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Safeway Action Tomorrow

Shameless Plug--hoping to get this listed on the calendar for Saturday's activities, or featured or whatever.

Support striking Safeway workers

Don't Shop Safeway! Help Expand Portland Picketing

Saturday, Feb 7, 2004 12:30pm

Meet at the JwJ office 123 NE 3rd (at Couch)

Safeway was on to us last weekend with 10-15 extra security guards at each store we picketed. So this time, we're not going to tell them where we're headed. Meet up with other activists, grab your picket signs, and head out!

Bring your Safeway Club Card, we will bring the scissors!

Also join the regularly scheduled picketing at the four main stores: SW 10th and Jefferson, SE 28th and Hawthorne, SE 39th and Broadway, and NE 11th and Broadway. Informational pickets should be up on Fridays from Noon-6pm, Saturdays Noon-6pm, and Sundays Noon-4pm. Please call the Northwest Oregon Labor Council at 503-235-9444 for materials and scheduling information.

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/02/279843.shtml

Please add to schedule for Saturday 06.Feb.2004 18:21


Any editors want to add this to the Saturday action section at the top of the page (and by the way, how is that set up? does stuff need to be listed on the calendar to make it to the action list?)
or maybe make it a feature?

It's just my opinion... 06.Feb.2004 23:43

eric blair

I think the Safeway direct-action news should be always kept at the top of the main page with ongoing events - until the labor battle has ended.

diddlerdink 07.Feb.2004 20:36


Who is a regular shopper at Safeway except a bunch of old fuddy duddy dorks who can't bag their own fucking groceries?