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Ash Wednesday (forgive them not)

I continue my theatrical performance, as I continue to pursue a lawsuit against this planet in the Highest Court in the land (are not all lawyers performance artists in a sense of the word - by the way, I am damned serious as well). First I reconsider requesting a judgment for a California Earthquake - judgment is best left to the judge. Previously I received a Court Order from this High Court declaring EARTH DAY a sacred holiday, and I remind the court that this order remains outstanding. I then move on to discuss our rebellious politicians, colonialism, Indian killing and theft (the damages remain uncollected). I then contrast the lack of outrage over recent Indian massacres with the outrage over Janet's Satanic Tit. This is followed by a call to 'fufill prophecies' concerning dykes and queers. I then destroy myths of White People and summarize by detailing the multi-trillion dollar judgment that justice demands (somehow I doubt that land reform will cover the tab, but I point people in the general direction where more trillions can be found to cover the debt.


I continue my theatrical performance, as I continue to pursue a lawsuit against this planet in the Highest Court in the land (are not all lawyers performance artists in a sense of the word - by the way, I am damned serious as well). First I reconsider requesting a judgment for a California Earthquake - judgment is best left to the judge. Previously I received a Court Order from this High Court declaring EARTH DAY a sacred holiday, and I remind the court that this order remains outstanding. I then move on to discuss our rebellious politicians, colonialism, Indian killing and theft (the damages remain uncollected). I then contrast the lack of outrage over recent Indian massacres with the outrage over Janet's Satanic Tit. This is followed by a call to 'fufill prophecies' concerning dykes and queers. I then destroy myths of White People and summarize by detailing the multi-trillion dollar judgment that justice demands (somehow I doubt that land reform will cover the tab, but I point people in the general direction where more trillions can be found to cover the debt.

Ash Wednesday, Forgive Them Not

Good morning, your Honor. As you know, it has been over a week since I have submitted written testimony before your court, and during that time, as I am sure you have been aware, being the type judge that you are, a judge of the heart as well as a judge of the thoughts of the mind, I have been brooding non-stop as I consider Ash Wednesday. Now, this morning, I thought I would begin by saying that I feel that perhaps I might have made an error. What I mean, your Honor, is that I am not judge, and therefore, I feel that while it is appropriate for me to sue, to stand before this, the Highest Court in the Land, it is not appropriate for me to dictate the terms of the judgment.

Now, your Honor, as you know I am very angry at these Indian killers, these thieves. However, I have been concerned that perhaps my judgment might be to harsh. Here I am referring to a California Earthquake. Since I have been worrying constantly that perhaps this judgment is to harsh, it seems good to me to place judgment where it belongs, into your hands. While I feel that it is entirely appropriate for me to launch a lawsuit in your court, it is not my place to judge, and so therefore I leave the matter of settlement of my lawsuit to your discretion. Pass judgment and then do what you think is best.

As well, your Honor, last night I had a brainstorm, and I came up with an idea which I think is even better than a California Earthquake. I would like to discuss this matter privately with you in your chamber, and place this new proposal of mine before you for your consideration. Because of the nature of what I am proposing it would be inappropriate to discuss the matter in open court. Let us assume that someone was having rat problems and finally they became exhausted and decided to set out rat traps. Now as you would know, rats are extremely clever creatures. If you set out a trap, and one rat is caught, the other rats will make a note of what you have done, and in the future they will avoid the trap. They are extremely clever creatures. Similarly if you attempt to poison rats, and they notice the corpses, and they connect the corpses to a certain food source, soon enough you will find that those rats avoid the bait. Now your honor, since I plan to trap and poison rats, you can understand why I would want to make this, my new proposal, to you in private in your chambers. For it would not do to arouse the suspicions of the rats. They are quite clever, those things, so its best that they be left in the dark. Now as you would understand, as per our discussion yesterday evening, this idea, which I am currently enthused about, would have the advantage of being less a shot gun approach, more narrowly targeted. Furthermore, I can see, your Honor, the possibility that such an approach could actually bring people out cheering in the streets in the slums and ghettos of the world. I would be deliriously happy and I think that anyone who heard about what happened would have to agree, that, yes, it was just, not to mention very well deserved and long, long overdue. That having been said, I offer this, my secret plan, for your consideration, but as I mentioned previously, in the end I feel that it is best to leaving the judging to the judge, while I confine myself less to judging and more to prosecuting and laying out the evidence, shouting aloud without restraint, and lifting up my voice like a trumpet in your court room, entering into evidence the sins and misdeeds and crimes that are the driving force behind my launching a lawsuit in the first place...

Now as you would recall, almost four years ago, in 2000, your voice was heard in my home city. It was the Monday immediately following Easter Sunday, 2000, and there are people all over Saskatoon who will never forget that day. Over the course of the week that followed as I went about my business I saw that look of HORROR on faces everywhere I went. Down at the Co-op just down the street from where I live all the employees had that same wide eyed gape glued to their faces for days following that remarkable event. I went downtown to pay a bill four days later (it was the Thursday) and I will remember for the rest of my life the wretchedly miserable look of abject wide eyed HORROR on the face of the distraught agent who processed my payment (this was four days later and he was still consumed with dread - the look on his face could be described as 'oh no, not that-how horrible- this can't be true'). The wide eyed looks of horror, the downcast eyes full of shame, it was on every face everywhere. I recall walking across the street from where I live where a group of half a dozen 12 year old kids were gathered and I asked them, 'Did you hear God?' Now, of course they did, your Honor. People everywhere heard you. But the strange thing was that it was taboo to discuss the subject. That was remarkable, how everyone walked about with that look of HORROR glued to their faces. Certainly they could see it each time they looked at one another. I recall the woman at the 7-11 who dealt with the fear and the stress by vigorously, and I do mean VIGOROUSLY, scrubbing the stainless steel until I am sure she sanded it down a quarter inch with that rag of hers. But no one was talking. And so when I broke with the taboo and actually attempted to break the ice, those children I approached flinched. They were startled and gave me a bit of a dirty look, which more or less said 'SHUT UP!'

