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Four More Years of Bush Please!

I cannot in all conscience support the platforms of any of the so-called front-runners in the Democratic Presidential primary including that of Senator John Kerry. The nebulous description of a universal health care system Senator Kerry is supporting that sounds like a repeat of Clinton's false promise in 92 does not contain the words "Not for Profit Single Payer Universal Health Care System".
Four More Years of Bush Please!

By Lloyd Hart
Friday Febuary 6th.

I cannot in all conscience support the platforms of any of the so-called front-runners in the Democratic Presidential primary including that of Senator John Kerry. The nebulous description of a universal health care system Senator Kerry is supporting that sounds like a repeat of Clinton's false promise in 92 does not contain the words "Not for Profit Single Payer Universal Health Care System". Until I hear those words and read them in a Democratic Party platform and actually see and hear the nominated Democratic presidential candidate for president campaign aggressively on these words I will not write a check nor will I actively campaign within the Democratic Party and I suspect many other Americans feel the same way. Rather, I will go work for Ralph Nader's campaign for the presidency. Sure there are many other issues that I would like to see taken up like the war but until the Democratic Party actually accomplishes the "Not for Profit Single Payer Universal Health Care System" the Democratic Party can not be trusted with the people's will. It would also serve the Democratic Party well to accomplish one great legislative feat in order to give them courage to move on to the many other progressive ideas our desperate world and nation needs in this critical moment in human history.

Senator Kerry, the other candidates and the party would be hard pressed to get me to go out and campaign for them without dealing with several platform issues before the convention regardless. Such as, legalizing medical marijuana at the federal level, rolling back the drug war, ending plan Columbia, going to court and removing the touchscreen voting machines from being used prior to the election as well shutting down the U.S. military's Internet voting system (Oops, this one just got accomplished but not by the Democratic Party but rather by the hard work of many members of the alternative media and the American public. In fact the Democratic Party will be using Internet voting in the Michigan caucuses this weekend), reparations for pension holders who lost everything in the corrupt stock market, actual reductions in the cost of pharmaceuticals to consumers, increase in Social Security benefits, cancellation of NAFTA, Kafka, oops I mean CAFTA and the WTO, the dismantling of the IMF and World Bank, the end of the war on terror, clearing the Air Guard of dropping the ball on the morning of September 11, 2001 placing the responsibility of attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon squarely on the shoulders of George Bush, the only man who could order the Air Guard to stand down, cancelling the Homeland Security Bill and the Patriot Act, cutting the defense budget in half, the regulation and rolling back of real estate prices to the 1960s and equal high quality education for all etc. etc.. But if the Democrats could accomplish a "Not for Profit Single Payer Universal Health Care System" the above the shopping list would seem like peanuts, small time, snap of the finger stuff.

But the reality is that many in the public perceive the Democrats as simply being liars' playing good cop to George Bush's bad cop who will clean up George Bush's PR mess without interrupting the program the Bush regime has put in place. The privatization of the Iraqi oilfields into the multinational oil companies hands so that the U.S. can maintain military control over the world's resources and the people's labor. In other words it is time for the Democratic Party in elected offices to choose whose side they're on. Are they on the side of the people or are they on the side of the ruling elites who figure they must survive in much better condition over all others just because they happen to have all the money? People are not easily conned by the populist rhetoric the candidates are spewing however if the American public sees a united front from Democrats in the House, the Senate and the presidential field of candidates all saying out loud that they are for a "Not for Profit Single Payer Universal Health Care System" there just might be hope for solving other problems in America. If not the Democratic Party is finished.

After all Bill Clinton dropped the ball on universal health care and sided with the Republicans in ruthlessly gutting the social safety net while allowing the media to create perception that black families were to blame for the greatest use and abuse of the welfare system when in fact that M.O. belongs with the whites in America. Bill Clinton stood by in full knowledge of black voters being ethnically cleansed from the voter list in Florida allowing the election in 2000 to be stolen. Bill Clinton kept up the lie that were U.S. imposed sanctions against Iraq that put 500,000 children to death. Bill Clinton signed Nafta allowing that "big sucking sound" of high-quality American and Canadian jobs to vanish out of the economy etc. etc..

Why should we trust Senator Kerry when he voted for Nafta and the war in Iraq. Why should we trust Governor Dean when he allowed IBM to pollute groundwater around Burlington Vermont causing widespread birth defects, cancer and death. Why should we trust General Wesley Clark who dumped tons of depleted uranium ordnance on Kosovo causing widespread sickness and death. Why should we trust Senator Edwards a man so unexperienced in public policy that he allowed himself to be conned into voting for a war for oil by man who stole an election.

