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The Daily Poetry Movement

Hasta Cuando by Subcomandante Marcos. Last night I sat up late talking with my father about Veitnam, the formation of a global resistence, and hope. I said, Father, it was the pacifists who killed the revolution of the 1960's. He looked at me intently. I said, everyone decided to end the Veitnam war, but it never ended until the chicken hawks decided to make it so. But when it came time to support the Panthers, AIM, the white intellectuals were all of doing drugs and talking pacifism. I said My greatest fear is that we will be distracted by IrAq. Resist!
Hasta Cuando?
EZLN Subcomandante Marcos

This is Mexico:
From on high,
they take away our land
and in a single night
we build them an airport
and we will never get to fly
in one of their airplanes.
In a single day,
we build them a shopping mall
and we will never have the money
to buy the thing there.
For them, we erect
shining modern hotels
and we will never sleep in those beds.
We have raised up a world
from which we are excluded,
one that will never accept us;
and yet this world
would not exist without us.
And we are you.

You made the house
but someone else lives in it,
you dug the drainage,
you filled in the street,
you planted the garden,
you built the furniture,
you went for the food,
you prepared the meal,
and now you are on the outside
of the walls
and misery shares your table.

If you get sick
they tell you just endure!
if you are hungry
they tell you just endure.
if you live badly
they tell you just endure.
if they don't pay you a living wage
they tell you just endure.
if they throw you in jail unjustly
they tell you just endure.
if tey don't let you speak
they tell you just endure.
if they forget you
if you die
they tell you just endure.

Until when? Until when?

The answer that is missing
is ours -
that of the worker, the unemployed,
the disabled,
that of the garment worker
of the construction worker,
the street clown, the waitress,
the mariachi, the prostitute - female and male -
that of the indigena, of the campesino,
the laborer, the student, the housewife,
the lesbians and the gays,
the reporters, the professors, the peasants,
the grandfathers, the young.
That is who we are.

Just endure?
Hasta Cuando?
Hasta Cuando?
Because 'daily poetry movement' is 07.Feb.2004 12:04


somehow reminiscent of 'daily bowel movement'...one might prefer 'daily poetry.'

GRATITUDE... 07.Feb.2004 13:35

D. Willow D'Godeeze

Thank you so much for putting this on the web site. As a poet, I appreciate wordz az express'd from the voice of the heart. Often, poetry says as much ---if not more--- than a well written article of truth.
Blessingz to all upon this planet. May we learn to respect each other and Mama Earth.

thank you 07.Feb.2004 16:23

eric blair

I love your daily poetry movement. And I know many others do as well. Thank you.

Anal analysis 07.Feb.2004 20:14


If you don't have a regular Poetry Movement,
you will become tight-minded.

Thank You so much to your words of appreciation 09.Feb.2004 10:53

Migratory Bird

One thing I have come to realize is that the Daily Poetry Movement will be attacked by trolls as poetry is powerful. As we hear the poems of socialism from the past, the poetry history of anarchists crying out for freedom, youth rights, women's rights anti racism and we see this history brought to light, the state denue of "anarchism is about chaos and violence" destroyed, there will be many who attempt to mock the poetry movement.

As The Daily Poetry Movement attempts to show history as it was and not as corporate education wants us too, by bringing the words forth of which they spoke, we speak, and they speak (poetry of Bush) we are able to appreciate more the gigantic tasks we have and the enormous advantages we have.

It is my hope that there will be a Soth American, african, arab alliance. Maybe then Warren Anderson will be brought to justice. Bhopal is what true terrorism really looks like.

We have the words of resistence now let them flow upon the wind, say them aloud, repeat them on busses, on subways, street corners, librarys, run into Branes and Noble and shout the words out leaving the ashes of corporate complicity in genocide behind,

let us awaken the banned books, the black listed poets, the resistence is only needed in our hearts for it to be strong!