Well ever since that remarkable day, I have known, at least in part what is coming down upon this place. As I have said before, I have never, ever in my life ever heard anyone get as angry as you do, YAHWEH. Who can describe the sound of your voice. If I attempted to describe that incredible sound could I even begin to do it justice. It is appropriate to refer to you as 'Your Honor' and treat you as one would treat a judge. Who could describe the burning indignation, the outraged fury, the righteous judgment, the sound of your voice. Now I have heard your voice a few more times myself, while the people of this city only heard you once. Who could describe the furious indignation, the fiery judgment, followed by the sound of burning logs, like a mighty forest blazing, a magnificent inferno, the awe inspiring sound of flames crackling and burning? The utter contempt, the thorough disgust.

Yes, it is true, I was a lot like that payment clerk myself, at one time. I was appalled. I thought, oh no, it can't be. How truly horrid, how awful. But I have walked a few miles with you since then, YAHWEH. I have counted the dead babies. I have made note of their tax cuts, watched them spend, literally, trillions. Yes, they can spend when they want to. And I have endured as they used me as a door mat, denied me justice, and robbed me blind. And I have been forced to consider how much it must hurt to go to bed hungry every night, to live constantly starved out and hungry, in a world where food rots because it cannot find a market. I feel sick to my stomach as I consider all the filthy things I have seen.

How glorious is your raging fury. How magnificent the sound of your voice. How I long to hear it. This, really, since the Monday after Easter Sunday, in the year 2000, is what I have labored for to this very day. I know a little secret. You parted the veil, and let me see within the very Holy of Holies. One word from you and a human being becomes a prophet. And it takes very little effort. One word from you certainly changes a person's life forever. You allowed one city to hear your glorious fury, your lovely and holy burning indignation, your outrage. And now the only thing I live for, the one thing I want for a day like Ash Wednesday, is for the world to hear it, the entire planet from sea to sea, from shore to shore.

Arise YAHWEH, and be glorified, and make your name known from sea to sea and to the ends of the earth. And it is coming, yes it is coming, it is certainly coming. Come my beloved, and do not delay. Remove my burden, and lighten my heavy heart, and do what must be done, what you, and only you can do. You know Martin Luther King said, 'I have a dream.' Well as you would know, I too, have a dream. And for many years now I have had a glorious vision. Bring them out into the streets of the slums. Let them forget their hungry bellies for a time, and let them sing, and let them glory. Come YAHWEH ALMIGHTY and be glorified among the poor and the humble. Repay the wicked for their deeds, and return to them exactly what they deserve, for they have despised your laws and abominate your decrees. They have committed abominations and the earth groans under the yoke of their brutality. Show them how hard your heart can be. Like thistledown before the storm, scatter them in your magnificent fury, for when your judgments are in the earth the people of the world will finally learn what righteousness really is...

And as for me, I will wait for you, for I know you, and I know that you will reward me as my innocence in this matter merits. Now YAHWEH, I continue to bring before your judgment seat the crimes and abominations of this planet, in the hopes of fanning the flames of your wrath, although truth be told it is already considerable. In keeping with this strategy of mine I ask you to consider my condition. Now, YAHWEH, if I were to mention all that you have done for me over the course of these many years, from the time I was a child until today, I am not certain that I could fully relate your many acts of kindness and generosity, nor could my meager talents ever do the story justice. Therefore I will limit myself to recent times, and relate only those things which are apparent and, I would suggest, beyond dispute. Now as I look at the signs taking shape in heaven, I see first, a city in turmoil, a city in distress, laid low by the breath of your mouth, for who can stand before you in your fury? Who can withstand your wrath and your indignation? And I see a wing, that wonderful wing made out of clouds that you decreed that I should receive, my 'protest banner', a banner, I felt, was most appropriate for one who works with you and stands by your side. Such a glorious protest banner was entirely appropriate for one called by your name, and I also thank you for allowing me to protest at that Summit of the Americas (for you knew how desperate I was to get involved and into thick of things that weekend...how my heart longed to go, and you gave me that wonderful, glorious banner, perhaps the most glorious banner anyone ever unfurled at a protest, and once again I thank you). Now then, I see a banner, a wing, over a desert, and then immediately after this came the full moon. This was remarkable, I thought, for long ago, someone wrote, some prophet wrote, "Blow the trumpet at the full moon, at the time of our pilgrim feast.' And then, as though this was not enough, immediately after the full moon, your High Messenger appeared outside the International Space Station, and your High Diplomatic Envoy was caught on the Shuttle Camera during a live broadcast and the signal was carried around the world. And then, as you know, I wrote the Earth Day Prophecies, or, as I call them, the hidden prophecies, for I knew that they would be hidden.

Now YAHWEH, your Honor, I stand before you today, in a court of law, suing this planet, and seeking justice. For as you know, they would not give me MY video tape, so I could make a media file for my website. They ignored your servant. Now that they would abominate and ignore me I could tolerate. However, they also trampled underfoot your Diplomatic Envoy, your High Messenger. They have hurled defiance at your decrees and they have not listened to any warnings. Indeed they have behaved worse than their ancestors behaved. The honorable person is almost impossible to find and wickedness runs riot everywhere and the planet is being destroyed by their wickedness. Truly I dwell among a nation with no honor, no principles, no integrity worth mentioning, and truly it can be said that they do not respect the name of GOD, and they dishonor what is sacred. They are an insolent and arrogant people, these Babylonians. Not only have they ripped up my banner, which you gave me, they also tore to pieces my hidden prophecies, and they have also robbed me, this nation, and therefore I ask you to issue a Court Order, a High Decree from the very highest court, and order them to hand over that tape.

Remember Earth Day, to keep it Holy


Earth Day

As well, your Honor, the churches called by your name, have behaved like hypocrites. As you know, soon it will be Ash Wednesday, and they are planning a big celebration, and a nation wide night out at the movies. Next comes the celebration of Easter, and they have many other days on the Calendar which they consider holy, because they say, these days were sanctified and glorified through the decree of this, your court.

Now, just recently, as you would recall, I called out to you, and placed my petition before your court, and you answered me, and you sanctified Earth Day, and by your Word, you declared that Earth Day was Holy. Therefore, to escape a charge of hypocrisy, it is now required that churches everywhere remember Earth Day, to keep it Holy.