So I ask all of you so-called front runners in the Democratic Party presidential primary, what have you done for me lately?

Here's a tip from someone who grew up living in the wonderful broad daylight of a "Not for Profit Single Payer Universal Health Care System". The "Not for Profit Single Payer Universal Health Care System" is the best thing that ever happened to Canadian business big and small. Small business does not have to worry about covering employees in order to keep talented people and big companies don't have to run bureaucracies to handle and negotiate health care packages for their workers. That responsibility is left to the doctor's, the nurses and the hospitals. Big and small business can get to the business of their business rather than the distraction of their business. How do you think the Canadian economy survived free trade and NAFTA losing 10 million high-quality Union paying jobs? A strong "Not for Profit Single Payer Universal Health Care System" that gave small and big business the breathing room to reorganize and survive the garbage trade deal the American government and corporations drove down the throats of the Canadian people like the economic fascists' the U.S. government and corporations are.

And as for the "anybody but Bush", all those that believe that to be a good strategy are forgetting that all Progressive Policy passed through Congress in the 20th-century and into law came as a result of Democrats controlling the House and Senate not so much the presidency. We saw what a useless tit Bill Clinton was without Democrats in the House and Senate being able to hold his feet to the fire. (Well I guess he was a useless tit regardless of who had control of the House and Senate.) Bill Clinton still didn't give a damn about the House and Senate even after the Democratic senators saved his skin in the impeachment conviction vote. Give me the House and Senate before the presidency any a day of the week for the simple fact is, you can always impeach the president when you have control the House and Senate. Maybe after another four years of Bush all elected Democrats will actually be Democrats by then.

I'm with Ralph Nader. Four more years of Bush please.


homepage: homepage: http://dadapop.com

Kucinich 06.Feb.2004 21:27


This message rings loud in many Green ears, but it's really hard to sit back and watch Bush completely destroy everything. Many things he's passing (with Dems help of course) are going to be hard to reverse, and in 4 more years, we will probably not have any better shot at a Progressive in charge.

I say vote for Kucinich in the primaries, anybody but Bush in the election, then overthrow the media by any means necessary. That corporate entity is responsible for shooting down Dean, building up Kerry, masking Bush's failures, and turning evrybody off of politics and onto shopping with overmaxed credit cards.

Scott has a point... 06.Feb.2004 22:01


Can't believe that I'm saying this but if kerry becomes the dem canidate, I'm gonna vote for bush. Partly because no one I have ever voted for has won but also because he and his administration have been the best enemies that the movement has ever had. I have experianced conversations in the past year with family members, friends and strangers that have blown my mind. People that used to think that elections ment a day off of work so they could shop, or something that only happened on the news are now really torked off. Former staunch republicans are now turing against the party and questioning the paradigm of blind alegiance.... shit man, this has only been in the last year. Friends that I lost because of 9/11 and my radical views have contacted me and told me that I was right all along. Didn't make me feel any better but it did give me the sense that the political climate has evolved. Kids are getting involved. I think that this time around we might just see one of the largest voter turn outs in history... yeay democracy. Sucks that we have only two corporate whores to choose from.
I might vote third party but I haven't found any canidates that support the secession of Cascadia. Anyone got any ideas?
So if it's bush in '04, I guess I'll form a neighborhood milita and buy about fifty bags of pretzels and send 'em to the White House.

at least you're thinking 06.Feb.2004 22:50

expat west coastie

hey, at least y'all are being semi-practical. if there's anything this fucking 'movement' needs, it's a little jolt of wake-up-and-doing-something-useful-for-once, instead of all this idealistic middle-class liberal flower-smelling whereby only the egos of the self-proclaimed 'radicals' are ever really helped at all.

whoa 06.Feb.2004 23:04

armchair activist

AA, vote FOR bush?

whoa, that idea is striaght out trotskyist.

increase the problems so more people notice them.


but other than having to say that one thing. cheers mate.

id join a pretzel militia. hehehe

Environment 06.Feb.2004 23:07


Having a concern for the environment is reason enough to oust Bush at any cost whose only allegiance is to big oil, big automakers and the big defense. As Oreilly says, anyone else besides Kerry at this point is like voting for the Tinman.

Yes, and environmental rape stopped when past Democrats held office. 07.Feb.2004 00:02

the teleban

Or anything else for that matter (other than the amount and content of the media coverage, of course)

If you are thinking about voting for anyone, Republican, Democrat, Green - well, I hate to break the news to you, but you're going to be betrayed. Sooner rather than later. Show me one incident in history in which people were not betrayed by their leaders, or crushed by outside forces, and maybe you'll show me something new.

