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send John Ashcroft a shitload of porn!

The third-biggest internet spammer had his home address published by a computer mag... two weeks later he received 100 000 plus magazine subscriptions etc. How bout we send Ashcroft some porno?
The Ministry Of Ruckus Presents:
Operation Plain Brown Wrapper:


U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Find an internet order form for hustler, penthouse or other wonderful mags of the ilk. Sign the bugger up!
Anyone know of his E-mail?

Might i suggest for possible other targets of "Operation Plain Brown Wrapper" :

Billy Graham? Pat Robertson?

note all material above is intended for educational purposes only just in case PATRIOT II has made this a Guantanamo-worthy offense. So dont be doing such perverted things, riiiight?
Damm the torpedos, full speed ahead! 07.Feb.2004 13:15


Give it to them full force!
They want war, give it to them any way possiable!

I'm curious as to the best ways to 07.Feb.2004 16:23


ensure anonymity?

Don't bother 07.Feb.2004 19:49

Jimmy Swagger

Don't waste your time. He's probably the sickest pervert around the "White (racist) House". Ask Jimmy Swagger.

um 07.Feb.2004 21:44

sounds funny but...

i dont want to rain on the gurilla theater parade - but then arnt you buying into corpret porn that kidnaps girls off the streets and forces them to be sex slaves?

- causes and contributes to bulimea and anorexia?

- furthers consumption of Heterosexisim

also isnt most porn compleatly racist?

- and ageisim?

just a thought - maybe have all the people in your organization make their own erotic photos - with the faces censored out
send em to ashcroft by the billions. itl be great.

bike punks doing things you never thought possible.

activists - naked and harry

adds an all new meaning to "fuckin hippys"

No, you're not buying into the industry-- 07.Feb.2004 23:03


Ashcroft etc. don't pay for the porn. The porn industry loses out, as does the jackoff who receives it.

Pornucopia 08.Feb.2004 09:16

Uh Uh

Does anyone seriously think that any magazine is going to take seriously numerous subscription forms purported to be from John Ashcroft and listing the US Department of Justice as delivery address? NOT. The image of Ashcroft awash in porn is a funny one, but this would never work. Now if you PAID for his subscription or toys, maybe they'd deliver them.

Hustler doesn't give a fuck 08.Feb.2004 20:40

long john silver

Hustler doesn't give a fuck if a thousand "John Ashcrofts" subscribe. Sure they'll know it's BS, But I bet Larry Flint would sign off regardless. Ashcroft needs to loosen up.