This is not what happened. Indeed, your Honor, over the last few years I have seen two movements in those churches. The first declares that Earth Day is a form of Satanism, and they say a time to worship the pagan 'Earth Goddess' or some such other stupid nonsense. Those same churches have also started prayer days to support and encourage every Summit of the Americas, every G-7 meeting . They gather in counter-protests, your Honor, they hold anti- demonstrations. In short, your Honor, those insolent people deliberately slap me on the face with the back of their hands and they deliberately dishonor Earth Day, and they do not keep it Holy. In doing these things, do they in any way harm me? Am I dishonored. Is it not your court, and your decrees, and your reputation, and your Holy Name which have been disgraced and dishonored by their conduct? Will any decree of your court ever again be respected after they have set the example and trampled your Words beneath their feet? As well, they have insulted your High Diplomats, calling your Diplomats the Devil, an imposter, a deceiver, and shooting off their reckless mouths speaking of things they have not been privileged to share, things about which they know nothing, and yet, due to their prideful arrogance and their hypocritical smugness, they feel qualified to speak. Recklessly they shoot off their mouths and in the process they not only bring your court and your Law into disrepute, they dishonor your messengers, and in dishonoring your messengers they dishonor you, for to reject any High Diplomat, any Envoy, is to reject the one who sent the Diplomat. They are so foolishly heedless that recklessly they plunge ahead and soon enough bring themselves into dishonor, for neither you, your Honor, or your High Court, or Your Law will ever suffer dishonor. The stain of the dishonor is theirs, and it clings to their skin like spandex.

Our rebellious 'leaders'

Now if all I had to complain about before your Court was that one piece of video tape, I still feel that just that abominable act of theirs should be more than enough to provoke a response from you and a judgment from your court, for they are a disgraceful people who treat diplomats with contempt, the same surly arrogance they display when defecating upon the 'international law' or the 'international criminal court' or any other decent thing which they treat with contemptible indecency.

The worst of them all are found among their incorrigible leaders, who have come to seem to me to be nothing more than a collection of gangsters and rogue schemers, plotting to disobey your Law, and you, Your Honor. If these are their leaders, then the country is in deep, deep peril, for such conduct is unspeakably disgraceful.

It is easy to trace back and find the root source of the rebellion of our rogue politicians. Our politicians have been corrupted and have adopted the rotted out immorality of millionaires and billionaires. The same greed, the same rotted corruption, the very same moral decrepitude that characterizes those modern day capitalist robber barons has infected our glorious leaders like some gangrenous plague, and has left their moral sensibilities completely warped and twisted. All their thoughts are now for gangsterism and crime and abominations, in keeping with the moral influence of those robber barons who have long ago purchased our government and perverted it into their personal tool. Those robber barons have done some truly monstrous robbing these last few years, cleaning out pension plans and robbing California of billions and ruining mom and pop stock holders, and aside from a few kangaroo court show trials, they are taking a walk with the proceeds of their plundering, while at the same time, they continue to build their corrupted monopolies as robber barons do. As our politicians go right down the sewer with our robber barons, to add insult to serious injury, one must tolerate church ministers, on their way into the sewer as well, one must suppose, crying out for us to 'pray for our glorious leaders, that the blessings of God be upon them, and guide them.' Now one might pray, as I am praying, that perhaps you, oh My God, will issue a warrant for their arrest. That would make more sense, but then, as I have found over the years, a lot of those ministers of your don't have any sense.

Now as for our great powerful leaders, they are in high and privileged position, and thus they know more than everyone else. For example, they would have access, as powerful people do, to my hidden prophecies (those atrocious things). Given how those politicians graciously consented to fulfill those prophecies (even though I warned them not to do that) I suppose I can be grateful that they created a prophet, a little mistake they made which will now come back to haunt them, as I warned them it would (are they not stubborn, reckless, not to mention ruinously self destructive). They would also have that all important video tape, and perhaps a little more than that, and thus they would have encountered your High Diplomats, your Ambassadors.

Now one of the bad things about knowing to much, is that, well, no matter how deaf one chooses to become, no matter how stubborn one attempts to be, these things have a way of eating away at a person. Kind of sticks like glue. Consequently, if anyone else besides myself has noticed these things, our politicians are getting weirder by the day. My God, truly I tell you, I cannot believe the way they are behaving. They certainly give new meaning to the term 'brazen'. And these last few weeks give new meaning to the term 'weird'. But then I guess its true what they say, 'ignorance is bliss' and bliss is something our politicians wouldn't be too familiar with...they know to much. At least there will be a few people on the planet not entirely surprised by what is coming down on this place. Membership has its privileges, I suppose, or at least it used to be the case. The gold has lost some of its luster, and the silver seems a little tarnished these days.

And so I ask, why are the nations in turmoil? They are in trouble now, and so they run back and forth, hatching one plot after another, one useless scheme followed by another desperate scam, as they wriggle on the hook, the hook of their own devising I might add. Why do they even bother to hatch their futile plots?

Yes, The Kings of the Earth stand at the ready, and the Princes conspire together, against you, YAHWEH, and against your anointed one. 'Let us break off their chains,' the cry. You YAHWEH, who sit enthroned on high, laugh at them. You scorn them and deride them, and now, soon, it isn't long now, soon in fury you will rebuke them, and threaten them in your rage. Therefore, be mindful you Kings, and take this warning, you earthly rulers. Treat GOD with reverence and respect, and pay homage to the MOST HIGH, for fear that LORD OF HOSTS may become wrathful, and you may find yourself struck down in mid course, for GOD's fury will flare up in a moment. But happy are all those who take refuge in my GOD.


Alas, how many are my enemies. How many are they who say, 'He will find no safety in his GOD!' But you, oh MOST HIGH, are my shield and my refuge. You are my glory. As often as I cry to you, you have answered me from your high place. Therefore, answer me when I call, oh MY GOD, upholder of my rights. When I was desperate and hard pressed you graciously set me free. Be gracious to me now, and hear my cry. Powerful men, you men of high rank, how long will you carry on as you do, and dishonor my GLORIOUS ONE, setting your hearts on the empty idols of the religious right and resorting to their false gods? Know this, that GOD has in person singled me out as GOD's servant, and GOD hears me when I cry out. Let awe restrain you from sin and meditate on these things on your beds.

There are many who say, 'alas, oh if only we could really see better times!' But you, MY GOD, have put into my heart a greater happiness than anyone else could ever know.

The case for punitive damages

1. Indian Killing, church building hypocrites

Now having said all this, your Honor, allow me to return to the task at hand, the prosecution of my case, as I strive to kindle your fury, although it is already considerable, and has been for some time. Therefore, allow to toss more logs onto the fire...

