing and balkanizing every nation of the ME. True, true. You probably meant that as a barb against Islam/Arab culture, but they lost control of much of their government and society to the West for quite some time.

Question: What is the cause of all the problems in the world? 09.Feb.2004 15:25

Bird dog

Answer: Self Righteous Christians!

They are willing to let people suffer for their self rightous beliefs.
They don't care about people, only about what they belive the world should be like.
And they are willing to let people die in order to continue their ideology.

So why should we wonder why the wars continue.
We already know why, the real question is when will we have the guts stop it!


Ahem 09.Feb.2004 23:29


dear Bird dog,

don't you think that christianity is an easy hood to hide under? it seems to me that the powerful use an emotionally sensitive topic (religion) as a means to control the population. sometimes it's a little easier to sugar coat things... like "protecting christian american values" by denying rights to homosexuals... or, to throw in a little doublepeak for al, creating "the healthy forest restoration act" to open up areas of untouched forest to timber companies. christianity is just a tool to some people. the root of the problems in this world may be one or many, but i don't think you can truly blame it on one group of people.

so... the president of the good ole' us of a is a dumbass. what are we going to do about it? being vegan was mentioned before, i think personal choices are an excellent start. should we storm the bastille? smash the state? whatever we do, we have to have each other to do it, so let's get over this "all [insert label here]'s are evil" thing and get this revolution started. i'll bring the keg.

It wasn't an argument 10.Feb.2004 01:28


It was a statement, Al.

RE: Trusting Saddam 10.Feb.2004 02:00


What the hell are you talking about, Major Moron. It's you that sound old and senile. Hell you make Baby Bush seem coherent.

Admirable comments... for the most part. 10.Feb.2004 04:03


He might be a self-hating jack in the box.... dear smiley face.. but his comments still stand.

All you are really doing is sticking your head in the sand when you dismiss comments like Al's.

POLL bush's APPROVAL POLE 10.Feb.2004 05:24

E.R. MITZ 60% DISABLED VETERAN ermtiz@earthlink.net

poll--- bush's approval polls.

poll question: do you read less than or more than one article a month about bush's performance?

publish results.

GIVE THE KIDS A BREAK 10.Feb.2004 08:43


As a 58-year-old, I would like to give the young soldiers a break. How many 18 to 24 year olds are really mature? How many are still so gullible that they believe the President when he says the US is under attack? Especially since they have been molded by propaganda all their lives.
Many of the soldiers are having a brutal wake-up call right now. Yes, my son and daughter, it is possible that the Bad Man Bush will send you to fight and die so that Israel can be a bit more secure (theoretically) and we can get oil. And most soldiers are honorable and will fulfil the obligation they signed up for, even tho they don't agree with the war.

Bush is a hollow, soulless moron, I agree. But he is merely a puppet, and not the one we need to really go after.

It is the Neo-con Gang, the Cheney-Wolfowitz-Perle-Rumsfeld cadre. Please read the exellent article at the MotherJones web site called, "The Lie Factory". The Neo-Con gang has hi-jacked the Bush Administration and US Military and put them in the service of Israel and the oil companies.

The reasons for the war on Iraq are two: To make the Middle East safer for Israel, and to get oil.

The way I see Israel is that she has been getting a lot of help from the U.S. over the years. She is now a grown-up country and ought to be required to act like an adult. I would say to her, "No more aid until you make peace with your neighbors". Time to show that you really are morally superior, and stop the violence.

The Cheney cartel is a paranoid, hateful, murderous, cold, cynical, greedy bunch of psychpaths. Their infiltration and take-over of the U.S. Government is very chilling and scary.

Part of the program is to pretend to be Christian, thus gaining the confidence of millions of conservative Christians and their votes. Bush is not a Christian man, you can tell for sure by his actions. Conservative Christians have fallen into a very common trap: if we say the Bible should be taken literally, we can stop thinking for ourselves, control the masses, and prevent upsetting thoughts from entering our minds, such as, "The world is a complicated place." "Some non-Christians are really good people." "Women should have equal rights with men." Unfortunately people who stop thinking, who forbid thinking, are very easy to dupe into following a charlatan like Bush who says, "I'm a born again Christian, too." And it is astonishing to me that they apparently don't see that he is lying.

