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We went out to eat last night and were treated to a sumptious dinner of east african quizene. This weeks restruant review entitled "Won't you join me at the HORN OF AFRICA?"
Walking into the Horn is like walking into someones home, and feeling welcome. Theres crafted sreenprints of animals, when combined with the hand painted ceiling adourned with clouds, and budget mood lighting, this lends the Horn an atmosphere of lucid dream like quality.
Mohamed and Khadija Yousuf started the Horn of Africa on March 5, 1994 at the Portland Saturday Market. They did well, and a short time later started ther restraunt on 3939 NE MLK, and Shaver st. here in Portland.
My partner Becca's a vegan and I am a vegitarian, Mohamed and Yousef's family is mostly vegiterian for reasons of health and beliefs.
Last night we ate, and both enjoyed an appatizer called the "sambusa and bajiya combo" the sambusa is a triangle shaped pastry filled with a lentil pilaf. I don't know how to describe it, I anticipate it's aroma before it's taste, and am left feeling lonely for it when it's gone. The bajiya is kinda like a filafel rolled into a patty, it's different in some major respects first it tastes like it's made from fresh ingredients. I'm often dissapointed when I order a filafel somewhere because the texture is too crusty and dry, which sometimes causes me to choke. Thier Bajiya is like the opposite of that. It's green, crispy, and moist inside. I think it's color comes from bieng seasoned with freshly choped cilantro and it's a medium on my spicymeter. It comes with what my uneducated mind would venture to call a salsa that is not for the faint of heart. The sauce I'm told is made with a kind of pepper that is uncomon here. It has a smoky zingy quality that is enough to make me want more than my body can handle.
That's allright though cause the restruant is partitoned to double as an african grocery where you can buy mango juice free of artificial flavors and colors by the case. In fact they sell boxes of the stuff cheaper than the cost of a couple glasses. We usually get two.
When we got the foul, it's like the essence of comfort food. I'm told it's spice includes the finely ground powder of roasted flaxseeds, it' s got beans, green pepper, and yum. The bread is the best african spongy bread in town. It all comes with a plate of saffron rice. When we were done eating and chillin to the sounds of fela kuti, they hooked us up with a plate of homade cashew brittle, and organic abricots, drizzled with date surup. I think they were testing it on us cause the lady said that Mohamed usually makes it with more oil but this time he decided to make it with water instead, and she likes it better, and had been eating it all day, We washed our hands with rosewater, and departed for home to sleep.

for more info see thier website @

If you're going to post this or other stuff, will you 07.Feb.2004 17:50


learn how to use a spell checker? It's RESTAURANT. It's VEGETARIAN. Etc. etc. Just type in Word or something, spell check, and post here. It annoys me to see the same misspellings in your titles and posts on Indy. That goes for everyone else too. It's either uneducated, or in cases of terminally bad spellers, lazy and unintelligent--if you know you're a bad speller, type it in a Word program first.

Its not what you say,its if you spell it correctly 07.Feb.2004 18:48

no big deal

pj,sorry to be the one to tell you but really you are being quite petty and nasty.

Look, it's a public forum, just 07.Feb.2004 20:02

honesty is good in this case

out of respect, put a little effort into lead articles. It's not hard--use a spellchecker. I would feel differently with a non-native english speaker who had a problem with the language beyond what grammar and spellchecker could fix. But come on, if we want to make this a site that has a little credibility, let's do our best to fact check, spell check, etc. Every time I come on I see "Restruant" whether I open the article or not. I'm not trying to be mean to Michael. I think this is extremely constructive criticism. Take it or leave it, but one is more credible when one does the minimal job of spellchecking when one has horrible spelling, as Michael frankly does. This isn't a critique about his article or effort to try to review a restaurant. But come on, "quizene?" That's embarrassing. Try "cuisine."

Microsoft Works 07.Feb.2004 21:33


Its simple. Click your START button. Then click MS Works. Then click word processor. Then click blank sheet. Then type and as you type it will high light your misspellings. Then when done hi-lite it all and right click then click COPY. Then go to IMC and clik publish. Right click in the field and hi-lite and click PASTE. ! VOILA.

clik, clik, I hear a hypocrite 07.Feb.2004 22:12

Carl Panzram

Shut the fuck up about spelling.