Now, Your Honor, in my previous testimony, I spoke of these Indian killing, land thieving racist thieves. Their criminal conduct is so famous, so well known, that it would waste the time of the court to fully recount the disgusting conduct of those atrocious people who were our ancestors, and whom you, righteously and justly, abandoned and drove out of your presence, leaving them to wander in a land as dark as death, burying them alive in a pit as dark as the grave.

How well you must remember those filthy and obnoxious hypocrites, who, as a first order of business, as a matter of holiness, always built the church on the Indian burial ground, even before they got around to building the outhouse. First things first, right. Did they not torment you with their organ grinding and all their screeching from the hymn books.

Oh spare YAHWEH the sound of your organ grinding. Take away the sounds of your flattering tunes. Instead like justice run on like a river, and righteousness flow like a never ending stream. Did your Colonialist ancestors worship God during those centuries of Imperialism. NO! And not you will take up the pedestal of your Idol King, and the altar of that star god of yours, which your sinful hands have made for yourselves to worship, and YAHWEH will drive your churches into exile far beyond Damascus.

Little needs to be said about those Indian murdering, land thieving, slave driving hypocrites. Their wickedness is notorious, and even their wicked descendants cannot deny the truth, since it is beyond dispute.

2. Steal their stuff, and sell it yourself
How to become rich off of Colonialism

Similarly, there is little point in recounting all the warp minded wickedness of the 'pseudo- Christian' nations and their practice of Imperialism and Colonialism. They invaded and conquered nations around the world, using their military advantage to become wealthy and rich nations, surrounded by a sea of poverty. Of course, these filthy ancestors of ours (were they not 'pure', were they not 'Puritans') also built churches, probably before they build the outhouse, and in your sight, Oh HOLY GOD, there truly was little difference between either of those two structures. They robbed those nations blind and then took their stolen goods and sold it all themselves. Its called Colonialism. Its how those rich fake quack Christian nations got to be so rich in the first place, and also how the dirt poor nations got to be so dirt poor. Once again this crime against humanity is so well known, such common knowledge, that little more needs to be said about it here in this court room today.

3. Self serving myths of White Pseudo-Christian Nations

Now I find it interesting to note that today, we still find Indians being massacred. One of the great myths of the age is that manure which states that we are now getting along with whatever Indians are still left, you know, the ones that didn't get butchered in the great Indian genocide, that great holocaust, that depopulated entire continents. Similarly we don't keep slaves anymore, for, praise the lord, this is modern times and we've all moved on to a much higher ethic, a much nobler morality. Why, these people are so different from their murderous warp minded criminal ancestors that comparing the two would be like comparing apples and lumps of manure.

As I suggested this is one of the great myths of the age. For these people are still killing Indians, and indeed, they would really like to kill a lot more Indians, if only they could find a way to keep it out of the papers and out of the ear shot of the bleeding heart liberals who might make a stink.

Just over the last few months, we see the mass graves of Guatemalan Indians being opened. Their murderers are still on the lose, by the way. You can go down to a cop station in Guatemala and find one of those torturing butchers still on the job as Chief of Police. Those sociopaths, who protect the banana patch, the private property of rich white people from up North, have been threatening Indians the last few months, even committing the odd murder, in an attempt to keep those mass graves closed, in an attempt to thwart the investigations.

Some Indians in Mexico just got their village burned to the ground and some were murdered last month, because, you see, patience is running short with those Indians and the time has come to put them back into their place. As in Guatemala, the land, the stolen land, all the best of the land, the stolen land, is now the private property of thieves, or the descendants of thieves, and as for Indians, well they keep dying, as Indians do, as they always have.

The Bolivian Indians have been dying lately as well. You see, first they stole this, then they stole that, and then the stole the other, and now they are planning to steal the natural gas. It was to much. So the Bolivian Indians got really mad, and then they got themselves killed. The way things work, those Americans from that Gas Multinational will eventually steal the gas, and the Bolivian Indians will eventually be ruled over by a warp minded Latin American Sociopath, probably installed as dictator in a CIA engineered coup, coups and sociopaths being what Washington has dished out to Indians all over the Southern Americas for as long American Imperialism has existed.

Speaking of psycho-paths and right wing dictatorships, the Indians have been voting in left-wing governments all over Latin America. You see, after the last twenty years of robbery, the nations have been plunged into disaster, these being required to 'encourage international robber baron investors.' Consequently we see that in Argentina, close to sixty per cent of the population has been plunged below the poverty line. This was required, to encourage the confidence of international robbers, and as expected, when people get robbed they get real poor. Now quasi- leftist movements are taking shaping down south, and politicians can get elected in a landslide if all they do is promise to restore some really poor social programs. For example, you can get elected in a landslide in Brazil if you promise the tens of millions of half starved Indians a one dollar a day welfare program. In their great dream of rising up to the dollar a day level, which means one good meal a day, by the way, well in the pursuit of that leftist dream the Indians swept into power quasi-leftists.

And we all know what that means. First in Venezuela the furious White Light Skinned wealthy people who control almost all the land and all the wealth rebelled, because they are not paying taxes to fund any poor social program for those brown skinned niggers who are the 'average Venezuelan.' They plotted a coup, over threw the government, while up North the racist press chatted up the horrible crimes of what they called 'the dictatorship of Venezuela.' The White Light Skinned (aptly named) White House chimed in, and then welcomed in that right wing sociopath who was hand picked by those angered white overlords of Venezuela. To bad that masses of brown skinned Indians, who are the real 'average Venezuelans' poured into the streets in massive protest and the coup collapsed in a couple of days, leaving Washington with egg on its face. Usually Washington has better luck installing a psychopath to protect the white overlords of Latin American Indians. If you recall the 'pro coup d'etat demonstrations' you would be struck by the sea of well dressed, real rich looking, white light skinned 'average Venezuelans' on the streets, while the racist white media and press chatted up a storm, telling us all about how average Venezuelans were rising up en masse in their fury at those modest taxes being raised for really really shabby poor social programs for Indians who don't eat every day. Those white people also locked all the Indians out of their places of work and then racist white media chimed in with that bit about how enraged 'average Venezuelans' were out on strike, determined to have a coup d'etat and bring down the government.