Every time.

Look back through history.

Oh, and, "Another big concern I have is with Bush authorizing the murder of tens of thousands of Iraqis. I'm not real concerned with the half million to a million killed under Clinton."

"You see, if we can just get a Green or a Democrat in, we've got it made!"

Simply limiting the range debate on any given issue is often very successful propaganda.

Reality is never black and white, this or that.

There are always entirely different ways of living.

bush unleashed? 07.Feb.2004 00:31


at this point I think that the prospect of re-election is something Bush answers to, a little. for an additional 4 years, Bush as president is free to concentrate fixedly on nothing else but furthering whatever hellish business it is that he started without worrying about that re-election business anymore. i really don't think I want to see that.

if I were fool enough to think the Democrats are our saviors, that's what I'd be thinking they're saving us from.
yeah, okay, we need to let the Democrats know loud and clear that picking up where Bush leaves off is NOT acceptable, but neither is another 4 years of Bush.

Holy shit, what are our options? 07.Feb.2004 01:05


I don't like the prospect of another four years of Bush any more than the rest of you... but the dems have been notorious for exaserbating wars and financial problems. The whole question is do you want corporate whore number1 or corporate whore number2? do you want evil or evil? Fuck it. I say vote Satan '04 and go with the best of both worlds.

Man, I want to make bumper stickers.

The point is, do we want a Dem who will pacifiy the resistance or a Rub that will solidify it. That's what I'm looking at. I don't want the momentum that we have built under the Bush regime to be lost. I want those angry conservatives that hate Bush to support a Cascadian secession. I want the Right and the Left working under the direction of the Anarchists and the Progressives. I want to see corporate sovereignty go down in flames and I really think that four more years of the BUSHIT will allow us to do just that... maybe I'm wrong and I am thinking like a Jew in Nazi Germany but I really feel like the 2000 election solidifed our cause and there were a lot of people that would normally not have even given politics a second thought jumping on board with the revolution. If we have more of the same then we might have a fuckin' chance of forming a solid revolutionary party... or just killing the CEOs and getting on with our lives.
Maybe I'm nieve in thinking that people will activate but I just don't know. All I know is that if a Dem is elected people will go back to watching Fox News and stop reading the IMCs.

I hope that I am wrong.

Rothschild for world dictator 07.Feb.2004 08:34

bumper sticker

zzzzz....I want to vote directly for the Rothschilds family as our- in your face dictator- no more puppets and go betweens. Why beat around the "Bush" lets go straight to the top. That way when the feudal system makes us happy or angry we can appeal directly to our oppressors.

All sarcasm aside, the system of government that once reflected our Constitutional limited form of government gave us the best tools to effect change. Do any of the contenders speak of such a thing as limited government? They are all presently operating from a system where decisions which rightly belong to the individual have been removed and substituted by decisions of the State.

In 1968 I voted for Nixon 07.Feb.2004 10:06

andrea pdx

in 1968, I voted for Nixon. At the time my motives were fairly nihilistic and appocalyptic. Nixon would bring on a repressive nation state and therefore set the stage for a "revolutionary" state of affairs. I was 21 at the time and it was my first election that I voted in.

Looking back, I think my "logic" was laughable. In 1968, we thought that a revolution was around the corner, we were out in the streets in Chicago getting our heads bashed in. We thought that Prague and France pointed towards a world wide possibilty of youth revolt.

Nixon did bring it on. How many more thousands of Americans and Vietnamese died in South east asia. The FBI conintel operations were unleased and decimated the Black Panthers. Kissinger thought Nixon was a mad man who couldnt be trusted not to start a nuclear war. We had the democratic revolution of the Chilean people stolen from them by the CIA and Kissinger.

We did not get our revolution. Instead we got the Weather peoples day of rage. We got the SLA adventurers kidnapping Patty Hearst.

I'm sorry, I cannot see how another four years of Bush can be justified or encouraged. Four more years of neanderthal conservatism cannot be allowed to continue.

cointelpro was around a long time before Nixon 07.Feb.2004 11:40

Carl Panzram

It was first used on the organizers of the civil rights battles in the south - a long time before Nixon.

Johnson was a Democrat. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, were killed in Vietnam before Nixon took office, while Johnson, our Democratic savior, held office.

As for the CIA-backed coup in Chile - John F. Kennedy, our Democratic savior, was in office when the the US shifted its training of South and Central American militaries from a mission of "hemispheric defence" to "internal security." In other words, we started training the fascist militaries how to battle their own people, rather than defend against supposed outside aggression - a direct result being the coup in Chile.

