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Kucinich Beating Clark, Edwards in Washington

Kucinich is set on a pace to finish a solid third in today's Washington Caucusses.
Future President Dennis Kucinich
Future President Dennis Kucinich
With 32% of precincts reporting, Dennis Kucinich is on pace for a solid 3rd place finish in
Washington today, currently receiving 14 % of the vote. At the present rate, Kucinich looks likely to finish soundly over Clark and Edwards, each currently showing about 5%. Perhaps they should withdraw from the race ; o )

Updates here:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/elections/2004/wa/
Update 07.Feb.2004 15:51


With 55% of precincts reporting, Kucinich still maintains a 3rd place position in Washington over Clark and Edwards, although his overall percentage has eroded to 8%.

Excellent! Go Dennis! 07.Feb.2004 16:15


The mass media is ignoring Dennis, but the people are starting to hear his message. Look into it. He is progressive on every issue and deserves your vote Progressives!

Hey... he got my vote this morning 07.Feb.2004 19:04


I was proud to cast my vote for Kucinich this morning in the Washington Caucus.

Precinct 110 07.Feb.2004 19:28

Den Mark

Precinct 110, downtown/uptown Vancouver, is sending 4 Kerry delegates, 2 Dean delegates, & 1 Kucinich delegate, to the next level, the county convention. In addition, the precinct adopted my two resolutions, one protecting medical marijuana use & one supporting Constitution/Bill of Rights over all foreign & domestic challenges.

Den Mark, Vancouver

Good Job Den Mark! 07.Feb.2004 19:39


Good Job!

Although my precinct did not have enough Kucinich supporters to send any delegates... they adopted 4 of my resolutions.

1. Repeal The USA Patriot Act
2. Abolish the Bush Doctrine of Preemptive War
3. Close the loopholes of the Feingold/McCain Campaign finance resolution.
4. Withdrawal from NAFTA and WTO

Excellent 07.Feb.2004 20:09

Den Mark

Excellent, Mark. Maybe we progressives can drag dems to the left, where they ought to be, where we are, waiting for them to see us & know us. Dems have no soul. We can be their soul. They need us. The country needs us. We are the conscience of the nation. God knows, the "right" has no conscience.

Den Mark

Exactly 07.Feb.2004 20:33


Den Mark,

You said a mouthful!
I couldn't believe how uninformed the people were in my precinct. (However; at the same time... I was VERY encouraged to see how many people took the time and made the effort to make a difference.)
Can you possibly help me on something I no little of? (I'm new to the cauces scene... I used to live in NY and CO, where were simply cast ballots.)
What happens now? What do the delegates do? (I've tried to find the info online and really haven't been able to find squat.)

Next 07.Feb.2004 20:46

Den Mark

The next level is county convention. It's similar to precinct caucus, in that delegates & resolutions will be picked to go on to the next level, state, at which the same thing happens, picking delegates & resolutions to go onward to national. It's labor-intensive.

Den Mark

Hooray for DK 07.Feb.2004 21:01


A Vancouverite, my precinct 682 came out with 1 delegate for Kucinich, which happens to be ME. My son & a recent EHS student voted for K, which put us up for the delegate. I plan to go to Boston for the Demo Conv whether I'm a delegate for Kucinich or a protester. All the other Demos cave in to the right wing, and I was not pleased to have to work with them this morning. But I did it for K, for our country, which is going down into a trash heap. Soon we protesters will have to wear colored labels, like the airline passengers.
Hooray for Kucinich, all the way to Boston in late July!

what's up w/ dk numbers 07.Feb.2004 22:00


Is there some reason the percentages for DK drop as the count goes on?

He had 14% in Washington and ended up with 8%. He had 5% in Michigan and ended up with 3%.

Do the conservative Democrats really turn in their votes later than the liberal ones?


Diebold corporate flack

Don't celebrate to soon for your hero, Dennis the Menace Kucinich. Just wait until our trusty computerized voting counters and scanner thingies kick in.

And you thought Bush knew how to steal an election?


Dennis Kucinich, future pResident of the USA 08.Feb.2004 07:49


NOT! You supposed "pwogressives" are truly living in your own little pwogressive dreamworld.

You have no idea how your own system works.

Dennis Kucinich will never be allowed to become next pResident of the USA, regardless of how much support he has.

The American Establishment will never allow it.

Get that through your heads.

If you think America is a democracy, you are the completely clueless.

clues for rent 08.Feb.2004 10:05


if Kucinich gets 1% in his home state, we may be closer to having to look into this voting machine business.

besides, even for someone with no clue how the system works, I note that the very race has given voice to some of the otherwise "seditious" things that should be said about Bush's actions. the opposing candidates can be the yardstick by which to measure Bush's actions, and the more progressive, the better. in the end some of the candidates may have done more by simply running than all of the protests leading up to the Iraq war did, because the latter seemed to have absolutely zero influence on Bush's actions, policies, or remarks... and if Bush should happen to lose, it's a stong message in itself to the next crook to sit in that chair that two terms of that will not be tolerated, not even when you have 9-11 for your fairy godmother.

Your Saviour Kucinich is a warmonger 08.Feb.2004 22:44


Kucinich is just another politician. He is NOT "anti-war."

Kucinich voted FOR the Afghanistan invasion. Go look it up. Before that, Your Precious Saviour voted in favor of financing a military takeover in Iraq. Doesn't sound very "anti-war" to me.

You people are getting played by a professional (he's been a pro bureaucrat since age 23), which is sad because I stand for most everything you people do. I'm against war, which is why I will NEVER vote for Kucinich. His actions speak much louder than his hypocritical words.