Washington complained bitterly about 'lack of Democracy in Venezuela' and then when that psychopath took over and set up a weekend right wing Latin American dictatorship, Washington congratulated 'average Venezuelans' and celebrated the fact that 'democracy was still functioning in Venezuela.' All those media race and White House racists and their friends, the rich White Racists of Venezuela probably thought they pulled something off, but, alas, much to their surprise and shock, democracy was still functioning in Venezuela, as was proved when millions of brown skinned 'average Venezuelans' poured into the streets and brought down the forming dictatorship in a matter of a couple of days. You can understand why those Indians did this, because it was either bring down that Latin American psychopath, or, alas, Indians would start to 'disappear' again, Indians would be hunted by the death squads again, Indians would turn up in mass graves, while the 'School of the Americas' worked over time training more psychopaths in the techniques of controlling and terrorizing primitive wild Indians, a necessary prerequisite to robbing them blind.

4. Janet Jackson's Satanic Breast

Now, it seems good to me, your Honor, to pause for a moment of reflection, a moment to compare the big Holy and Sacred furor over Janet Jackson's evil booby, followed by the furor over the court ruling concerning gay marriage, and the understandable furor which swept through those same churches when Indians were in grave danger, and still are, all over Latin America.

As you would know, this week the evil combination of Janet Jackson's Devil Tit and a favorable gay marriage ruling created a flood of enraged Holy Email. According to the AP story, the Sacred Quack Christians wrote so many millions of raging emails this last week, that they crashed government email servers all over the country, some of them going down and staying down for three days, so heavily were they crashed.

This reminds me of that time when, in anger and fury over baby starvation, those same churches crashed government servers. Of course, nothing can compare with the fury and the flood of emails as the racist plot against the Indians of Venezuela was hatched and cooking. Remember that one. Servers crashing everywhere. Internet slowing to a crawl due to all that email. Or how about the furious crashing tide of an ocean of email last month when those Mexican Indians had their village burned to the ground and many were slaughtered? That was a memorable time for email. One of so very many memorable times.

I don't remember things like that either. Because it never happened. You see if you want those Holy People, the People of God, those guardians of the world's morality to crash a server again in the future what would have to happen is that Madonna would have to show up at the Grammy's in a skimpy halter top, which suddenly snapped as she opened the envelope, causing one tit to pop out at the Grammy's. This would then be followed by the news that two dykes got legally married. The internet would slow to a crawl for a week after that one as Pseudo Christians hit the keyboards, for nothing could so harm a child as the moral confusion caused by seeking Madonna's tit and then seeing two dykes saying 'I do'.

Of course nothing could so harm a child as the thought that today another 40,000 kids died of malnourishment. That would, of course, be 30 or 40 thousand little Indian Nitchies or little black sambo niggers, which must be why no one writes email. I recall how that caused me great harm as a child, great sadness, not to mention great moral confusion and I still remember the deep sadness, the melancholy, the pain. I remember thinking, 'How sad. Truly their is no God. Oh the horror of it all.' So you can see how I was going completely godless because of that moral confusion.

Every now and then you hear about some morally confused kids shooting some other kid at school. This we are assured, could be fixed by hanging the Ten Commandments back in school, thus ending the painful moral confusion of our children.

And speaking of 'moral confusion' I also request a judgment against those churches on this whole matter of harrassing gay people. While their 'church prophets' promise then a rapture, I will promise them restoration, but they will, of course have to get in line behind the dykes and the queers (you know, what with it being time for the 'second coming', and time to fulfill their 'prophecies')...


"I will restore the fortunes of Sodom and I shall restore yours at the same time. When you bring them comfort you will bear your shame and feel disgraced for what you have done. After your sister Sodom becomes what she was of old, then you yourself will be restored likewise. Did you not speak contemptuously of your sister Sodom in the days of your arrogant pride, before your own wickedness was exposed? Even now you are finding out what it is like to be despised by all your neighbours. I swear that your Sister Sodom has never done as much evil as have you done. Indeed your wickedness has caused your sister Sodom to look innocent in comparison. It is you who will now bear your disgrace while you make your sister look innocent by being compared to you. Now you must bear the consequences of your lewd and abominable conduct. I shall treat you as you deserve for you have violated the terms of your covenant. You will remember your past conduct and feel ashamed and humiliated so that you will never open your judgmental mouth again. This is the Word of Yahweh God." (Ezekiel chapter 16 verse 53)

5. The Holiness of Private Property Rights

So Indians are being robbed and plundered to this very day and its all perfectly legal because of 'private property rights.' It turns out that once you have robbed someone you get to keep the spoils because ownership is about one hundred per cent of the law. For example, those Dulles brothers, from Washington, happened to be big stock holders in United Fruit, and so were a lot of their rich friends, and so naturally they killed a bunch of Indians and installed a tyrant and that tyrant, being the legal government of Guatemala, signed a paper which legally made a bunch of banana patches the 'private property' of United Fruit. It was all perfectly legal because it was signed by an official government (and they have the signed legal papers to prove it).

6. The Slave Trade goes on

As for slavery, well everyone knows about sweat shops. From what I have heard these days you can rent a brown or black slave for a minimum of 45 cents an hour, although that may have dropped since the last time I heard. Best of all, they don't get the eight hour day, and they also don't have health protections, so they can be forced to inhale toxic fumes or handle dangerous chemicals without having some health and safety inspector shut the place down. Even better you can dump toxic sludge right into some ditch by the road, because it turns out slaves don't get any environmental regulations either. They also don't get pensions, or health insurance, and really, once you deduct rent for that shack and meal deductions, they don't even get the 45 cents, since that has to be deducted from their pay, of course.

They also don't get unions, and if they try to get a union, the best that can happen to them is that they get fired on the spot, and the worst that happens is that they get murdered (with our slaves being murdered for that very reason every single day, by the way). One thing our slaves have to learn is not to protest or try to get a higher wage or a benefit or maybe not breathe toxic fumes and sicken or die. If they can't learn these things, then they die. That's what the death squads are for. You must have heard of the deaths squads. They kill Indians for Washington. They also make Indians 'disappear' for Washington. A few decades back, they made about one million Indonesians (or should I say Indian-nesians) disappear for Washington.