If you don't want to read the article or go on this site due to the obscene misspellings that you are forced to encounter, then simply don't visit this site.

IMC is about a revolution, and revolutions do not need the help of anal neurotic assholes like you.

Go carry a sign on the sidewalk during the next PPRC rally - you'll fit right in.

If someone's too lazy to 07.Feb.2004 23:06


do some simple thing to make their article legible, they're too lazy to start a revolution. You're a blowhard, Carl.

o.k. my initial post should have 07.Feb.2004 23:35


been phrased more kindly, and I'm sorry for that. But consider the suggestion.

You can't eat spelling 08.Feb.2004 09:58


I noticed there were 7 comments on this and thought, "Wow this must be a great place to eat." But imagine my suprise when I read 7 comments about spelling..........get some lives you gas bags!
Thanks for the review I think I will check this place out.

Yummsy Mummsy 08.Feb.2004 11:02

Migratory Bird

oohh, You got me smackin my lips. If I lived in PDX I would be right over there pronto, goggling over the menu. MMMMmmm, sounds like a most pleasant atmosphere. I like how you said you were chillin to the music. These tidbits are important to resteraunt (I can't spell that word and I don't have time for spell check) reviews. Oh, and dude, It always helps to mention if there is color in the diner cause I hate beige walls and black and white photos with white table clothes. It's like going to an "elegant resteraunt" in strip mall town USA.

I love these resteraunt reviews they are agreat addition especially for limited income peoples who can't get out to eat all teh time. It helps us to make an informed choice.

Embarrassment/jobs 08.Feb.2004 12:36


I was just trying to help the poster and other posters in general from future embarrassment . There's no reason to spell illegibly with word processor and the Opera browser. No offense intended. I could realy care less but it is a bit harder to read. Besides, employers hate bad spelling. Hint hint

I apologize. 08.Feb.2004 12:38


Microsoft word often corrects my writing with words it computes to be more effective at conveying "my?" meaning. It doesn't contain words like bougee, actavist, mactavist, scheezy, spicymeter, and a host of other slang and jargon that has worked it's way into my vocabulary. Using this program is like volunteering to have my hands smacked by a teacher who quite frankly, isn't there. Microsofts antics have cause me more email embarassment than my bad spelling has. So I've opted not to use the beast for writing that is less critical to the revolution. In this case I kinda wish I had. In the future I will make a better effort to spellcheck my newsire/feature posts to indymedia. That said does anyone know of a spellchecker that is less invasive, and doesn't contain spyware, (preferably open source) that I can use instead? Perhaps indymedia could build in a spellchecker to thier newswire/feature post page that could save us from Microsofts mehem?

sp 08.Feb.2004 12:53


If you are using an ie based browser this works quite well:  http://www.iespell.com/
Small download, no spyware, free. It's great for indymedia websites.

I wonder if when you 08.Feb.2004 13:20

previous poster

quote words like "actavist" and "scheezy" you really mean "activist" and "cheesy," which a spellchecker can probably handle the first, maybe not the second. A word like "quizene" for "cuisine," I don't think a spellchecker can handle something like that. Maybe have someone proof it, when you put a lot of effort into something like a restaurant review--or, get a big modern dictionary which will have slang, or put it into google and slang uses should come up. If you use a spellchecker and a word shows wrong, I would figure that it's more likely a problem with your spelling than that it's a new word, and then do a little investigating as to what might be the spelling. But if you really think it's a new word, try the google suggestion. Not trying to be insulting, just trying to be helpful. I mean, it is nice that you went to the trouble of reviewing a restaurant.

scheezy 08.Feb.2004 15:58


Scheezy is how you would describe a sexual preditor. Or that 26 year old forest defender that's always dating some 16 year old gal. Or when a totally right wing conservative guy starts flirting with your radical feminist friend cause he thinks she's hot. As in what a scheeze, or that guy's sheezy..