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Fly Bush to the Moon

Fly Bush to the moon
and let him play among the stars

Let him see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.

In other words, go away.

In other words, we won't miss you.

You'll be happy out in space, you'll be the king of all you see,

You won't have to deal with people who insist on being free.

And when you go, take Cheney.

And the leave the earth safe for peace.

You can be our star wars spinning high above the earth,

You won't be here to see our transformation and rebirth.

In other words, hit the road.

In other words, don't come back here.

Floating out in space you'll see the earth in all her grace

Perhaps you'll start to grasp the oneness of the human race.

Until you do, stay above,

And leave the earth safe for love.
Will There Be Jobs on the Moon? 06.Feb.2004 17:56

marc mbatko@lycos.com

Thanks for your passion and insightfulness!
Mark Weisbrot's "Will There Be Jobs on the Moon?" is available at  http://www.zmag.org/content/print_article.cfm?itemID=4883&sectionID...
Since only 1000 jobs were created in December 2003 (below the necessary 150,000), maybe the prodigal son can create the jobs on the moon.
Through unprovoked wars, enriching his friends and trickle-down hocus pocus, he has shattered the present and left endless wars and endless debts to the rising generation. Cowboys return to the ranch. On the ranch, he could call all the shots.
He could resign for health reasons and end the three year war on international law, common sense and the imperatives of peace and sharing..


How about Mars instead... 07.Feb.2004 11:19

Illumium 2 Space Modulator

How about Mars instead...

Where is song? 18.Feb.2004 11:08

Messiah Mike messiahmike@yahoo.com

Hi! I was on the Democracy Now! website listening to their daily show when the song came up during a break. The title was 'Fly Bush to the Moon' and I just loved it. I've been scouring the internet for an MP3 file of it ever since but without success. Can someone tell me where to go to find it? Or if you have it, please send it to my e-mail. I would greatly appreciate some help. Please send me a reply to  messiahmike@yahoo.com

fly bush to moon 20.Feb.2004 10:24

peep pamela.meek@verizon.net

Hi, I also would like to know where to get a copy of Peace d'Resistance singing the song. I love it!!! If you download the Democracy Now show you can hear it. I've been trying to find anything by this group/person and can't find anything.


Fly Bush To The Moon 27.Feb.2004 10:40

freedom fighter

Please publish on your website where an audio copy of the above song can be obtained or, better yet, include the audio copy on your website.

FLY BUSH TO THE MOON 11.Apr.2004 22:59


I have cut out the DEMOCRACY NOW! Version from Jan 30,04, Now, SHARED ON KaZaa.