7. White Racism

Now as I said, Indian killing and colonialism and pillage and plunder and slavery are all common knowledge and thus not much has to be said about it all. All that needs to be said is that it still goes on to this day. Indians are still being robbed and murdered. Nor was there an 'end to colonialism' as the rape known as 'neo-liberalism' which I intended to protest at that 'Summit of the Americas' demonstrates so well. As the statistics prove, twenty years of Colonialism have resulted in the doubling of the wealth of the top percentage since the reign of Reagan. According to stats I found, that tiny top percentage had 22 trillion after that twenty years of plunder was over, and that extra 11 trillion had to come from somewhere, and so when you hear that every social program in poor countries was gutted and destroyed, every industry privatized and sold off at fire sale prices to 'encourage wealthy investors' (who were real encouraged by those windfall capital gains they realized on those fire sale prices), well as you look at it all, its pretty easy to figure out where that extra 11 trillion came from. As for the IMF, well they knew what was going on, in particular they knew about that 'privatization' and those windfall capital gains, but they did it anyway.

There was never any 'end to slavery'. That is also a myth, and that is why you might notice that everything just keeps getting cheaper. Well Americans, as one example, can buy things for real cheap, and it just keeps getting cheaper, at least for those Americans who still have jobs. You know even cheap isn't cheap enough for those 3 million Americans who permanently lost their jobs the last three years, those jobs being what economists call 'structural losses' which is a polite way of saying they moved those jobs permanently offshore to the free slave trade. That also helps to add onto that extra 11 trillion because you can pocket the difference between 45 cents and whatever an American would get, and you can also save big time on environmental costs and health care and all those irresistible savings go straight into your portfolio. This makes slavery a sound business investment which is why it continues to grow in popularity, ever since the billionaires and millionaires used our corrupted politicians to push through legislation favoring slavery. You might recall how during the Reagan years the Free Slave Trade Agreements became all the rage, which is why you can now buy a DVD player for extra cheap, that is, if you still have a job. Of course cheap is a relative term, since while a DVD player might be real cheap because it was made by some toxic fume inhaling slave, if you aren't making much in wages, it kind of cancels out the benefits. And you might want to take less in wages and fewer benefits, especially after they come down to the plant and start chatting about some slave that could easily do your job for 45 cents, and there you are trying to get a raise. Suddenly giving up your health benefit doesn't seem so unbearable after all, and as for a wage cut instead of a raise well that looks better all the time, if that is what it takes to prevent your job from heading south to the slave trade. Sobering thought....

8. Protecting the 'White Way of Life'

Now these are the facts, some of them, and this would not be the first time the truth is spoken, nor will it be the last. What is interesting is that as time goes by, and the truth is told, nothing is done. Over the course of time I have found myself coming under the influence of what I will call 'the liberal myth.' According to this mythology, the people of the nation are good, the people of the nation are innocent, and the problem is either found to be located in their nefarious and evil politicians or perhaps in their evil news media, or then again in a combination of the two. However I have found that reality comes into conflict with this comforting fiction. In truth, the people are every bit as guilty as their guilty politicians or their guilty news media or their guilty corporations.

One good example of this I witnessed last year, as that pallid and practically useless thing known as 'the Kyoto Accord' was placed onto the table in Canada. I have noticed that if you are for something, the task you face could be compared to climbing Everest. If you are against something, your task is much simpler, for reaction always follows the same simple script. To destroy public support for any program or new idea, all that is required is to begin to chant, and to repeat over and over again the mantra that states that 'we must do this to protect our way of life' or that 'we must not do that for it will lower our standard of living.' Difficult struggle is the task assigned to 'progressives' or 'reformers'. Reaction is simple, and it always works, which is why the world is constantly going to hell in a handbasket. Target the wallet and you can thwart all change.

This always works which is why we still have slavery and still have Indian massacres and theft from Indians, even though we also have myths which state that we don't have slavery and are actually quite friendly with whatever Indians there are that didn't get massacred by our ancestors. These myths seem to be real important to people, since they are so prevalent, and since there has been no real change, and no progress worth mentioning, these myths will have to do as a kind of substitute.

9. My lawsuit - Its time for justice

You Honor, as you would know, I am suing for damages against these people, and the damages are considerable. I am asking damages for both their sins and the sins of their ancestors. I am not launching my law suit in some White Court in some powerful White Land. What would be the point? No, your Honor, I am taking my case directly to the Supreme Supreme Court.

Now, as you know, your Honor, no other judge is so held in contempt as you are. No court has ever issued to many rulings, handed down so many verdicts which were trampled underfoot as your court. No Law has ever been so abominated, no judge so reviled and scorned and mocked.

As I stand before this High Court seeking justice, all around me there will be those who are appalled. After all, there are sensible ways to behave, and no one lacks the common sense which leads people to conclude that there is little point in appearing before you in this, your High Court. As well, given how your verdicts and decrees are trodden underfoot with impunity, this leads many to scorn the attempt to get a judgment from You, the Dishonored One, or from this, your Dishonorable Court. Certainly their ancestors broke just about every law they could break, and they got rich doing so. Rather than arresting them, you sent them into dark and lonely exile. Your judgment was to bury them alive and roll a stone over the exit from that dank pit. Never let it be said that this court never judged, or that this court never enforced its verdict. To this day there are people who say, 'Where is this court' or 'Where is the law enforcement.' They don't understand the past, but I do.

Now given how severely you have judged these people and their ancestors, given the cruelty of your judgments which matched the incomparable cruelty of their crimes, I am encouraged, for truly your are just, and your verdicts, horrible as they can be, are beyond reproach. You left them alone and in terror in the darkness, confined to blackness, buried alive, while the heavens above, which are full of life and glory, as you have allowed me to see, turned away from this place and left them to suffer. As for these ancestors of ours, they dealt with the blackness by spinning tall tales about 'God word's which came into their hearts' and other such delusional nonsense, a practice they continue to this very day. After a long hard day of conquering and warring and butchering Indians and thieving, they retired to those outhouses they called churches, to grind the organ and to screech like hoot owls to that block of wood they called a god. Certainly you weren't listening, and it goes without saying that the block of wood wasn't listening. You handed them over to do whatever their wicked hearts desired, for you are just. They of course cursed you, but was not the evil their own fault?