Good Luck to all in taking our country back, if it's not too late.

The soldiers deserve a break when they give Iraqis a break 10.Feb.2004 19:54


Soldiers aren't babies or toddlers or retarded. They consciously CHOSE to go kill Iraqis. They are willfully ignorant, considering that there is ample information available to them about the US and its aims. I do not support war criminals. It's my inflexible policy, and it's not an unreasonable one.

re: GIVE THE KIDS A BREAK 11.Feb.2004 06:17


Your rationales and rhetoric are a classic case of American self-delusion. The invasion of Iraq and the phony War on Terrorism are not merely the responsiblity of the Neo-cons or the Bush Regime only. You seem to forgotten the fact that all the leading Democratic presidential candidates including John Kerry, John Edwards, Richard Gephardt, and Joseph Lieberman ALL SUPPORTED--and indeed continue--to support the American invasion and occupation of Iraq.


You also forget the fact that the Democrats provided the NECESSARY margin of support in the Senate for the Congressional resolution authorizing war TO PASS in October 2002.

Indeed, as people like Scott Ritter have suggested, the US Congress (not to mention the so-called American Free Press) are complicty--if not guitly of supporting a criminal war themselves.

Your rhetoric about how the Neocons and the Bush Regime have "taken over" the poor innocent American government is comical and is representative of the superfiicial nature of most of American political culture--both LIBERAL AND CONSERVATIVE.

The problem is not merely the Bush Regime, but your American Empire itself.

This is the fundamental issue which you don't have the courage, the guts, or the morality to confront. Your rhetoric about Bush and the Necons--disgusting as they may be--are a thinly disguised attempt to deflect blame from the real issue of Imperialist Americansim itself and turn the Neocons into a political patsy and scapegoat.

The Neocons are guilty--but they are not the only ones. Not by a long shot.

That is why I said that Fuhrer Bush represents Americans more than many of you want to admit, or will ever know.

As for giving your troops a break, come on. The only American troops that deserve support are those who have the moral and political courage to stand up and resist the American war machine itself. People such as former Marine Steven Funk who refused to go to Iraq when his unit was ordered to go. I wonder why so many American "patriots" who always blather on about "supporting the troops" never support those troops who are war resistors and consicentious objectors who refuse to sully themselves by participating in America's latest bloody criminal war.


for every lie i unlearn, i learn something new 11.Feb.2004 11:33


i'm sure most people that bother to check up on this comment page are fully aware of the problems that globalization and pervasive western culture and values are causing. the full force of propaganda for this capitalist machine is ASTOUNDING. if you blame americans, go ahead and blame every person on this earth for putting up with THEIR corrupt leaders as well. this isn't easy, not by a long shot. why insult somebody that wants bush out of office for perfectly intelligent reasons? i'm sure as hell voting for whoever wins the democratic primary, even though i don't like anybody but kucinich, because the bush administration is worse. it's better to work within the system than to not seek progressive change at all. i want the propaganda out of here so people around the world can live true and meaningful lives. i want the corruption out of here so people around the world can eat every day. i want the people to wake up for the sake of themselves and the environment. what do you want, al?

i live near an army base. my roommate dates a guy in the army. we had a talk the other night that shook me. troops coming back from iraq have stories of rape and horrible atrocities commited by soldiers on iraqis. he also knew nothing about the politics that lie behind this war. it was sad. it's easy to hate something that is far away, but i feel sorry for this kid, man. he's only living by the standard of everything that he was ever fed. do you think that's what he wants? to figure out he's killed people for fictitious reasons? believe what you want.

Bush interview difficult to watch w/o puking. 11.Feb.2004 12:00


GWB is so difficult to watch or listen to. How can that cowardly AWOL son of preferential treatment talk about patriotism or bravery? How can he even mention the deaths of the soldiers and innocent civilians in Iraq without unbearable shame? He has never demonstrated any bravery or for that matter any real patriotism. Our great leader even ran for cover on September 11. His regime is one of greed and preferential treatment of the wealthy -- a lesson Jr. learned well in his cowardly, alcoholic, coke-snorting past.

GWB should be investigated, not the CIA. His deliberate deception and lying led our country into an unjustified war in which Bush buddies are getting richer and richer. His economic policies are lining the pockets of the wealthy. His deficit is just another way to make ordinary Americans tranfer money to the wealthy.

