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Colossal Egos of the Elected Bush and Babs

Lack of imagination is the root of war and other evil in the world. These two dim bulbs have provided enough evil to last this country well into the next century
Two Dim Bulbs
Two Dim Bulbs
One of 998 points of light
One of 998 points of light
This web site is the home of a grand project to fund Hospice:  http://www.maskproject.com/
I entered the site, because it features many masks, which were sent to celebrities all over the country, who then paint and decorate the masks, each according to her/his own artistic talent or lack thereof. Participants from near and far took up the challenge, and instead of seeing it as an opportunity to promote their own fame, used great imagination in decorating the masks that you will see on the site. The masks are then auctioned, or sold, to help fund a very worthy project. As I was enjoying exploring the site, I noticed that one 1999 gallery featured politicians, so curiosity led me to check it out. Now, it is worth noting, that after reviewing hundreds of photos of masks that had been decorated by luminaries the world over, I found only one that featured only a photo of the "celebrity," and a mask that showed absolutely no attempt at decoration of any kind. To be sure, this mask no doubt brought great funding to the charity, and that is to be commended. One has to wonder, though, at the colossal egos that could have passed upon a wonderful opportunity to display their imaginations. No wonder the shrub is such an egomaniacal dufus, and lacks any apparent imagination himself.
( http://www.maskproject.com/gallery1999/politics.html)
As an indication, the other mask shown here was done by Katie Couric, who, I am certain is no less busy than the former leader of the free world, even if he does have other duties, such as counting his money. Two dim bulbs among a thousand points of light, and look at what they have inflicted upon our land.