Your Honor, I have already received favorable rulings from your court in the past, and so I remain confident over the long term. I remain confident even though your previous rulings have been treated as abominations. For example, to this day, they do not Honor Earth Day, to Keep it Holy. To me this has become a paradigm, and one must suppose that they will treat any ruling I receive from this, my latest court case, with a contemptuous disregard, the same contempt their ancestors showed for your Law and for your Decrees, and which, as I have seen in recent times, is a practice which these, their descendants carry on. Like Mother Like Daughter, one must assume. How little they have changed. You would think that a couple of thousand years of being buried alive in a coffin would have made them wiser, but such is not proving to be the case. They are an insolent and arrogant people and injustice is the hallmark of everything they do.

I find their conduct to be disgraceful, and I disown these dishonorable people. However, they conduct is illuminating, for I do feel as though I can understand the misery of their ancestors, for those people, like these people today, merely got what they so richly deserved.

10. The judgment

Now, to conclude my testimony today, I mention all the above, even though it is already obvious, to debunk another myth. Perhaps you have heard the one about 'Heavily Indebted Poor Countries.' Consider the following parable. Once someone got mugged and they got their wallet stolen. Now being hard up, they required some money to tide them over, having lost everything, and the thief offered to give them some money, which came from their own stolen wallet. The deal was that they would have to pay that back with interest.

There are no 'Heavily Indebted Poor Countries.' On the contrary there are only 'Poor Creditor Countries.' Now to understand the economic effects of colonialism and plunder and theft, one need only compare the rich white fraud Christian nations with the victims of their robbery, the poor colony countries. Now that noticeable difference in wealth is the plunder. You see it just isn't a coincidence that all your rich White Imperialist countries are real rich, while their colonies are in grinding poverty. In order to understand the magnitude of the crime and assess punitive damages one must get a spread sheet or some kind of calculator and figure just how rich those white people really are and then using the same math figure out just how poor those colonies are, and from their you can work out a reasonable figure for the damages that must be paid.

Therefore, your Honor, I am suing for damages.

First, I ask you to nullify those so called 'debts'. The 'Heavily Indebted Poor Countries' owe a total of 250 billion dollars. The indebted 'medium countries' also have debts that must be canceled (for example Brazil owes about 250 billion dollars). This is peanuts compared to what the White OverLords have been spending lately so they can give tax cuts to their robber barons (trillions, that is TRILLIONS with a 'T').

Now there are those who propose canceling those debts and calling it even. I say preposterous, your Honor. Now when you calculate all that stolen real estate, and all that plundered copper, stolen bananas, the silver and the gold, and all the other resources that the Racist Christians plundered and pillaged from their conquered Indian and Nigger colonies, and then you begin to calculate interest on that unpaid debt of the Christian Racists, well it is obvious that canceling that paltry debt doesn't even come close to the truly just multi-TRILLION dollar settlement that any just judge must impose.

For this reason, it is required therefore that complete Land Reform be instituted. Take Columbia as an example. Over three quarters of the land, the very best land, is owed by an oligarchy, a handful of families. Similarly the notorious '7 families of El Salvador' basically own that country as their 'private property.' These oligarches can be seen on the streets of Venezuela, if anyone wants to replay the tapes of those 'pro-coup demonstrations,' and then make note of the sea of light skinned faces. Here we see the scabby sore, that oozing puss filled wound which is the end result of colonialism, for these people, and people like them, own Venezuela, they own El Salvador, they own Brazil, they used to own Zimbabwe, for they inherited from their ancestors who stole it from the Indians.

Now when talks about throwing out these oppressors and land reform, naturally, your Honor, they will begin squawking about 'compensation.' My response to them would be that they should 'tell it to the judge.' Yes, let them meet me in this, your Honor, your High Court, the only place I can think of where I am guaranteed that justice will be done. Now your honor, if we consider those 7 or 8 families of El Salvador as just one example, these people are some of the most warp minded twisted mass murderers on the planet. Your Honor, I know that you remember that horrible field of death, where these sociopaths had their death squads dump the bodies of Indians, leaving their corpses to pile up and rot out in the open, as a horrible warning to all other Indians. The message was 'El Salvador is my private property.' (These abominations, your Honor, do not generate the volume of email required to crash an email server for a week...it would be different if some peasant appeared on television, and accidentally dropped a tit).

Now once the war crimes trial is over, then economic damages can also be assessed. First there is the loss of life of all those Indians their ancestors killed and the destruction of entire pre-existing nations. We can get an estimate on the numbers and then come up with a figure for 'lost wages' and perhaps your Honor, you could see fit to impose punitive damages as well. Then their is the more recent loss of life civil claims, and given the huge number of Indians slaughtered by those warp minded twisted families, well once you add up the figures, I am sure you can see how the land probably isn't worth enough to pay the damages. Fortunately there is the 22 trillion, and of particular the 11 trillion piled up since the time of Ronald Reagan, and so when the White Oligarchs of the world lose their land, and wind up still owing damages, I guess since the value of their land won't cover their court imposed damages, it will be required then that they dip into that pile. Hopefully 11 or 22 trillion will be enough to pay off all their damages, and if its not, then I suppose you could send them off to work and then garnishee their wages for a thousand or a million years until they finally pay off their debts.

11. A California Earthquake?

Now your Honor, as you know, I was asking you before for a California Earthquake, because, as I have found from that one simple example of your Earth Day decree, getting a decree from your court is never the end of the matter. To this day they do not Honor Earth Day and Keep it Holy. I have a court order, Your Honor, and as you know, they ripped up my court order. And here I am back in court, seeking yet another court order, and I am also asking you to enforce that previous court order, so that they will Remember Earth Day and so They Will Keep It Holy. Here, your Honor, I am not referring to 'keeping it holy' the way the hypocrites do, you know by grinding an organ for one day, and then going out to further destroy the earth. How the animals suffer, your Honor, as these people, cruel and hardened as they have become, destroy their homes, and violate this, your Eden.