If only we can get a Democrat in office in 2004, that'll fix everything. I won't have to feel guilty about knowing that a government that supposedly represents us all has been carrying out some of the worst acts of genocide seen throughout the past century.

Because, as you know, whenever we get a Democrat in office, all that changes.

Agreed, Andrea, we are in a better position 07.Feb.2004 11:44


to make real change when there aren't huge fires going on all around us, and Patriot Act #117 is slamming us to the ground at every turn.

Plus, the extreme selfishness of those who would vote for Bush. Kerry is a mess, but he has done things like vote against Arctic drilling. For the wildlife in Alaska, it makes a difference. For the environment it makes a difference. Sure the democrats aren't great, but for the truly helpless they are a significant inmprovement over Bush.

No matter how bad things get out there, the average american is still going to focus on his or her life, family, and t.v. more so than political causes. If they lose their job, they're going to put all their effort into finding another one, not into learning about and changing the system. To think that people will be seriously politicized--for more than the split second before American Idol comes on--is ridiculous. Some people are more revolutionary than others, and always will be, and it's up to us to further the system, not to make the situation even worse for OURSELVES to try to change.

Bush will not cause revolution 07.Feb.2004 13:25


I strongly disagree with the idea that Bush will make things so bad that the people will rise up. Anarchists thought this very strongly during the first world war, and during the depression, and it just didnīt happen. Iīm not saying a democrat should get your vote, but Bush sure shouldnīt. Heīs not going to make it so bad that people rise up, heīs going to make it so bad that some people get temporarily angry, and in the process he will do irreparable harm.

Send Bush to the Moon (audio file 07.Feb.2004 16:21


From Democracy Now! The group is Peace de Resistance-- Amy Goodman didn't say anything about them, and I can't find anything on the internet. Anybody know about these people-- I'd like to buy a record.
Fly Bush to the Moon
Fly Bush to the Moon

Fear - it keeps the dogs in line pretty well... 07.Feb.2004 16:55

Carl Panzram

Do you think Republican politicians really care about women getting abortions? Do you think they really care if gay people can get married or not. They don't. All they care about is power and money - for themselves and the corporations they serve. They use the abortion card and the gay rights card, and many other cards, which no one with money cares an iota about - simply because making money is not involved. They are simply fluff issues - ways of scaring those who do want a better world into voting for the Democrats, the other American fascist party.

Fascism is simply the merger of corporate and state power.

So just in case anyone gets any ideas about trying any alternate tactics - like say, deciding that voting for one of two corporate-serving fascist parties is just exactly what people of this country have been doing for over one hundred years, with the end result being the endlessly repeating cycle of US sponsored genocides, coups, torture training, torture, and poisonings - and decides hey, maybe we've been getting betrayed every single time, maybe there are other alternatives. Maybe we should get rid of all politicians.

But it shouldn't take people over a hundred years to learn from their mistakes.

When an animal sticks its hand into a fire for the first time and feels the pain, that animal usually needs no other reinforcement - they will never stick their hands in fire ever again.

But the domesticated apes of this country sure make you wonder...

It's not about revolution 07.Feb.2004 17:35

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

It's not about revolution but rather sound policy. If there is going to be no advancement to a not-for-profit universal single payer health care system I can no longer associate with the Democratic Party it's that simple. When the politicians are too corrupt to distribute the taxpayers' money into proper services for the people then it must be about policy not about an individual politician. Beating an individual politician is irrelevant to advancing sound policy. The circumstances on the ground in America call for a not-for-profit universal single payer health care system as the only answer to this nation's health care crisis. I will work for Ralph Nader for he is the only national politician who understands what is needed now.

RE: universal single payer health care system 07.Feb.2004 17:51

Good Point, Lloyd.


Power is not given up easily 08.Feb.2004 13:36

Eveready Bunny

Kerry will be supported by the Dems because he is electable. That means the Dems are thinking not about real solutions, but what will most Americans vote for. Big picture kind of thinking.

GW is down in the polls for obvious stupidity and stupid theater that follows stupid decisions.

Herbert Hoover could probably beat GW.

Lloyd is on to something. Progressives need to multitask in both continuing to rail against leaders currently in power, but also mobilizing towards Single Payer Not-for-Profit Health Care.

Let's start with the Oregon Health Plan which is threatened with severe downsizing due to financial mismanagement on the part of the R & D legislative crowd in Salem. We should transform that program into a national model by hooking up with like-minded individuals from other states. If GW can cherry-pick intelligence, we can incorporate those elements of succesfull health care socialism into our own.