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Air Force use of subliminal messages with the EC-130E/J aircraft

Air Force use of subliminal messages with the EC-130E/J aircraft

A note: Unless someone can proof the journalist of this article is lying and had forged the email communication with Lt. Edward E. Shank, Chief of Public Affairs, 193rd Special Operations Wing this article must be considered fact. Any nutjob or person in denial can claim they've worked with the militaery for X amount of years etc. and deny such claims of the article etc. without any actual proof. Any person with average intelligence can tell such peoples claims are worthless unless they can actually prove the person who wrote this article were lying and Lt. Shank did not email what he emailed.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/airforcesubliminal/

Yes, I read the cited geocities article...it's TRUE too! 07.Feb.2004 14:58


I went to the geocities article cited and read it. Frankly, folk's I find nothing to dispute it's validity and take it to be FACT!

As I'm a retired former FAA supervisor engineer and had occasion to come across "knowledge" of what the military and
our so-called government was capable of doing, I know this business is not fantasy, but FACT.

So, if, as the poster suggested might happen, that a "debunker" gets on this thread and starts giving bullshit to debunk
the story, just don't bother reading their trite silliness. Don't waste your time on government apologist and their disinform-
ation specialist.

Just know that this "stuff" is real and that they're using it already in this country against US...not some foreign enemy, but
US here in the continential USA. See what kind of contemptuous bastards we've got running things? Shame on them!

Why Subliminal when overt lies are so rarely challenged? 07.Feb.2004 15:14

Gnome Chomsky


Accordiing to the piece you link to:

"Because of FCC regulations, they [the Air Force] are not allowed to transmit radio or television over continental United States except during national emergencies."

I think the US armed forces would much prefer the more reliable channels of liminal broadcatsting such as network news and the cable outlets. These outlets are more reliable in that they have the veneer of objectivity and allow independent entrepeneurs to make money off the public airwaves.

Keep watching the skies.

Gnome Chomsky makes good point 07.Feb.2004 15:27


consider that the REAL crowd they want to control are the very one's that are least likely to watch the
commercial TV (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CNN) in first place, they've had to go to "other means",
and what better means to do so than this as detailed in the aforementioned article?

Everyone watches commerical TV including Gnome Chomsky 09.Feb.2004 09:35

Gnome Chomsky

My favorites include "8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter and undermining hegemony", American Idolatry, and The O'Reilly Factor (really anything on Fox News is good with me).