Now as you know, I am going to leave the matter of judgment in your capable hands. However, I have insight, and I know that sooner or later these people are going to lose California, and they might lose New York as well. They are a stubborn people, and when it comes time to wring that judgment out of them, that multi-trillion dollar judgment, well as you well know, if you want to lure people straight into the flame pits of hell to spend an eternity with the Devil, the only siren song you require is that one about 'keeping up our way of life' or 'maintaining our White lifestyle.' Currently these people are, as you know, going right straight to hell in a handbasket, as the climate changes, and as they think the matter over, and having been lured by the Devil and that 'Devil song' about their 'lifestyle' they decide, as they always do, to practice Demonism and go straight to hell. Now if they would HONOR EARTH DAY and KEEP IT HOLY as you decreed, perhaps they could skip another trip to flaming bowels of coming hell fire, but they are a stupid and rebellious, not to mention horribly greedy people. Such greed led them to massacre entire nations of Indians, to enslave black people and rob their countries tossing out the dried husk. It seems fitting that their own greed is now destroying them.

Therefore, you Honor, I ask you for a judgment, and another decree from this, the Highest Court in the land. As for that difficult bit about wringing the judgment out of this nation of devils listening to devil songs, I do not underestimate the challenge, but I assume that once the realize just how damned expensive that is going to be, they might begin to reconsider. So for example, once California becomes Iraq, they might reconsider. As you know, your Honor, Iraq was once a rather privileged country, and aside from all the bad things that Saddam did, at least he did practice a kind of socialism, which gave the Iraqis a high standard of life. The Americans wrecked the whole country, and now the average income has plunged to around third world levels, and unemployment is massive, and nothing works anymore. The Americans also wrecked Nicaragua, and the multi-billion dollar damage done by those contras, who practiced terrorism on the advice of Reagan, and destroyed hospitals and schools and infrastructure, well that damage has not been repaired to this very day. Nicaragua is to busy paying their paltry debt. The International Criminal Court levied damages on Washington, but of course Washington shows contempt for the principles of law, and never did pay that multi-billion dollar fine, and instead collects 'interest' on what is referred to as Nicaragua's 'debt'.

One can imagine the fury of the Americans if someone did to them what they do to others. Imagine Iraq like conditions developing in the United States. Imagine the Americans plunged into Nicaragua like conditions, their cities resembling Hanoi. Hell, imagine the raging fury of the Americans if someone knocked down three of their buildings, and then multiply that by about a million.

So, your Honor, you can see why I think that a California EarthQuake is indeed a just judgment against the United States of America (a small taste of Iraq, a visit to Hanoi, a learning tool to educate Americans of the facts on the ground in Nicaragua). However, it may be the case that you feel merciful, temporarily. I predict that California will be destroyed sooner or later, but perhaps you might want to wait until they stubbornly refuse to pay their debts, in which case it will prove necessary to pound and beat that judgment out of these people. I leave the matter of judgment in your capable hands, and for now, I restrict myself to asking this court both enforce that previous court order declaring Earth Day to be sacred, and I also ask for judgment in my favor in the court case I bring to your attention today...a court order I can then serve as papers on these people, and which they can then use as toilet paper...and then I suppose we will cross these bridges as we come to them....

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Selections from 'God's inerrant word' the 'Holy' Bible

"When the lord your god has led you into the land you are entering to make your own, nations will fall before you. You must lay them under solemn ban and show them no pity." "The lord your god has given you this land as your own. All your fighting men must take up arms and march." Deut. 3:18 "You must drive all the natives of the land before you. If you do not drive the natives of the country before you then those who remain will become disgusting to your eyes and a thorn in your side. They will harass you in the land where you live, and I will deal with you as I meant to deal with them." Num. 33:51 "Devour the nations the lord your god delivers over to you. Show them no pity." Deut. 7:16

"The people have not broken with the natives. The holy race has been mingling with the natives of the country. In this act of treachery the chief men and the officials have been leading the way. My god, I am ashamed." Ezra 9:1

"The land you are invading is foul because of the filthiness of the natives. Their land is filled with filth from end to end because of the foulness of the natives. So you must not marry them or be concerned with their prosperity, so that yourselves may grow strong and eat the best of what the country produces yourself, and leave it as an inheritance to your sons forever.'" Ezra 9:10

"Annihilate the nations you are dispossessing and make your home in their country." Deut. 12:29 "Put the natives to the slaughter without giving any quarter and burn their town down. In this way the lord might turn from his fierce anger and show you compassion." Deut. 13:15

"god, you gave over these nations and these peoples and allotted these as our regions. They occupied the land. You multiplied their sons and daughters and led them to the land you had told them to possess. Their sons invaded and conquered the land and humbled the natives when you gave into their hands the natives of the land to be treated just as they pleased." Neh 9

"Keep your word to march as the lord's vanguard, until the land is subdued before him. This region shall be yours!" Num. 32:20 "Drive out all the natives before you. You shall take possession of the land and settle it, for I, the Lord, have given it to you as your property. Divide it up among your clans." Num. 33:52 "Undertake under oath and curse to walk according to the law of god and observe all the commandments of the lord our god, his customs and his laws. In particular we will not give our sons and daughters to the natives of the land. If the natives come to buy and sell we will buy nothing from them." Neh. 10:29 "Slaves you may possess, but make sure they are foreigners. You may also make slaves of the natives who dwell among you and from their children who are born and reared in your land. You may own them as chattels and leave them to your sons as their heriditary property, making them slaves forever. But you should not lord it over your own countryman, your own kinsmen." Lev. 25:44 And keep in mind, as the wisdom proverbs teach, that, "mere words will not keep a slave in order. He may understand, but he will not respond. Pamper a slave and he will be ungrateful. A whip for the horse, a bridle for the donkey, and a rod for the back of a fool. Folly is rooted deep into the hearts of children. A good beating will drive it out of them. Do not withhold discipline from a child. Do not be a partner in their eternal damnation." Remember, "When a man beats a slave so hard that he dies in a day or two, he shall not be punished, for the slave is his property." Ex. 21:20

Numbers 21:2 "And Israel vowed a vow to the LORD, and said, "If thou wilt indeed give this people into my hand, then I will utterly destroy their cities."

Deuteronomy 2:1 "When the LORD your God brings you into the land which you are entering to take possession of it, and clears away many nations before you ... and when the LORD your God gives them over to you, and you defeat them; then you must completely destroy them; you shall make no peace treaties with them, and show no mercy to them."

Deuteronomy 20:15 "In the cities of these peoples that the LORD your God gives you for an inheritance, you shall save alive nothing that breathes, but you shall utterly destroy them."

Deuteronomy 31:3 "The LORD your God himself will go over before you; he will destroy these nations before you, so that you shall take their land .. And the LORD will destroy them."

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What about the new testimate.