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Tides Turn on Police in Miami

Months after the FTAA Ministerial in Miami, things are starting to come into focus. Not that the gobal justice movement ever saw it out of focus, but the "authorities" are starting to see what they levied in the streets of Miami.

It is coming to light everywhere that the police in Miami used excessive force and were definately not in the right...violating (or completely ignoring) first and fourth amendment rights. A judge hearing the cases of free trade protesters said in court that he saw "no less than 20 felonies committed by police officers"; this was a first step toward the realization of what happened.

A member of the Civilian Investigative Panel (CIP), who had previously prasied police chief John Timoney, resigned after his credibility was called into question by global justice activists. At the most recent CIP hearing, the Miami police admit absolute responsibility for the way activists were treated during the ministerial. Recently Miami Activist Defense filed a lawsuit attacking the Miami ordinance used during FTAA protests.

FTAA IMC | Save Our Civil Liberties

Doncha Wish? 06.Feb.2004 16:44

Hugh heffner

WOuld it not be nice, if we had any judges in Oregon who had balls?

SEE ALSO 06.Feb.2004 17:43

posted today

on pdx imc

It doesn┤t matter 06.Feb.2004 18:28


It doesn┤t matter, the miami police were probably expecting this. The point is, they were able to shut down the protest when it happened, they are willing to pay for it later. If there is another large-scale protests, the cops will again beat the shit out of us and then apologize later.

reposting 06.Feb.2004 19:44


Where's Royko When You Need Him?
author: Drummer
We really need to keep thinking about Free Speech Zones and what they mean.

I've been reading The Best of Royko and came upon his August 28, 1968 column entitled "Cops Threaten Law and Order". Though I was not na´ve enough to think that what we have recently seen during demonstrations in Portland was anything new, I did not realize that even back in 1968 brutal attacks on those who wished to exercise their right to free speech were so blatantly prevalent. Royko reported, "Chicago's police have been beating innocent people with, to coin a phrase, reckless abandon." He goes on to say, "The club-swingers were so modest they didn't wear name tags or badges." It is an interesting essay to be found on page 37 of The Best of Royko, published by The University of Chicago Press. I am sure you could find it on the shelves of Powell's where you could easily read the two pages... without purchasing the book as there is still no contract for the employees there.

Free Speech Zones were not in the works back then, but otherwise, it could be Portland 2004. No, actually it is a bit tame compared to what we have seen here. I do not see mention of tanks on the streets. I do not see any mention of 'dark warrior' suits and faceless officers sheathed in plastic and steel. Now I am wondering, where is this going? Can the Borg be far behind?