The interview provided the American people with no new information to justify Bush's actions since becoming our illegitimate President. I hope the American people can see through this facade of a "brave leader" and dump this evil, greedy, rather stupid, dry drunk of a man.

there's some kid behind me talking about going to war right now... 11.Feb.2004 12:03

lucky weda

There's some kid talking about his experiences, right behind me. Not that I'm eavesdropping, of course. He doesn't seem that bad (despite the war criminal status, GRINGO). I just don't understand. Sounds like he'll be off to Kuwait soon (?). WHY do these young men and women do these things? Sometimes things just seem really hopeless to me.

Look in the Mirror, Americans 11.Feb.2004 16:19


"i live near an army base. my roommate dates a guy in the army. we had a talk the other night that shook me. troops coming back from iraq have stories of rape and horrible atrocities commited by soldiers on iraqis. he also knew nothing about the politics that lie behind this war. it was sad. it's easy to hate something that is far away, but i feel sorry for this kid, man. he's only living by the standard of everything that he was ever fed. do you think that's what he wants? to figure out he's killed people for fictitious reasons? believe what you want."

You feel sorry for this kid? I feel sorry for all the Iraqis who have been mutiliated, raped, and destroyed by your murderous troops.

UN-fucking-believable. The more crimes Americans commit, the more Americans feel sorry for each other, come up with bullshit alibis and excuses to make themselves feel better, and complain that everyone is blaming them.

What you have described are war crimes through and through, yet you still come up with feeble excuses that your soldiers...uh... didn't really know or...um were just ignorant of the politics behind the war.

Since when do you have to have a PhD in political science to know that raping and committing atrocities are not war crimes?

Let this guy come forward and provide testimony about the crimes that have been commmitted by American stormtroopers in Iraq. Do you think he will do that? I doubt it. Americans have no conscience... and ultimate no soul.

The more you demonize your Fuhrer Bush, the more it betrays the fact that you are only attempting to alleviate your own guilty consicence and project it onto Bush.

It's time for American to look in the damn mirror. Take a good hard look, and tell me you like what you see.

Who's sticking their head in the sand? 11.Feb.2004 22:23


This guy is condemning people who agree with him about things that America has done, simply because they're Americans. What they think, feel, do, and don't do isn't good enough. It's their nationality that makes them BAD.

Al doesn't care about ideas, or action in general, he just wants to dominate.

What does that sound like... AMERICAN?

Look in the mirror AL.

Get your head out of the sand, blind follower.

On this one, we agree smiley 13.Feb.2004 06:03


I dont know why he bothers to post if he thinks Americans have no soul or conscience.
He talks about rhetoric yet all his post are nothing but.

Thing is, all adjectives he uses in his rhetoric to describe Americans can be used to describe any country or peoples throughtout history.

You need to get out more Al. You are focusing too narrowly on some phantom representation of Americans.

And no, I'm not deflecting the issue. Your points don't need help self-deflecting.

Good luck, Al-Jazeera. You're gonna need it.

last word 13.Feb.2004 12:01

lucky weda

ditto on the above

American Alibis are more pathetic by the day 14.Feb.2004 08:54


Your alibis for Americans are getting more pathetic by the day. You whine and you cry about being condemned as Americans...because your actions, your behaviour, and your twisted self-serving logic is a function of American nationalism and ethnocentrism.

Your comments that the previous posters were "agreeing" with what I was saying is nonsensical. The entire gist of this person's comments was about feeling sorry for you murderous American troops--even as they had admitted to committing war crimes against the true victims in all of this: the Iraqi people.

This person's comment, like your own, are classic Americanism at its very worst. You are always motivated by your own self-interest and the lives of your own nation, even as you are the greatest criminal nation on this planet.

YOu have no alibi other than to try and deflect blame from yourselves and point your finger at other nations or at those who expose your nation. Pathetic. Though quintessentially American I suppose.

The fact that you probably delude yourself into thinking that you are "progressives" shows alot about how bankrupt America is in general.

The world knows what your America is all about. All your denials. All your rhetoric. All your alibis. And all your defensive finger pointing ain't nearly enough.